Combat Medic (Charisma and Strength Focus) sans power armor

A Fallout 76 Build by CaptSwears.


Author: CaptSwears
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Created: November 27, 2018 at 5:49 pm
Updated: December 5, 2018 at 2:19 pm
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1. These are your core cards to your build without power armor, damage and energy resist are going to be a problem until you can not only find decent gear but be able to mod/craft it into its best versions. This is made more difficult by how hard it can be to learn the plans for the best armor as well the mods to them. That is all before you start searching for legendary gear. (note here I am aware of refractor but that would be a max rank 2 you could build in due to S.P.E.C.I.A.L. distribution for this build and also just energy resistance, you might keep a R2 and swap as you feel necessary.)

Core armor perks

Barbarian – Rank 3 /Strength

Ironclad – Rank 5 /Endurance

Rad Resistant – Rank 4 /Endurance

Body Guards – Rank 4 /Charisma

Rad Sponge – rank 3 /Charisma

Possible choice of Evasive – Rank 2 /Agility

Total Damage resist in group of 4 players (3+ yourself) = 146(166 with max 20 strength) armor and energy resist and 40 radiation resist (You’re still going to feel woefully under-geared if you became accustomed to power armor and have not ground out end game gear.) Evasive – Rank 2 Agility would bring that to 174 armor and energy resist with more possible based on agility you have and/or can boost to. Rad Sponge is your key survival method to combating radiation without power armor and even then it requires you to remain hyper aware of your rads in certain areas/events.

2. The next set of perks to review and move into will be core support perks

Core Support Perks

Traveling Pharmacy – Rank 3 /Strength

Sturdy Frame – Rank 2 /Strength

First Aid – Rank 3 /Intelligence

Thru-hiker – Rank 3 /Agility

Good with salt – Rank 3 /Luck

As team medic both Traveling Pharmacy and First Aid are essential in taking that surgery kit into the field and getting the most out of it. Sturdy Frame, Thru-hiker, and Good with salt help reduce your carry weight as the mule and make that scrumptious food last longer (flux from nuke zones also receives the benefit of extra time prior to crafting.)

3(a). Now we move into your leadership training and look at your core perk cards as field medic. The good news here that everything can be straightforward for your charisma perks but also allow you to toy around with what works best for you and your teammates.

team medic – Rank 3 /Charisma

Anti-epidemic – Rank 2 /Charisma

Philanthropist – Rank 3 /Charisma

The perk that you came here for being team medic, Anti-epidemic to help out during stressful combat situations and someone comes down with the glowing pustules or worse the blight (-1 to all S.P.E.C.I.A.L.s), and philantrophist because in A post apocalyptic world everyone is a starving child of Atom in Appalachia.

3(b). Other charisma perks to play around with as team medic

Friendly fire – Two things of note for this perk (TURN ON PACIFIST MODE) and get A flamer. Without having a build active to toy around with this perk I cannot confirm that an energy damage build means higher health regen/health giveback but you would also tweak the build slightly to lean your stats into the energy weapon perks where you can without sacrificing your core perks.

Strange in numbers – A great perk for your group if everyone is mutated.

Travel agent – getting around isn’t cheap but you know how to find the cheapest flight to your destination now.

Inspirational – You’re not just a medic, you’re Desmond freaking Doss. You encourage everyone to go back in and get some more experience.

4. Well here we are at the end of our build guide and we find ourselves with points leftover, is this an oversight like I was a vault-tec executive and allowed for rampancy in our experimentation process?!?!

Well no, we are Appalachian’s now and we have A plan. We just had to find it.

The last link for this build leaves you with excess points and options

4(a). 7 unused Strength – You are likely going to struggle if you don’t have certain perks while leveling.

Start with melee based perks like Melee damage

Incisor – level 34 perk but utterly broken in terms of increasing your damage capabilities (must have level 3 for melee builds)

Early on would be damage increasing melee perks

Later you could move to heavy weapons damage

You could also mule for your team with ammo and explosives weight reduction perks

4(b). 2 unused Perception –

Glow sight – Rank 2 (giving your team-mates and yourself a leg up against glowing mobs.)

Awareness – Rank 1 (2 points) would allow you to call out best targets of opportunity on a mob.

Concentrated fire – Rank 2 (passing this perk along would provide a damage boost potential.)

The standard gathering and audible perks for when you are exploring also

4(c). Intelligence 2 unused points

This is A personal sticking point but I would not personally take First Aid due the large nature of healing already granted by stim-packs so you could have 5 potential unused points

That being said you will see a split here between points as if two and as if 5

Weapons are not cheap to repair and therefore

both Gunsmith and Makeshift warrior either at Rank 2/Rank 5 and swapping between them as you prefer to help with weapon durability

Chemist – Rank 1 (you should find the stimpack recipe a.s.a.p. and combine that with the luck perk Super Duper to create more stimpacks

The rest is going to be as needed choices for crafting

4(d). Agility 2 unused points

Mentioned prior was Evasive in the core armor perks

Action Boy/Girl – Rank 2 (sharing this would be powerful to teammates using their ap for either V.A.T.S. or sprinting around regardless.

White Knight – Rank 2 will likely be your best choice especially if you go melee and are always in the thick of it.

The rest is going to be as needed choices for crafting

4(e). Luck 2 unused points

Many choices here

Medic choice would be Dry Nurse Rank 1 – Who says you can’t be generous and selfish at the same time, keep that stimpack after thrusting it into someones neck because the next person needs to catch whatever the last person had since you’re in combat and don’t have time to sterilize the needle.

Combat choices – Luck of the draw/Lucky break R1/R2 take both or one with higher chance – as needed

Non-combat choice – Super Duper Rank 3 for crafting/Cap collector Rank 3 when you go on that run

There are A multitude of ways to tackle this and I encourage exploration and sharing that experience you gained with others. I will update this periodically as information comes in and I am able to keep up with it.

November 27, 2018 at 5:49 pm

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This was a cool guide gives me a different perspective on medics, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who tries to make medics less squishy you beat me by rough 70 points DR & ER but I didn’t do rad resist I will definitely have to take this guide next time.

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