Bloodied Bitch – End-game non-PA bloodied TANK Rifle build (strong language!)

A Fallout 76 Build by Istaria.


Author: Istaria
Votes: +7 (100% positiv)
Created: January 14, 2019 at 8:28 pm
Updated: July 5, 2020 at 8:51 pm
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Couple of observations:

  • BOS Heavy Combat goes WAY higher than I had originally planned out. Nearly 900 DR and ER with my set, which includes a light arm, and the chest has not been 200% repaired yet. See here:

EDIT: Insert image doesn’t work. Here’s what I mean: https://imgur.com/a/bRUDIVg

Red’s a great color.

Not so much if it’s a rash on your ass, but definitely looks good on armor. Best kind of red? BLOOD red. Someone else’s is best.

Meet the Bloodied Bitch. She lives by the following core concepts:

  • Power armor is for pussies.
  • Sneaking is for pussies.
  • VATS is for pussies.
  • Only pussies live healthily.
  • Noone lives forever.


  • Bolstering armor – preferably BOS Heavy Combat, but you can do well in other types. Desirable mods include AP refresh, +Str, reduced weapon (or other stuff) weight, and damage reduced while standing still.
  • Bloodied weapon – explosive is a nice mod for a long range rifle, but not for up close work, which is where the bitch has the most fun. Close up work needs +damage while aiming, +fire rate, and maybe some DR while aiming. Or reload speed, that’s nice. Shoot more fuckers faster, that’s the Bitch’s way.
  • Patience – it’s a difficult build to level from scratch, and VERY difficult to find the right pieces.
  • Faith – playing at 20% health sounds like a nightmare, but once you’re geared and perked, you’re very VERY tough – see DR calculations.


  • Tank. In their face. Fuck sneak, no backing off, no running away. They die or you do. You might use VATS or a sneak attack occasionally, but you’ll feel like a slut in the morning.

SPECIAL (numbers in brackets are after mutations and active perks):

  • Strength – 6 (12) – We’re not wearing power armor, so Barbarian is useful. We’ll boost this with Radicool, and if you get +str on armor pieces, it’ll bring up DR and ER a little. See damage theory at the bottom. Blocker is the other essential – no running away, remember?
  • Perception – 11 (17)Rifleman perks as much as possible, but only after Tank Killer, and a couple of points in Glow Sight here. It’s for wusses, but a point in Concentrated Fire, just in case something doesn’t have enough nostrils. Never know with them ghoul-things.
  • Endurance – 6 (6)Radicool is nice here, as it gives us more carry weight, and more DR from Barbarian. Ironclad makes that armor so much more comfy and durable, and it’s flexible how much you want to take – a feel thing. Cannibal is flavour, but useful – helps with hunger, as you just eat the fuckers after you shoot em.
  • Charisma – 6 (6)Lone Wanderer for the soloists (does it sound like the bitch has many friends?), and Suppressor to taste. Note that 6 points will allow you to share a level 2 perk card.
  • Intelligence – 5 (4)Nerd Rage is all that matters here, but you can be a crafter with 5, so I went with some Hacker goodness. Adjust as you see fit.
  • Agility – 11 (15)Dodgy for DR while you have AP, Action Girl to get you more AP more quickly, Evasive for DR and ER per Agi point (this is maxed without full investment thanks to mutations), Adrenaline for just more kill kill joy joy.
  • Luck – 11 (11)Serendipity for 45% DR at below 30% health. Permanently on for the bitch, so enjoy half damage. Class Freak to reduce nasty effects from mutations, and Starched Genes to make em stick. Bloody Mess because the bitch explodes heads. Plus more damage.


  • Adrenal Reaction – more damage at low health. Stacks with the Bloodied effect. Max HP -50, but Class Freak makes this -12.5. We’re playing at 20% health here…net result – more damage for 2.5 health less. No downside on this one.
  • Bird Bones – More agility for more AP (this is what gets us to 15). -1 Str (-5 DR and -5 ER with Barbarian). You also won’t die from falling as often…don’t go nuts though, it ain’t a parachute.
  • Eagle Eye – More crit damage, -1 Str, +4 Per. Optional, but even if VATS is a coward’s option, it’ll help when you want to have a reason to drink.
  • Grounded – +100 ER. Fuck energy weapons.
  • Healing Factor – +300% health regen, drugs only work 87.5% as well – oh noes.
  • Marsupial – Jump height, carry weight….who the hell wants to be Einstein? (-1 int, does not affect perk card loadout)
  • Scaly Skin – +50 DR, +50 ER….we lose 12.5 (13) AP here, but we have shitloads…maxed Agility.
  • Speed demon – Run faster, reload faster, sometimes get peckish. Good job we’re a Cannibal.
  • Carnivore – Mutants is meat, ghouls is meat, scorched is meat. We like meat. (Thanks DuckofDeath!)

Damage Reduction Theory:

  • Full BOS Heavy Combat gives 278 DR and 266 ER (this may vary – max Int + fix it good will raise this. We don’t have max Int, so take this as +/- 15).
  • Bolstering adds 175 DR and 175 ER to this for 5 pieces.
  • Ironclad is +50 more DR and ER
  • Barbarian is +45 more DR (we will end up with 9 Str – each point you add is +5 here)
  • Grounded mutation is +100 ER
  • Scaly Skin mutation is +50 ER and DR
  • Evasive gives us +45 ER and DR
  • Nerd Rage is another +40 DR

This is a total of 707 DR and 714 ER (with Enclave underamor) – considerably higher than any power armor. This includes under armor.

And updated! Covert Enclave underarmor. That’ll be another 3 Strength and another 2 Perception (both updated above), thank you very much. Let’s also add 9 DR and 13 ER. Nobody said the bitch ain’t got style.

Once you get hit, the following comes into play:

  • Serendipity – 45% damage reduction, always active
  • Lone Wanderer  – 20% DR when solo. You can switch this out for group options if you are playing with others (the bitch doesn’t), which can give even more
  • Dodgy – Another 30% less as long as you have Action Points, which you should have since we maxed them, are using Action Girl maxed, have Lone Wanderer and Nerd Rage. If you have the mod to refresh AP on your armor pieces as well, you’ll get a lot of shots in before these run out.
  • Suppressor – 20% more DR once you start shooting, but this is single target, so think Scorchbeasts or Deathclaws
  • Blocker – Oh wait, it’s MELEE damage you’re taking? Well loffle the bitch’s roffle, cos this is another 45% DR.

That’s a lot of damage reduction. How much?

Welp, best case scenario, right? You’re full of AP, and it’s a melee attack, and you’re solo, and you’re shooting it. That is, the bitch, at all times.

So a 300 HP hit is…

300* (0.55*0.8*0.7*0.8*0.55) = 41.

That’s 86% DR there.

Consider for a moment the 700+ DR and ER that comes before this. Bitch. Is. Tough.

EDIT: You can hit 900 with BOS Heavy Combat, but alas, it’s not tough enough :/

Caution: Radiation!

Radiation is not your friend. You can’t wear your gear in nuke zones, so a hazmat brings you down to a lowly 200-ish DR and ER. You’re still hard to kill due to all the perks, but you need to watch your rad levels.

A diluted rad-away will get from 9% to 19% de-radded, so keep these handy. You do not want to use full ones…ever. You’ll lose the bloodied effect, Nerd Rage, adrenal reaction….not good.

Once Hazmat suits get fixed to fit over armor, as they should, the bitch will rule the wasteland. As it is you’ll still be fine.

The bitch will see you in Appalachia. Don’t worry if she looks sick. She likes it that way.

January 14, 2019 at 8:28 pm

19 +26 8B+31

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6 Replies


The description of this build had me laughing the whole way through, and its a solid build. I’ve played with a few people who have used a similar build. For mutations I’d recommend Carnivore to go along with Cannibal, it’ll double the effects and negate any chance of disease – or Plaguewalker since it has no downside besides the fact that you need to be diseased for it to work(I’m assuming eating corpses tends to lead to a plethora of diseases).


Excellent suggestion on Cannibal! I’ll edit that in and credit you 🙂 Plaguewalker is one of those ones I kinda ignored, but you’re not wrong – I am diseased as hell most of the time.

Thank you 🙂


heya! nice build you got here, gratz! are you playing with this or moved to something else? 🙂


hey im basically a melee main with no knowledge of guns and this will be my first, what rifles would u reccomend while leveling up and what kind to get bloodied?


Great build good fun (almost as fun as the description)


Assuming you pick Adrenal mutation isn’t Lifegiver better for 3 points as oppose to Class Freak? Since you gain the +45HP and the (Correct me if I am wrong, don’t normally spec into END) 5% Sprint drain reduction and +5 health for each points in Endurance which in our case would be 15% + 15HP?

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