Bloodied 2H Melee No Power Armor Build

A Fallout 76 Build by Qianbei.


Author: Qianbei
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Created: May 2, 2020 at 12:05 am
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Hello Vault Dwellers!

This is my first build on this site so feel free to comment and ask questions. I came back after Wastelanders and i really enjoy the game. This is the build i am playing right now and i have lots of fun with it. Of course you need some good and rare loot to make it work but it is worthy imo.

Head: Unyielding Radical’s Mask – it is the only mask in the game which gives raw legendary stats, you can buy it on the F76 online markets (very expensive atm) or farm it yourself. There is no substitute for it and for bloodied builds is awesome to have.

Body: 4 x Unyielding – stars, level and modes don’t matter. But if you want to know for what i am aiming for it is END, STR, 75% chance to negate 15% damage while sprinting and modes that reduce the armor weight for more AP bonus.

Under Armour: Shielded BoS Knight Suit – +2 STR and +3 END, you can wear what you want here but i find it the best one for melee builds.

Weapon: Bloodied level 50 2h sledgehammer or super sledge – if you have a chance to get it with 2 or 3 stars, you should look for +STR and 40% faster weapon swing. You can easily get the two star bloodied/faster swing sledgehammer from Wayward quest by siding with the Dutches until the end. For mods you just use the best ones or the only ones that exist – sledgehammer with Heavy Searing Sharp Rocket and super sledge with Heating Coil.

Regarding the SPECIAL:


Slugger, Expert Slugger and Master Slugger – our base for percentage damage stacking, always 3 stars on them.

Incisor – 75% target armor is gone, penetration is very important in F76; the only scenario when you don’t need it is, when you have 2h weapon with armor penetration, then you can go with 3 star Barbarian or 3 star Blocker.

Martial Artist – i don’t know why so many people ignore this talent but for me 30% more swing speed is very important, when you use it with, for example, Wayward sledgehammer you get 70% more weapon swing speed and this equals more damage per second with something that hits like a truck already. If you are stubborn and don’t want it just go for 3 star Barbarian or 3 star Blocker.


Glow Sight – after hitting 50 level you will see more and more glowing enemies, you need this extra damage on them. Also 3 points into Perception give you and option to use 3 Lockpicking cards.


Radicool – base for this build, we are gonna run with around 80% radiation on us all the time, so it’s free +5 STR.

Adamantium Skeleton/Fireproof/Rejuvanated+Aquaboy – the first one is very important because the limb damage is the only thing that can slow us down, this eliminate the problem. Fireproof is for nuke zones and scorchbeasts or for events with lots of explosions. Rejuvanted also works with this build but i find it very annoying to keep the uptime of it because of our mutations and non-stop eating/drinking all the time. Aquaboy helps with keeping the radiation at around 80% and there are many popular locations with water around.


Lone Wanderer – i play mostly solo and this is must have. If i would go somewhere with group then i will use 4 Star Bodyguards or 3 Star Suppressor + Strange In Numbers.

Tenderizer – more percentage damage, always 3 Stars.


Makeshift Warrior – melee weapons brake very fast, 5 Stars needed to just keep on moving. You save time and materials.

Nerd Rage – we will be always around 20% HP, it’s again percentage damage and free defense.

AGILITY cards:

Action Boy/Girl – more AP regen, you move around, swing around, need it on 3 Stars.

Adrenaline – 60% more damage? Sign me up for 5 Stars. Very rarely you will kill lonely enemies, they are pretty much always in groups and 30 seconds to keep on the buff is lots of time. If you feel like you die too much, you can go with 2 Stars Adrenaline and 3 Stars Dodgy but then you can have problems with AP regen.

LUCK cards:

Bloody Mess – more percentage overall damage! 3 Stars!

Serendipity – this thing saves you a lot. It’s necessary to have. You avoid so much damage sometimes, it’s insane. 3 Stars please.

Starched Genes and Class Freak – for our mutations, 2 and 3 Stars.


Adrenal Reaction – more damage and only -15 hP

Twisted Muscles – only -12% gun accuracy and we don’t use weapon with this build

Speed Demon – faster movement speed but sadly drain from hunger and thirst are noticable

Marsupial – optional but so fun! You still will have high INT with Unyielding armor!

STARTING UP: my Max HP with this build is always 297, i irradiate myself and get to around 58/59 HP for all the bonuses at max. I keep my eye on the radiation level and when it goes too high (radiated zones, ghouls etc) i always use Brahmin Milk and rarely Radaway to stabilize it. Normal and Diluted Stimpaks are also very much needed. For food you can use Yao Guai Roast (extra 15% melee damage) and Sweet Mutfruit Tea (extra 20% more critical damage).

TIPS: be on the move. Always run, strife and jump. When you jump, just before landing on enemy hit the left mouse button to cancel landing animation and hit him in the face. You will 1-hit pretty much everything in your “base form”. Legendary enemies (mini-bosses) from events will die usually on 2-3 hits. But if you keep the food, drink, Tenderizer and Adrenaline buffs up, you can one hit them with critical power attack.

May 2, 2020 at 12:05 am

2 +2 1B+3

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can this handle the scorchbeast aswell?

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