Bloodied Stealth Commando

A Fallout 76 Build by ShujaaWaUhuru81.


Author: ShujaaWaUhuru81
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Created: September 1, 2019 at 5:14 pm
Updated: September 1, 2019 at 5:21 pm
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This build is for maximum Damage/Energy resistance. The damage output for this build is slightly reduced due to recent nerfing of PVP damage output (it is now a maximum of 110 per shot). I do however understand that DPS is important for overcoming the various damage resistances of your PVP opponent; thus this build will still hit hard enough to overcome your PVP opponent.

This build doesn’t use power armor.

The armor that I use with this build includes:

  1. Powered unyielding sentinel left leg
  2. Powered chameleon sentinel left arm
  3. Powered bolstering sentinel right leg
  4. Powered bolstering sentinel right arm
  5. Powered unyielding sentinel chest

It doesn’t matter if your character uses sentinel or cavalier because this is a stealth/sneak character, and thus he will be crouched when in combat, thus sentinel and cavalier armor will not be in effect when crouched.  You must be standing for these effects to work.  So, if you can get harder to detect while sneaking instead of sentinel, that would be ideal.

For maximum energy resistance, I would suggest getting heavy BOS combat armor with these legendary effects. For maximum ballistic damage, Polished heavy metal armor.  My own pieces are variable and I’m looking to upgrade them. The alloyed mod for your chest will get you increased energy resistance and I would choose that, because perk cards will get you significant DR (ballistic damage resistance).

Backpack mods:

  1. The insulated backpack mod will get you +90 energy resistance
  2. The armor plated backpack mod will get you +90 ballistic damage resistance

I suggest having both available and put on which every one suits the weapon of your PVP opponent.

The rumor has it that there is a cap to players resistances (whether it be DR ER or RR). I’ve found no reliable information on what this cap is, and thus the speculation is about 500. So this character build can easily have greater than 700 DR depending on your base armor, so I suggest using base armor pieces and armor mods that lean towards energy resistance so that your DR and ER are both about 500 (e.g. BOS combat armor with the specific mods for energy resistance).

This build is made for greatest resistance and damage output, so perk cards such as White Knight and Gunsmith will not be used during combat, so yes you will have to repair your weapons and armor more, but using cards like Weapon Artisan, Fix it Good, and White Knight will be used when NOT in combat, in order to repair weapons and armor to 200% so they will last longer during combat without the usage of White Knight and Gunsmith during combat.

Those of us who PVP every day have no trouble with repairing our weapons and armor. Learn the quick ways to farm what you need, or purchase it from a regular player vendor. You’ll be fine, I promise.

Now for the card and point distribution.

Strength 3:

  1. Barbarian

Perception 11:

There is wiggle room to play with long shot, ground pounder, or concentrated fire. long shot is nice for distance/sniper fighting. ground pounder is good for our free aim fighters. concentrated fire is nice for head shots or PVE. You really don’t need concentrated fire for PVP, you can still VATS and with this build your VATS without concentrated fire will still kill your PVP opponent quickly.

  1. Commando 3
  2. Expert Commando 1
  3. Master Commando 1
  4. Tank Killer 3
  5. long shot 3

Endurance 9:

Here I would alternate Ironclad and Fire proof depending on the weapon your opponent uses. If they use explosive weapons use Fire proof. If they are using non explosive I would use Ironclad.

  1. Ironclad 5
  2. Radicool 1
  3. Adamantium Skeleton 3

Charisma 4:

  1. Lone wanderer 3 is fighting solo, Bodyguards 3 if fighting on a team
  2. Strange in numbers if fighting on a team (this makes a great difference when mutated)

Intelligence 3: Yes, only 3. I don’t use Gunsmith. You really don’t need it for this build.

  1. Nerd Rage

Agility 11:

sneak/Evasive/Chameleon armor = people cant VATS you while crouched unless they free aim shoot you and then VATS. However, if you get free aimed, stand, than crouch, it resets your ability to prevent being VATS. Some say you can stand and then crouch again even while in mid air from a jump. Some say having the legendary effect of harder to detect while sneaking helps prevent being VATS the same way the aformentioned items do. So again, sentinel and cavalier is useless to this build and so I suggest getting harder to detect while sneaking instead. Some people claim that Action Boy/Girl is not needed when you have 5 pieces of faster AP refresh armor, but that is debatable if you run dodgy and use VATS. But if you don’t run it, you have 3 Special points to move around how you’d like

  1. dodgy 3
  2. Action Boy/girl 3
  3. Evasive 3
  4. sneak 1
  5. Escape Artist 1

Luck 14:

Again, some of these options are just that, optional. Again, due to the damage cap in PVP, bloody mess is optional. Personally I like to keep it because I still enjoy PVE, so this will help. Also, better criticals is options for those who use VATS in PVE; it may not be neccessary for PVP. Something to consider is that bloody mess will help to overcome your opponents DR/ER.

  1. Starched Genes 2
  2. Serendipity 3
  3. bloody mess 3
  4. better criticals 3
  5. Class Freak 3


Scaly skin for +50 DR and ER

Speed Demon for faster movement and faster weapon reload speed

Marsupial for higher jumping

Healing Factor (optional) it regenerated health faster by 300% but only when not in combat, so this may be optional.

Eagle eyes for +25% critical damage (minus 4 strength) for those using VATS in PVP and also for those wanting better criticals for PVE. -4 strength will decrease the DR gained by the Barbarian perk with this build, so that is something to consider. Perhaps consider having a PVP character and a separate PVE character.

Adrenal Reaction for increased weapons damage at low health. The expectation with this build is to have 19% health for this mutation and for the benefits of the Nerd Rage perk.

Carnivore to prevent disease from eating raw meat. This will also help to refill your hunger meter for those who choose to use speed demon. Speed demon increases thirst and hunger by 50%. So there are trade offs. Perhaps if your main weapon has faster reload speed, maybe you don’t need speed demon. I would suggest using speed demon and carnivore.

With this build my DR and ER are about 500 each. My damage output almost always pops up at 110 (max PVP damage output due to CAP) per shot, so it is overpowering peoples DR and ER. in PVP i get up to 1825 damage per shot with a bloodied FFR handmade rifle.

Best weapons for this build

  1. Bloodied FFR handmade
  2. Bloodied explosive handmade
  3. Bloodied FFR/explosive Lasers (cheese)

Any questions or comments are welcome.

My PSN is ShujaaWaUhuru81

have fun

September 1, 2019 at 5:14 pm

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