A Fallout 76 Build by antsam9.


Author: antsam9
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Created: November 4, 2018 at 10:52 am
Updated: November 9, 2018 at 9:18 am
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This guide is bad and you shouldnt use it.

The biggest enemy of the game is weight. Loot, guns, junk, stims, everything takes up weight, and the idea of this build is to max our your weight capacity so you can focus on playing the game rather than playing the keep or don’t keep game. This build starts off weaker than other builds but ends up in a strong position for end game.


S: 15 Obviously, focus on the weight perks, this precludes the shotgun and heavy gun perks as there’s more than enough weight perks to eat up all 15 points. Stims weigh 1 each, with traveling pharmacy 3 they’ll just weigh .1, sturdy frame, strong back, and pack rat will keep weight available as much as possible. Take advantage of the max strength and go for barbarian to add DR. Skip barbarian if you’re going for power armor.

P: 15 Max out the commando perks last, there’s no point in building up the commando perks until at least level 20 when you get combat rifles that have a decent enough base damage where commando makes an actual difference. You can make it to level 20 without any damage perks, and the effort will be rewarded at the end. Max out concentrated fire and ground pounder first then add in commando perks to enhance damage mid game.

E: 1 Just dromedary, carrying less water is a good idea as food is much easier to find in the wild.

C: 4 GET LEVEL 4 CHARISMA BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE Lone Wanderer is a beast perk that nothing else matches at low level. Lone Wanderer 3 is essential for any solo build, and if you play in a party, get the +xp perk card instead.

I: 5 for Gun Nut/Gun Smith 5. You want access to the best mods you can get to raise your base damage to make full usage of the commando perks. Also, you will not be taking any +damage perks for the first 20 or so levels, you will need Gun Smith to stay ahead of the curve. Outside of crafting, switch to explosive perks.

A: 11 Thru hiker keeps with the max weight theme, and with the power of automatics, it synergizes with action boy and adrenaline, boosting damage by 60% after each kill for 30 seconds. Maintaining this kill streak will be a big part of your DPS.

L: 3 Quick Hands enables you to do more time shooting rather than not killing.

Level 1-10: Charisma 4 ASAP, first 3 levels. Get 3 into strength to get to pack rat and traveling pharm quickly. Get Intl to 3 to take advantage of mods for the next part.

Level 11-20: I personally think that late game looting is more valuable than early game looting, so focus on getting Perception and Agility up for more action points and vats accuracy (as well as a rank of thru hiker), action boy and concentrated fire will be big help as you transition to the mid game. Also you’ll start finding your first automatic weapons, 10mm submachine guns are great and the bullets are cheap to make, powder, lead and steel to make 24 bullets.

20+ You’ll start to find combat rifles which require higher gun smith to unlock better mods, as well as providing the base damage for commando to start making a difference. You’ll eat up a lot of ammo, but you should have the capacity to carry loot to turn in bullets. I don’t have a best course of action for this part as I haven’t played this part of the game yet.

November 4, 2018 at 10:52 am

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