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By nulldesu · November 6, 2018 · In Fallout 76 Character Builds.

The Build Guide [ – The Big Nerf]

1.) Introduction
Hello, welcome to my build guide! That featured build you see up there is an example build for a heavy weapons user in power armor; Revenant can be swapped out during solo play (probably for Rejuvenated), likewise Lone Wanderer can be swapped out for team perks. This post will be a bit different from most other builds featured on this site, instead of focusing on a single build I will be analyzing how I feel character optimization should be approached as a whole in Fallout 76. …

67 posts, last by TheKman on May 21, 2020.

By musclemary · March 26, 2020 · In Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Lady Death: A solo sniper build guide.

Hello everyone! I’ll try to keep this guide as concise as possible. I decided to make a new character in the stealth sniper role. The leveling process is very quick and easy, utilizing the abundance of Hunting Rifles in the early levels and maximizing their power. Smooth transition into high-level content with Lever or Handmade rifles capable of one-shotting most enemies. Overall, very fun to play and lots of RPG flavor to work with.
I’ve decided going al…

55 posts, last by Masterzombie on August 19, 2020.

By Carlton · November 27, 2018 · In Fallout 76 Guides & Tips.

Fallout 76 Nuke Codes: January 07 – January 14

The nuke codes reset every week. In this topic I’ll collect all nuke codes for each week as an easy and central reference.
☢️ We added a widget to the sidebar (on large monitors on the right hand, on mobile phones down below), where you can check when this topic was updated last. Additionally you can reach this topic with just one click by clicking on the widget.
January 07 – January 14

Alpha: 18377506
Bravo: 44985103
Charlie: 24232724

Archive of past nuke codes

87 posts, last by Jammer329 on October 3, 2019.

By targetrein2 · November 6, 2018 · In Fallout 76 Character Builds.

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid! A Critical Rifle Guide

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid! A Critical Rifle Guide

Uh uh. I know what you’re thinking. “Did he fire five shots or only four?” Well to tell you the truth in all this excitement I kinda lost track myself. But being this is a .308 hunting rifle, the most powerful rifle in the low level wasteland and would blow your head clean off, you’ve gotta ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk?

Build Idea – In a Nutshell…
Full disclosure – I built this character guide for a frien…

19 posts, last by nulldesu on December 26, 2018.

By Preston · December 1, 2018 · In Fallout 76 Guides & Tips.

Fallout 76 map of resource deposits

Fallout 76 map of resource deposits

Helpful map to find resource deposits in Fallout 76. You can see where to find Aluminium, Black Titanium, Oil, etc in Appalachia (via Reddit/FloorBelow).
Also remember: If you build your C.A.M.P. in range of a resource deposit, you can build an extractor for that deposit (just like in workshops).
Click on map to enlarge it.

7 posts, last by JP on March 4, 2019.

By KingofPSU · December 28, 2018 · In Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Dangerous Solo Full Damage Two Handed Melee Build – One Shot Everything

Dangerous Solo Full Damage Two Handed Melee Build – One Shot Everything


Hey. Here is my Solo Full Damage Two Handed Melee Build. It’s a pretty simple Build I’ve put together through the game until now. This is made for Solo player and the use of Two Handed Melee weapons only (Super Sledge, Fire Axe, Grognak Axe). The Build is played with Power Armor and mainly thought to maximize damage at all cost (kind of) but it is quite tanky as well due to his High Risk High Reward nature. You gonna need to ideally stay within the range of 5% to 30% H…

33 posts, last by alexyin2 on July 17, 2020.

By Salvation78 · November 4, 2018 · In Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Efficient Team Melee guide

Mutation guide:
Changes: I’ve re-evaluated intelligence and now believe that we need at least 3 this gives us access to the double repair on weapons and armor. This actually improves our damage since over-repaired items deal more damage. For the most part we cab have makeshift warrior on to save our weapon durability, but I think I want to have the ability to go for a heavy melee damage option involving radicool, nerd rage, and unyielding ar…

22 posts, last by Injekt on December 1, 2018.

By Carlton · November 16, 2018 · In Fallout 76 Guides & Tips.

Fallout 76 Guide: Vendors List & Locations

Fallout 76 Guide: Vendors List & Locations

While cleaning out my stash and inventory I was looking for NPC vendors (Bots) to trade my mines, explosive, boobleheads and other items I don’t need anymore.
In this guide I’ll collect all vendor locations for Fallout 76.
Warning: Vendors share their caps pool
The vendor bots seem to be grouped by their faction. If you’ve used up all available caps at one vendor all vendors of this group will be empty, too.
When are caps refilled / reseted?
It seems like every group of vendor…

12 posts, last by Charles R Urrea on March 4, 2019.

By BrotatoChip · November 13, 2018 · In Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Shotgun / Grenadier / Self-sufficiency Build

Shotgun / Grenadier / Self-sufficiency Build
Hey all,
After many hours of playing in the FO76 B.E.T.A., this is a build that came to mind that I would like to try out on one of my characters.  I love shotguns, but I also love explosives…WHY NOT BOTH!  For sake of layout and ease of reading, I will share my thoughts in progressive order from left to right through all perk cards in the S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
Shotgunner, Expert Shotgunner, Master Shotgunner, all LVL 3:

I think this is pre…

11 posts, last by Waltthecat on May 5, 2019.

By Preston · November 26, 2018 · In Fallout 76 Guides & Tips.

Forest Treasure Map Locations: Where to find all treasures in The Forest

Forest Treasure Map Locations: Where to find all treasures in The Forest

There are 10 Forest treasure maps which guide you to treasures buried in The Forest. Each one shows a specific location you have to find so that you can dig up the treasure.
In case you don’t want to look on your own you can find all the treasure locations including maps and videos here.
Please note: You need to have the treasure map in your inventory, otherwise you can’t dig up the treasure! The treasure map is removed as soon as you find the treasure.
Forest Treasure Map 01

2 posts, last by Hendrik on January 17, 2019.

By paowee · November 8, 2018 · In Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Last Man/Woman Standing, A Super Mutant Tank Guide (No Power Armor, PvE)


This build uses Serendipity & Nerd Rage to give you a significant buff when at low HP. Coupled with all the damage resist and damage reduction perks you get it makes you a super tank when your health drops below a certain percentage, making you the Last Man/Last Woman in every moshpit!

Blocker makes all melee attacks do 45% less damage to you
Suppressor gives a huge damage reduction that works well against slow hard hitting mobsattack
Passive 20% less damage taken …

3 posts, last by Lajens on July 28, 2019.

By Yorm · May 12, 2020 · In Fallout 76 Character Builds.

No VATS power armor heavy gunner

No VATS power armor heavy gunner

Screenshot by LunarZer0
1. Introduction
The build was designed to endure a lot and heal back quickly, while fully utilizing heavy weaponry.
Permanent power armor. You need it for the key heavy gun perk, and extra passive damage reduction helps.
No VATS. I’ve managed to drain a full fusion core in under 5 minutes while using VATS in power armor, and some people just don’t like it to begin with, so why not ignore VATS completely.
No stealth.
If you want a different approach, I highly …

12 posts, last by HellfiresTruth on September 17, 2020.

By Rankypriest · November 9, 2018 · In Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Grouped, 2h Melee tank, no power armor with level guide to perks

About the build: I wanted to build something that takes some account into level with it as I went along. I don’t want to get to level 50 and realize i need 20 perk cards and have to make it to 70 before I finish. I also wanted to know roughly how tanky I could be by the time I finished. I put together a google doc with calculations to determine DR/ER at all levels depending on traits taken. I missed a few traits as I didn’t use them. I am willing to share it in view only to allow pe…

7 posts, last by AmatoryMD on April 30, 2020.

By Megabiter · November 2, 2018 · In Fallout 76 Character Builds.

The Unstoppable Force – A Detailed Guide

The Unstoppable Force – A Detailed Guide

The Unstoppable Force – A Detailed Guide

Hello fellow Vault Dwellers! Do you like big guns? How about power armor? If you want to wield the greatest destructive force in all the wastelands, then grab your pip-boy and put on your big boy pants, we’re about to get serious!


** Update in Process **


Unlike previous version of Fallout, we are now able to change out perk cards on the fly! So before you flame me for not including various perk cards in the stated bui…

39 posts, last by KAPER on December 13, 2018.

By nulldesu · December 4, 2018 · In Fallout 76 Character Builds.

I Call Shotgun (Optimal PvE/PvP Build) [ – Big Two-Shot Explosive Nerf]

I used to be of the opinion that explosive shotgun builds were the best combat build in Fallout 76, but lately I feel that many other weapons can compete just fine (as long as they’re bloodied/junkie’s/furious explosives…). Still, shotguns are an incredibly powerful weapon and I feel this build can bring out their greatest potential. I’ll go through each perk choice and explain my reasoning before going on to equipment, and by the way.. thanks for reading~

23 posts, last by chisato on March 24, 2019.

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