Explosive shotgun solo

A Fallout 76 Build by Supertriqui.


Author: Supertriqui
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Created: December 11, 2018 at 12:55 pm
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This is my explosives and shotguns solo build.

The objective is to increase the damage you can do with explosive shotguns and grenade launcher (which is a shotgun) in nuclear zones started by other groups, aiming for faster clearing. If you are in a group, you can trade your lone wanderer for some group friendly cards, like Bodyguard or whatever.

It uses luck of the draw to balance the fact that you don’t use gunsmith in the regular build, so you don’t have 50% slower degradation for weapons. It’s chance, like every other one in game, is calculated by pellet, so it is very efficient for shotguns.

Bloody mess is more efficient than extra ranks in expert shotgun, because it is multiplicative. 1.4 x 1.15 is more than 1.4 + 0.15.

Extra damage to glowing ones is incredibly OP in nuclear zones, and good enough to be used constantly. Many minibosses are glowing at high level. You could swap it for grenadier and fire in the hole if you want, or 3 rifle perks to have a longer range option. Beware of increasing explosive pellet radius tho. It is a suicide squad type of weapon.

lone wanderer, action boy, and rejuvenated make your AP recover incredibly fast. Grim reaper, 4 feaf cover and better criticals create a crit/AP refill engine that greatly increase your damage. Shotgun benefits greatly from Vats, because pellets proc 4 leaf clover all the time. Think about using crit enhancing receivers for some shotguns, not just max damage.

M79 launcher benefit from both explosive and shotgun perks, meaning it reloads fast, weights nothing, do a 160% dmg, is more precise, and staggers/cripple. A two shot version is really devastating. To make it a main weapon you probably would need the ammo weight reduction perk, however. Grenades are heavy to carry 300+.

The build goal is to regenerate AP, use it to charge crits, discharge those crits in VATS using explosive pellets and m79 grenades to obliterate nuclear zone mobs as quick as possible. Multiplicative effect perks, like Adrenaline or Glow Soght, reduce your TTK greatly.

December 11, 2018 at 12:55 pm


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