Berserker Tank

A Fallout 76 Build by OFurthestBenO.


Author: OFurthestBenO
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Created: October 28, 2018 at 4:05 pm
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Imagine being a charging bull that keeps getting faster the more hurt it gets and gets even tougher to put down the more hurt it is.

Well…how would you respond if I told you that is very possible in Fallout 76.

Build: Berserker Tank

Core Attributes/Special points.

S=6. P=1. E=1. C=4. I=1. A=10. L=6

Total S.P.E.C.I.A.L Points = 22

Core Perk Cards and why we use them:

Strength Perk Cards:

Gladiator Level 3/3 or Slugger Level 3/3 (Your one-handed/two-handed melee weapons do +20% more damage):
This one is kinda self explanatory. More damage is just a need for melee builds.

Pack Rat Level 3/3 (The weight of all junk items is reduced by 75%):
The reason we have this card is because of the stupid power it has with another perk called “Junk Shield” making the drawbacks of Junk Shield almost gone.

Charisma Perk Cards:

Lone Wanderer Level 3/3 (AP regen boost and all damage resistance) or Bodyguard Level 4/4 (all damage resistance):
Depending if you are alone or with friends, either way you will be getting an all damage resistance boost that will help you tank hits much easier. Though the build was mainly built for playing alone as the AP regen is a god-send for this build. Though with teammates I guess the AP regen is less needed. (tank stuff)

Agility Perk Cards (The berserker speed part of the build):

Marathoner Level 3/3 (Sprinting consumes 60% fewer Action Points):
We are going to be sprinting A LOT on this build, because it is the main reason we are so tanky and fast because of the rest of our points/cards on our build.

Moving Target Level 3/3 (Gain +45 all damage resistance while sprinting with no power armor):
And the reason we want to sprint…we become tanky…for being sonic. Damn no wonder sonic doesn’t die, he must have this perk card on. I mean, tankiness and speed. What more could you ask for!

Action Boy/Girl Level 2/3 (Action points generate 30% faster):
We need action points to sprint and this card gives it to us. We don’t level it all the way mainly because we don’t have enough points for it and the rest of the cards are just so much better in keeping us alive and charge’y.

Dead Man Sprinting Level 2/2 (Sprint speed is 20% faster at increased AP cost when below 40% health):
If magically we somehow in a fight long enough…we just get tougher and faster. This is one of those “berserker” perks where losing health = more power for us.

Luck Perk Cards (The berserker survivability):

Junk Shield Level 3/3 (Carry junk to gain up to 30 all damage resistance while wearing no power armor):
The main reason we have the card “Pack Rat” and in doing so we gain all damage resistance depending on how much we carry. More tankiness for us!

Serendipity Level 3/3 (While Below 30% health, gain a 45% chance to avoid damage):
Tbh…I “pity” the person that comes across us while using this card. I can already hear some payday 2 players drooling in the background when looking at this perk because if anyone has heard of the word “dodge” build…then you will know what I mean. Let me add all this together for you…we already have a lot of damage resistance. When we sprint, we gain even more damage resistances AND if we get hurt below 40% we get even faster…AND! at 30% health we can “dodge” near-half of the incoming damage. That, my berserkers, is the pure glory of feeling unkillable.

To conclude:

I honestly felt evil when looking at what I had created and…I want to spread it. We all want to be that unkillable terminator, so that is why I made this. A melee character that will hunt you down at full sprint and shooting him will only make him angry.

Welcome…to the Berserker Tank!

Credit to OFurthestBenO who posted this build on Reddit.

October 28, 2018 at 4:05 pm


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