Bloodied Tanky Powerful Unarmed (no Power Armor and Solo!)

A Fallout 76 Build by Trikke.


Author: Trikke
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Created: June 12, 2020 at 6:49 pm
Updated: June 25, 2020 at 11:05 am
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First things first, be aware that it will be a grind to get to the following combination.

Almost 800 hours into the game, a lot of trial and error, and experimenting with perk cards, and a lot of research here on this site, youtube, and reddit, I believe I managed to create the perfect build to be as tanky as possible and yet be able to insta-kill high level enemies.  I kill level 68 super mutants in 1 hit, level 80 legendary scorchbeasts in 2-3 hits with this build.



Adrenal Reaction : +Weapon DMG / Max HP -12

Bird Bones  : Reduced falling speed / -1 STR / +4 AGI

Carnivore : eating meat = x2 benefits

Egg head : -1 STR / -1 END / +6 INT

Grounded : Energy Gun DMG -12% / Energy Resist +100

Healing Factor : Chem effects -13% / Health Regen +200%

Marsupial : -1 INT / Carry Weight +20 / +Jump Height

Scaly Skin : -12 AP / DMR Regist +50 / Energy Resist +50

Speed Demon : Move Speed +20 / +Reload Speed / +50% Hunger/Thirst while moving (should be 13% since Class Freak perk card)

Talons : -1 AGI / +25% Unarmed DMG / +Bleed DMG

Twisted Muscles : Gun Accuracy -12% / +25% Melee DMG / +Chance to cripple



Secret Service Unyielding (5 pieces) = Ballistic DMG Resist 642 / Energy Resist 505 / Radiation Resist 327 = unarmed damage output 1451 (see hereunder)


Secret Service Unyielding (3 pieces) + Bolstering (2 pieces) = Ballistic DMG Resist 706/ Energy Resist 569 / Radiation Resist 327 = unarmed damage output 1250 (see hereunder)


Backpack with Plated Armor mod

Under Armor Shielded Urban Operative

As far as I can tell, these damage resist numbers, exceed almost all power armors. So bye bye fusion cores!

Those numbers were obtained with these perk cards and with health under 20% (Adrenal Reaction/Nerd Rage active), combined with the mutations, and also Buttressed mod on each armor set (chest, arms, legs).

I’d also highly recommend to add the Dense mod to the torso which highly reduces damage from explosions which nullifies the need of the Fireproof perk card, as well as adding the Brawling mod to the arms to further increase unarmed damage.


It is important to have AP Regen 25 on all 5 armor pieces. That’s where the grind comes in, as you will have to craft A LOT of armor pieces in order to get the ‘perfect’ ones, i.e. unyielding/bolstering with AP Regen.  Meaning, you will have to turn in a lot of legendary weapons to get the necessary scrips in order to buy the legendary modules.



Bloodied Deathclaw with extra claw


Bloodied Puncturing Power Fist

Their damage output is identical anyways.

The 1* Iron Fist perk adds +10% to your unarmed damage. You can get another +20% by eating Glowing Meat Steak (+10%) and Mutant Hound Chops (+10%).  You can get this raw food by killing the doggy like creatures at West Tek Research Center. All you need is the raw meat + 1 wood scrap to cook it.



  1. Stay Well Fed/Well hydrated all the time. Because of the Rejuvenated Perk Card, the benefits gets doubled (+50 HP and +50 AP Regen instead of 25)
  2. Play music before going into combat. Being Well Tuned generates another AP Regen of 25
  3. Nerd Rage generates another AP Regen of 15 when HP below 20%
  4. Add with these the armor set AP Regen of 125 (5 armor pieces with each AP Regen of 25)
  5. And you get : 50+25+15+125 = 215 which almost insta-refills your AP meter, especially combined with the Lone Wander perk card increasing AP Regen with 30%, and this only by staying a couple of seconds out of combat. (my stats are HP 378 and AP 317)
  6. The AP Regen is important because of the Dodgy Perk Card consuming 30 AP per inbound hit.
  7. Speed Demon mutation combined with Adrenal Reaction and Healing Factor mutations, and the Lifegiver perk card will make HP and AP meters refill in harmony. HP goes down once AP meter gets depleted, but keep moving at all times to see the HP refill. Make also sure not to be overencumbered, which will drain your AP unnecessary and can be fatal!
  8. The reason why I use so many weight reducing perk cards (Bear Arms, Bandolier, Batteries Included, Thru-Hiker), is because I carry A LOT of heavy weapons, their according ammo (ballistic ultracite .50 ammo and ultracite fusion cores), and I also have a lot of food/purified water.
  9. The reason why I don’t use Fireproof is because 1) the SSA already has high damage resist, and 2) the Dense mod equipped on the SSA torso highly reduces damage from explosions
  10. I do realize with only 1 point used for Perception, you won’t be able to pick locks levels 2 and 3.  It is my experience, with all these hours already spent into the game, that I never got anything interesting out of a level 3 safe.

I don’t claim to be ‘unkillable’, yet ‘tanky’ enough to manage inbound damage (both ballistic and energy) and eliminate enemies one by one without having to hurry.

I tried several so called ‘unkillable’ builds, from this site and from YT, and yet… I got killed, meaning those builds do not work at all.

Maybe a lot will change when the Legendary perk cards are officially available, but in the meantime, I will stick to this build.



When I go into SBQ fight, the only perk cards I switch, are:

Under STR : I only keep Bear Arms and Bandolier. The remaining space is filled up with 3* Heavy Gunner, Expert Heavy Gunner, Master Heavy Gunner.

Under CHR : I replace Lone Wanderer with Tenderizer

Under LCK : I only replace Ricochet with Bloody Mess.

As for the weapons, I mainly used in the past a Two Shot Ultracite Gatling Laser with +25% Fire Rate and with Ultracite Fusion Core or a Two Shot 50 Cal also with Ultracite .50 ammo to tackle the ‘smaller’ enemies on field during the fight.

Now, I swapped to a Bloodied 50 Cal (no FFR, nor explosive) with Ultracite .50 cal ammo to tackle the little army of the SBQ.

And as soon as the SBQ lands down, I swap to a Bloodied Minigun with Ultracite 5mm rounds.  If you are lucky enough to obtain a Bloodied Minigun with Faster Fire Rate, that would be even better!  Because, the damage will be 171 times 227 fire rate = 38.817 damage output (with ultracite ammo) which significantly depletes the SBQ’s HP bar.

If you find the Ultracite 5mm rounds too expensive to craft, you can stick to regular 5mm rounds (and hopefully you have the Armco Ammunition machine to fabricate 5mm rounds for free at your c.a.m.p.), which will still generate 154 damage times 209 fire rate = 32.186 which is a little less but not bad at all.

Tip: during a SBQ fight, I still see many players trying to shoot the SBQ while she’s flying. In fact, the SBQ likes to tease the players.  Don’t pay her attention and she’ll land down close to you.  Otherwise you’re wasting a lot of precious/expensive ammo for hardly doing any damage. Don’t shoot at her while she’s flying, she’ll get bored and land, and that’s where you start hitting our precious queen.



  • Secret Service Armor : can be bought with Gold Bullion (GB) from the secret service in Vault 79. To give you an idea of the ‘prices’:
    • Arms: 1.500GB (750GB each side)
    • Legs: 1.500GB (750GB each side)
    • Torso: 1.250GB
    • Buttressed mods: 1.500GB (torso, arms, legs)
    • Brawling mod: 500GB (arms)
    • Dense mod: 500GB (torso)
    • Total: 6.750GB for the full set, or 34 days of grinding Treasury Notes (200GB is max per day).  You can reduce a couple of days of grinding by buying Gold Bullion (1x per week, max 300GB at 6.000 caps!) from Smiley in The Wayward (upstairs)
  • Urban Operative Under Armor : you get one for free from the Enclave from doing the ‘One of Us’ questline.  If you scraped (accidentally) your under armor, you can buy a new one from MODUS in the Whitesprings Bunker (Military Wing).  As for the Shielded mod, you’ll find the plan in a shed, just a little north-east of Tanagra Town. The code to enter is 748250.
  • Backpack : the Armor Plated mod can be purchased from the Possum Vending machine (5 Possum badges!) at Camp Adams (east of the map) or Pioneer Scout Camp (north, Toxic Valley). Obviously, you must do the (annoying and time consuming) ‘Order of the Tadpole’ questline first.  The Armor Plated mod adds +91 DMG resist.
  • Bloodied weapons (RNG / Random Number Generator):
    • Random loot drop from legendary enemies
    • From other players through vending machines
    • From the Purveyor in The Rusty Pick in The Ash zone (south-west), although I strongly recommend using your scrips to buy Legendary Modules for crafting the SSA pieces



If all goes as planned, update 20 should roll out on July 1st 2020.

From the info I got here and there, playing solo will kind of disappear with the introduction of Public Teams.

This means that it might me useful to consider also taking the Empath mutation. And by doing so, the Lone Wanderer perk card will become obsolete, and you can replace it with whatever you want.



I would like to give a Special Thanks to YouTuber Angry Turtle who did a lot of testing and his conclusions are spot on, which helped me a lot build and finetune this build.



Edit June 13th 2020:

  • added additional info in regards to Mods (Brawling + Dense) to the SSA (Secret Service Armor)
  • added points 9 and 10 under “info/commentary”
  • made minor corrections to points 1, 5 and 7.
  • added additional info under “weapons” in regards to boost melee damage further more consuming easily obtainable food
  • added topics “resources” and “edits”

Edit June 25th 2020:

  • made a few adjustments in points 1 and 5
  • reworked info on SBQ fight (Tenderizer) + weapon change
  • minor modifications here and there
  • added topics “update 20” and “thanks”

June 12, 2020 at 6:49 pm

4 +3 1B+4

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i want to run this build, is therte a reason u didnt max iron fist?


Well, I only had 1 skill point left under STR, that’s why I included the 1* Iron Fist. I still carry a lot of ammo and heavy weapons to continue testing. But, if you have no use for the Bandolier or Bear Arms, you can place a 3* Iron Fist so you get 20% instead 10% damage. But! Even without the Iron Fist you’d deal a lot of damage, because of your low HP level combined with unyielding armor. And Unyealding increases STR +3 per armor piece when below 20%

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