Bloodied Stealth Commando – invisible one shot killer with melee & heavy gun options

A Fallout 76 Build by SlaedWon.


Author: SlaedWon
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Created: August 6, 2020 at 7:38 pm
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Hi everyone.This is my regular use build which can kill almost everything in one shot and also,being invisible,can sneak up and kill enemies with melee.Its flexible for occasional heavy gun use also.

Bloodied Fixer[tested on non explosive.Yet to test this on an explosive fixer] or Bloodied Handmade[both explosive & non tested]
Bloodied Lever – will give 1000+ DPS on manual aiming and less with VATS even without any rifleman perks enabled.
Bloodied Meathook – 400+ damage
Bloodied Minigun – for special situations


Being practically a 4 star legendary with stealth in build,Fixer is perfect for close combat in tight spots like inside WesTek. But its also suitable for a fight out in the open.Stealth is exceptional with almost no detection.

B 2525HM - Bloodied 25% faster fire rate,25% less VATS AP Cost hand made
BE 15% VATS HM - Bloodied Explosive +15% faster VATS critical meter fill handmade

Mods if handmade:

I have included most suitable mods for 2 different handmades after extensive field testing for hours.2525HM is more suitable for getting primed.It can down SBs in a second or 2.BE 15% VATS HM is more suitable for regular use and also against mobs as being explosive it kills 2-3 enemies with a single shot.You will be getting close to 400 DPS at 40-50 HP with this build.

Automatic Receiver [Powerful for BE 15% VATS HM] or Primed for 2525 HM]
True[BE 15% VATS HM] or Aligned[2525 HM]long barrel
Aligned grip
Stinging[BE 15% VATS HM] or Quick Magazine [2525 HM]
Standard[BE 15% VATS HM] or Reflex sight[2525 HM]

Full Unyielding set.The best option is to craft the Secret Service Armor.It will take take to get a full set but it offers the best protection.

This build is focused on mainly 3 S.P.E.C.I.A.L.S:

15 points in Agility:
This perk card distribution makes this build ridiculously undetectable.
When 2 supermutants are together,you can snipe one and then sneak upto the second and use mellee.
Most of the times,enemies will just walk past you without detection.

3 x Action Boy/Girl
3 x Adrenaline
3 x Covert Operative
1 x Escape Artist
3 x Evasive
2 x sneak – 50% works as good as 75%

I have found Gun-Fu to be more of an hinderance in the gameplay.

15 points in Perception:
This perk card distribution will boost up the automatic rifle damage tremendously.
3 x 3 x Commando cards
3 x Tank Killer – this can be swapped out when you want to use other cards like Green Thumb
3 x Concentrated Fire or Ground Pounder – the choice between these two will depend on your play style.Use Concentrated Fire if you use VATS mostly.Also it will come handy against big enemies where you can concentrate on the head.Use Ground Pounder if you play without VATS.

15 points in Luck:
This perk card distribution is focused on maximising the number and damage per Critical Shots.
3 x Better Criticals – this gives a whopping +40% DPS to critical shots.
3 x Critical Savvy & 1 x Four Leaf Clover – these makes sure that your critical meter is always full
3 x Bloody mess – for that sweet +15% damage & visual effects
3 x Class Freak & 2 x Starched genes

Class Freaked can be reduced or taken out entirely to fit in quality of life cards as you may see fit.

Other S.P.E.C.I.A.L.S:
The choice of other cards is of personal preference,mostly for quality of life.Following is the card distribution I use:

2 points in Strength:
2 x Bandolier – this helps me carry tons of ballistic ammo.
The Bloodied meathook still gives out a base damage of 500 without any perks and is more than enough to take down most regular enemies when you want to preserve the ammo.I swap in 2 x Expert Heavy Gunner for an extra +15% damage when i use the minigun for events like Heart of the Swamp.

3 points in Endurance:
3 x Fireproof – this is mainly to protect against SB sonic wave attacks.But in experience,i have found even 1 star card to be more than enough for excellent protection.Radicool may be added if you want some extra carry weight.

3 points in Charisma:
Lone Wanderer/Inspirational/Strange in numbers/Travel Agent – depending on the situation.Mostly I keep the Strange in numbers on due to the amazing boost it gives to the beneficial mutation effects.

3 Points in intelligence:
3 x Nerd rage if you play at less than 20HP, 3 x Demolition Expert otherwise.Nerd Rage will give you a better damage boost than Demolition Expert on your Explosive Weapons.

Certain mutations are critical for this build:
Must haves:
Eagle Eyes – adds a sweet +25% to critical hit damage.
Healing Factor – for +300% health regeneration.
Marsupial – +20 carry weight is welcome on this low strength build.Jump height is an added bonus.
Adrenal Reaction – Important for all bloodied builds due to the boost in weapon damage.Loss of 50HP is negligible.
Herbivore – Prefered this over Carnivore du to excellent buffs and also due to the fact that the food can be grown in the camp
Bird bones – +4 Agility.
Egg head – +6 INT,a major boost to XP.[+7.5 if Strange in numbers is enabled]
Speed Demon – i dont use this as i found the drain on hunger and thirst to be too much for the benefits got.

August 6, 2020 at 7:38 pm

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