Bloodied tank ranged/melee hybrid soloist – Experimental

A Fallout 76 Build by Istaria.


Author: Istaria
Votes: +3 (100% positiv)
Created: February 23, 2019 at 8:25 pm
Updated: March 4, 2019 at 5:36 pm
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NB: This is experimental, and may be a fail!

Goal: Bloodied tank – ranged and melee at will. Non-PA.

Disclaimers: Requires end-game gear, may not ultimately be viable. Testing. DO NOT FIGHT GHOULS. The radiation damage will one-shot you. It’s not nice.

Build focuses (focii?):

  • Playstyle
  • Gear
  • Defense (to be edited with exact figures)
  • Offense
  • Mutations
  • Final stats
  • QOL


  • Tank. Forward momentum, no hiding, no backing off. The lower in health we get, the nastier we get.
  • Versatile. Rifles and melee are equally deadly.


  • No power armor.
  • 3 x Unyielding pieces – this caps Evasive bonus and  Barbarian. Excellent help with Dodgy, but we’ll need secondaries to really shine. See below.
  • 2 x Bolstering pieces – this is defensive only. You could opt for more unyielding. Chameleon makes little sense since we are not stealth-cowards. But have it your way. You’lll need to rearrange for VATS stuff, which is not what this build is about.
  • HEAVY armor. We’re getting hit, remember? If you’re playing at 20% health, you want as much DR as possible. Seriously. BOS Combat is best in the game, but has zero rad resist. Don’t let this put you off. Rad resist is broken anyhow, and you still can’t compete even with Trapper+RadRes armor. You want secondary AP refresh here, with a tertiary of Sentinel or <something> weight reduction. Weapon is best.
  • BLOODIED weapons. And a dense torso mod. Bloodied explosive will be best in slot, with Bloodied+aim damage coming next. For melee it’s bloodied + power attack damage or swing speed. Tertiary should be reduced weight or +1 str. Super sledge and Grognak’s are best. Plain 1* bloodied weapons are absolutely FINE.
  • Enclave shielded underarmor – +3 Str, +2 Per.

Defense – will add exact calculations later:

  • We’re playing Bloodied, which means low HP. When something DOES hit you, it has to get through:
    • 700+ DR and ER – heavy BOS with 2 pieces bolstering and 3 pieces unyielding
    • Dodgy – 30 AP per dodge, your gear should have AP refresh to maximise this
    • Serendipity – 45% DR, always on
    • Lone Wanderer – 20% DR, always on, 30% AP refresh, thank you Dodgy!
    • Nerd Rage – 40 DR (not a lot) but 20% damage and extra AP refresh – see Dodgy
    • Blocker – if something closes with you, then anotheer 45% DR
    • Fireproof + Dense mod – explosive weapons can not kill you (experiment with this) – if you don’t have explosive, shift points as you see fit.


  • Melee:
    • Incisor – max armor bypass. Essential if you swing at something.
    • +30% melee damage (1 rank each in melee skills)
    • +5 Str from Radicool – always on
  • Rifle:
    • Tank Killer – armor bypass
    • +30% rifle damage (1 rank each in rifle skills)
    • +20% against glowing (1 rank in glow sight)
    • up to +60% overall damage when you get rolling (Adrenaline level 5)
    • +20% damage from Nerd Rage (always on – bloodied, remember)


  • Adrenal Reaction – weapon damage at low HP (always), -50 HP. With Class freak, this is -13 HP.
  • Bird Bones – +4 agi, -1 Str. More for Dodgy/Evasive.
  • Eagle Eyes – +crit damage, +4 per, -1 str. Passive, and useful.
  • Healing factor – +300% regen, something something drugs.
  • Marsupial – +carry weight, +jump, -1 Int
  • Scaly Skin – +50DR and ER, -13 AP
  • Grounded – +100 ER, don’t use energy guns (busted anyhow)
  • Speed Demon – +reload, +movement, something something munchies.
  • Twisted Muscles – More melee damage, gun accuracy is not a major issue.

Final Stats:

  • Strength –  22
  • Perception – 23
  • Endurance – 4
  • Charisma – 13
  • Intelligence – 11
  • Agility – 28
  • Luck – 20


  • Nothing, just be careful what shit you pick up, and eat the fast travel costs.

Feedback appreciated!

February 23, 2019 at 8:25 pm

19 +25 8B+30

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Note: Been pointed out that you might as well take the melee mutations too. The drop in gun accuracy is minimal, especially if you’re manually aiming 🙂

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