Bloodied Rambo (Cavalier Commando)

A Fallout 76 Build by GuybrushThreepwood.


Author: GuybrushThreepwood
Votes: +5 (100% positiv)
Created: September 27, 2019 at 2:31 pm
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This is my actual Build, so it’s tested and i can say it works pretty well in PVE and even in PVP.

Basically all you have to do is running and VATS shooting, other than avoid enemies’ bullets.

The idea behind this build is simple: shooting as fast as possible, with the highest DPS as possibile and nerfing the opponents’ damage in the meantime.

Offensive perks like Commando, Bloody Mess and Demolition Expert are combined with some suppressing perks like Dodgy, Suppressor, Nerd Rage, Fireproof and Serendipity.


STR: 1

*Barbarian: combined with Radicool and an Unyielding armor set bring some good DR bonus, even though the defensive side of this build is based on nerfing the enemy damage output rather than having a sky high DR and ER.

PER: 15

***Commando: well…

***Expert Commando: well…

***Master Commando: well…

***Concentrated Fire: the icing on the cake of this build. You will be using VATS a lot, and combined with Commando and Grim Reaper’s Sprint this perk is mandatory. Without it it would be much more hard to let the carnage begins.

***Tank Killer: mandatory for any Rifleman/Commando build.

END: 4

***Fireproof: nerfing the splash-explo damage [even the selfmade :(] can be crucial  to survive into the Appalachian Wastelands.

* Radicool: good combo with Barbarian as said. Greatly increase the weight cap. You will need lots of pounds for ammo and weapons that will break quite fast.

CHA: 4

**Suppressor: too bad having a low CHA, this perk is broken. 20% less damage received for a few seconds helps A LOT the scope of this Build.

*Squad Maneuver: nice buff on sprinting around, that is what you will do most of the time.

*Strange in Numbers: pretty cute. Probably could be replaced with another grade of Suppressor or Squad Maneuver.

INT: 8

*****Demolition Expert: The difference between an explosive weapon and a non explosive one is so huge that it can’t be ignored. Otherwise this can replaced with Gunsmith just for the conditon of the guns if explo weapons are not a thing to you.

***Nerd Rage: mandatory, both for the defensive and offensive side.

AGI: 11

***Action Boy: AP are too important to avoid this perk

***Dodgy: as said, nerfing the damage output of the enemy is much better than having a god tier armor or a tremendous DR/ER

*Adrenaline: just the first grade in this case, no need to maximize since the damage output is already enormous

*Gun Fu: Actually needed to improving VATS shooting. Basically Concentrated Fire lets you to hit the first target 95% of the time, and then Gun Fu sweeps the following enemies.

***Marathoner: Saving AP is not a bad idea, but it’s switcheable with **Dead Man Sprinting + *Marathoner if speed is more important than AP draining to you

LUCK: 13

***Serendipity: standard in bloodied builds

***Bloody Mess: damage!

**Starched Genes: mutations!

***Class Freak: even bettere mutations!!!

**Grim Reaper’s Sprint: this perk basically lets you use VATS forever and ever.

  • MUTATIONS: Carnivore, Adrenal Reaction, Bird Bones, Eagle Eyes, Marsupial, Speed Demon, Chameleon  are self explanatory. I don’t use electrically charged because I don’t like it. Grounded and Scaly Skin are used despite the energy damage and AP nerf, those are just little drawbacks for a +150 ER and +50 DR buff.

The god tier weapons for this build would be:

Bloodied Explosive Handmade, Laser Rifle and a Radium Rifle (for PVP).

Bloodied + Faster Fire Rate Tesla Rifle

PlasmaGranades (yes, granades are a good tech for this build)

I personally recommend the one I am using the most:

Bloodied, Explosive, + 1 AGI 10mm Submachinegun (it’s literally a monster)

  • ARMOR:

Shielded Raider Underarmour for the PER and AGI bonuses

4 Unyielding, Cavalier, Powered + 1 Chameleon, Cavalier, Powered set. Scout, Combat or Marine doesn’t make any difference.

September 27, 2019 at 2:31 pm


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