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A Fallout 76 Build by TGTwysted.


Author: TGTwysted
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Created: July 31, 2020 at 2:08 am
Updated: July 31, 2020 at 2:09 am
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Hey there everyone. My name is Tg Twysted. I play on Xbox and yes that is my gamertag. If this build guide has helped you or you have any questions hit me up.

This is my 1st build on here, so any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s take a look at this build.

First thing I want to warn you. Until this build is complete and you have at least basic unyielding armor on and a good unarmed melee, YOU WILL DIE A LOT. Best to keep a good ranged weapon on you at all times until you are comfortable running with a melee weapon 90% of the time. You will also need power armor for a little while as well, I suggest just getting the Excavator Power Armor.

Biggest thing you want to keep in mind, you can swap out a few perks to make this build truly yours. The guide you see is how my character is built. This is not a set in stone build as some people will want certain perks. So first let’s go through a list of other cards you’ll want to get and level up.

This is just the other perks you will want to make sure you have as part of this build.




  • Ammosmith – For making ammo for your backup weapon if  you use one
  • Thru-hiker – Kind of not needed but in case you need to drop weight from buying/selling


So now that we have gone through some extra perks you’ll want to get, if you do get all of these perks listed above this should put you around a Level 79.


So let’s talk about gear for a minute. Now the obvious armor you will need is unyielding armor. Here are some things to consider while deciding some of the other rolls on this armor.

You will want to head over to Grafton Station and buy the BOS armor mods from the vendor there. They aren’t too expensive, I don’t know exact prices but no more than 600 – 700 caps.

Now you might be wondering what this mod does. It helps to bring up your damage resistance which is needed as you know us bloody builds have to maintain a low health, 20% or lower of your total health to be exact. If you don’t know where this number comes from, it is Nerd Rage.

To keep it simple your health needs to be around 50 when you look at your character in your PipBoy. However I will say though if you have someone capable of sharing Lifegiver, you may not need to go that low.

Ok, so we know we need some unyielding armor, but what kind? The best armor would be combat armor either sturdy or heavy doesn’t matter too much. Go ahead and put that BOS mod on there and you are on your way.

Now for the other mods on these armor pieces, you have some options.

  1. You can go lead-lined on every to get some extra rad resistance which is what I recommend, however you could also put the unarmed damage increase mod on the arms for a little more damage.
  2. You can put deep pockets on the pieces so you can carry more things but take into consideration you will have around a 365-375 carry weight depending on the rolls you get on your armor.

As far as rolls on the armor, you will definitely want to have +1 strength on every piece as this will increase your damage and increase your carry weight.

For the third roll if you can find them or get lucky enough, you can go for either weight reductions so you can carry more things.

I would recommend going for the cavalier as this will help reduce damage while you are running around. These will be the hardest to find with +1 strength on them as well.

You will also need to get your hands on some under armor. I recommend finding something that when the resistant lining is applied that strength is the highest.

With the addition of backpacks, this is also something that can be modded for different uses but I would recommend putting lead-lined on this as well for added rad resistance.


The best weapon for this build is going to be a Bloodied Deathclaw Gauntlet with faster swing speed and +1 strength.

This is an EXTREMELY RARE weapon. You will have to do some trading for this weapon. In the meantime, any Bloodied Deathclaw Gauntlet will work.

Keep in mind though that unless something changes within the game and this no longer applies go with that weapon but at the time of the creation of this guide that is the best weapon.

Now if you remember back at the beginning of this guide I said you will be running around with a melee weapon 90% of the time, I bet you’ve been wondering what that other 10% is. Well it’s going to be if you want to change up from killing things in one shot or if you are doing a Scorchbeast Queen event (at least till you get comfortable with the fight and can keep from dying while whooping the queen)

The choice is yours on extra weapons, but I carry a Bloodied Lever Action Rifle as I really like the gun and also a Bloodied .50 cal. As a reminder if you keep heavy weapons on you, try to find the reduced weight ones as this helps.

Ok, now let’s talk about your mutations.

You can use all of the mutations I listed in the build planner, I will point out though that if you use Herd Mentality, you will need to be on a team all the time. I’m told though that with Class Freak maxed out that you don’t suffer the negative effects but I don’t fully believe that yet. Mainly because I haven’t checked to see if it true or not.

Alright so I know you can also boost your damage from using chems, drinks, and food. I have not messed around with this too much so I cannot say for sure what they are nor if all of them can be stacked and if they can, what the order is that they need to be consumed. I will be testing this further and will update this guide as I figure it out.

Oh I forgot to cover a few other things.

As far as what aid you should keep on you, this is what I keep on me.

At least:

  • 20 Stimpacks
  • 20 Radaway
  • 20 Canned Dog Food
  • 20 Purified water

You can carry more than this, but this has been a good number to stay around while running around the wasteland.

Ok, so if you’re wondering what kind of numbers for damage resistance as well as damage you can expect from everything I have talked about above.

Your damage resistnace should be around 450.

Your energy resistance should be around 450.

Your radiation resistance will vary depending on how you do your mods if you got for more resistance you can get around 300. The secret service armor will help with this as well as the radiation resistance mod to go with it. I can’t say for sure as I do not have all of my desired pieces but I would venture to guess with that armor it would be around 400 – 500.

Now for the best part, DAMAGE.

This number will vary but what weapon you’re using and mods and rolls but I know without a shadow of a doubt your base damage if you have followed this guide you will be hitting anywhere from 1600 – 2300 with the possibility of breaking 3000 with all the desired pieces and before any buffs from attacking or aid buffsa.

I do believe with the right gear and the right combination of aid buffs it is extremely possible to break 4000 – 5000 and from all buffs and swapping a few cards out possibly even 6000. I will update this as I acquire the pieces I’m looking for.

Now just a few notes and we will wrap up and we can go on our killing spree in the wasteland.

If you follow this build and swap out Serendipity for Bloody Mess for more damage, you will be susceptible to dying more.

You cannot kill everything in one shot.

These are the enemies I have not killed in one shot yet.

  • 3* Sentinel
  • 3* Scorched Beast
  • 3* Sheepsquatch
  • 3* Deathclaw
  • And obviously not the Scorchbeast Queen

There could be others, but these are the ones I know for sure.

Alrighty, Thank You for hanging out with me throughout this build.

I hope this guide has helped you in anyway. If you have any questions or comments feel free to hit me up on Xbox. My Gamertag is TG Twysted,

July 31, 2020 at 2:08 am

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2 Replies


Good build!
I’m having a problem thinking that is ironclad worth it or the DR is already enough for the fight.
Besides, will the armor break pretty fast when running this build?


I dont have to repair my armor too much. I’ve been told I should be using it but I dont think its necessary. My DR is around 400s on both damage and energy. And then rad resistance is around 275 or so but I think once I get the secret service armor that I need it’ll be comparable to power armor

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