Raid Leader: Boomer (Power Armor/Explosives/Lv. 100) [Updated for Newest Patch]

A Fallout 76 Build by virpyre.


Author: virpyre
Votes: +3 (100% positiv)
Created: January 8, 2019 at 4:29 pm
Updated: January 19, 2019 at 5:51 pm
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Boomer was a raider leader mostly know for being in Fallout 4, he was located at Outpost Zimonja and was normally seen armed with a Fat Man and wears an incomplete set of raider power armor.

HairColor – DeepBrown
Eye Color – Hazel Bloodshot
Hairstyle – Warhawk
Facial Hair – Survivalist

Weapons – M79 grenade launcher, Bunker Buster, and Daisycutter.
Armor – Raider (Heavy)
Clothing – Harness or Road Leathers
Power Armor – Full Set of Raider Power Armor

Q: Where do I get a full set of Raider Power Armor?
A: I am glad you asked because I was kind of clueless myself until I stumbled upon Ames Games a YouTuber that posts helpful guilds on where to find some of the best things in Fallout 76 on his channel the link above will lead you there.

In the build, it tells you what you can only get up to level 61. So once you get to level 62 you can start doing these:

Mid Tier Level Perks
Level 62: Power User R3
Level 63: Portable Power R3
Level 64: Power Smith R2
Level 65: Fix It Good R2
Level 66: Power Smith R3
Level 67: Fix It Good R3
Level 68: Action Boy/Action Girl R1
Level 69: Marathoner R1
Level 70: Action Boy/Action Girl R2
Level 71: Marathoner R2
Level 72: Action Boy/Action Girl R3
Level 73: Marathoner R3
Level 74: Bloody Mess R1
Level 75: Adrenaline R1
Level 76: Bloody Mess R2
Level 77: Adrenaline R2
Level 78: Bloody Mess R3
Level 79: Adrenaline R3
Level 80: Adrenaline R4
Level 81: Adrenaline R5
Level 82: Born Survivor R1
Level 83: Born Survivor R2
Level 84: Born Survivor R3
Level 85: Full Charge R1
Level 86: Full Charge R2

High Tier Level Perks
Level 87: Incisor R1
Level 88: Blocker R1
Level 89: Scattershot R2
Level 90: Incisor R2
Level 91: Blocker R2
Level 92: Scattershot R3
Level 93: Incisor R3
Level 94: Blocker R3
Level 95: Strong Back R3
Level 96: Aquaboy/Aquagirl R1
Level 97: Pack Rat R1
Level 98: Pack Rat R2
Level 99: Pack Rat R3
Level 100: Strong Back R4

After level 100 it’s up to you but I would more than likely take All Night Long, Professional Drinker and Party Boy/Party Girl to try to remain close to the Raider theme. You can also go ahead get Rad ResistantFireproof and Bullet Shield.

January 8, 2019 at 4:29 pm

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WOW. Thank you. I had no idea that the M79 was shotgun and explosive…. Need to level a good 15 times now : )

Sadly the newest patch reverted the grenade launcher to where it is now just an explosive so I had to reupdate the build.


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