Frostfire Turtle (DPS/Heal)

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Author: Revvy
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Created: April 8, 2019 at 6:29 am
Updated: August 28, 2019 at 9:08 am
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Howdy! Y’all like fire and ice? Me too!

So, the goal here is a really long and painful road. Until level 25-30, you’ll be stuck with whatever you have in hand. I’d suggest a nice melee weapon like a fireaxe, and a good ol’shotgun. This build is mainly for team-centric player, so Lone Wanderer will not be mentioned here, but if you want to make a solo healer, which is kinda useless, I won’t stop ya. This build is viable with or without PA.

Using the Cryo (or Gatling/Minigun), you’ll be able to tank the Scorchbeast Queen easily while DPS a bunch.
Using the Flamer, you’ll absolutely need to stay back, since your AP will be precious for your healing (And getting hit will lower your AP).


The Flamer and Cryolator plans are sold by Free States vendor bot, in Harpers Ferry.
And bust your way through the Whitespring Bunker to get that Stimpak Crafting ASAP. (Around 25)

Of course, a looted weapon is better in any case, but it’s nice to be able to craft them anyway.

Why the SPECIAL points. (GROUP/Flamer/Healer/Support)

12 Strength is just enough to boost that damage and defense.
3 Perception to deal with the glowing enemies and insects.
3 Endurance to have fun with grenades.
12 Charisma because, well, you’re the healer and support of the group.
8 Intelligence to have fun with grenades again.
7 Agility to speed-up a little bit.
11 Luck because Luck is OP.

Why the SPECIAL points. (SOLO/Flamer/Cryo DPS)

12 Strength is just enough to boost that damage and defense.
3 Perception to deal with the glowing enemies and insects.
3 Endurance to have fun with grenades.
7 Charisma because you need some defenses. (Field Surgeon 2, Tenderizer 1, Lone Wanderer 4)
13 Intelligence to have fun with grenades again. (First aid 3, Demolition Expert 5, Gunsmith 5)
7 Agility to speed-up a little bit.
11 Luck because Luck is OP.


Speed demon is a no-brainer. Faster reload speed is pretty neat for heavies. And you can run a little bit faster, why not.
Herd Mentality will boost every SPECIAL when in a team, and since you’re a support, you’ll be in a team most of the time.
Marsupial, because it’s fun and Intelligence is not that useful.
Electrically Charged… Yeah, that’s nasty.
And finally, Empath.

If you plan to PvP with your buds, Unstable Isotope is a fun one.


From level 2 to 9, if you have comrades with you, or if you just invite anyone just ‘cuz, go Inspirational. Otherwise, take Lone Wanderer. After (Or before) that, get First Aid and Action Boy to 3.

At level 10, time to upgrade your grenades and molotovs. Demolition Expert up to level 5, Field Surgeon and boost Gunsmith to 3 at least, this will allow you to craft a flamer later on. You can too go with Gunsmith 5 to mitigate the intense breaking of your weapons (Broke 3 times during SBQ with it, so be aware).

At level 20, Team Medic and Blocker ASAP, then Fireproof and you can now throw molotovs at your feet. Additionally, with an Explosive weapon, you take less damage at close-range from your own bullets. Neat.

At level 25, you can craft your first Cryolator if you manage to buy the plan from Harpers Ferry.

At level 30, you can craft your first Flamer. If you don’t have the caps or time to mutate, go for Heavy Gunner. Otherwise, Starched Genes to level 2 and lock it down. One Gun Army and Glow Sight. At 34, snag the two ranks of Ammosmith, or prepare to farm a lot.

At level 40, you get Expert Heavy Gunner and Suppressor, then Bloody Mess for that small boost to DPS. Dodgy is pretty neat, 1 rank of Tenderizer and Class Freak if you’re mutated. At level 48, you get Friendly Fire and become the melee healer this build is made for, and then Adrenaline for extra fun.

At level 50, Master Heavy Gunner to boost once again your DPS and get that Super Duper to craft your ammo.

Bonus Perks

Weapon Artisan : To fix yo’ weapons (You’ll need it. A lot.)
Super Duper : Makes crafting Stimpaks and Ammo even better.
Exterminator : Switch it when fighting Mirelurk Queens
Aquaboy : To clean the lake
Fix it Good : To fix yo’ armor
Power Smith : To mod yo’ Power armor
Chemist : To double the chems
Hard Bargain : For caps
Hacker / Picklock
Butcher’s Bounty : To farm the ticks / Stimpaks
Stabilized : When in PA against a nasty armored enemy.

What to farm?
Hemlock Holes Maintenance. 3 Acid and 1 crystal. I’d suggest getting your base on an Oil spill. This will give you unlimited fuel for your flamer, the other component being steel, and if (when) you run out of steel, well… Go loot some guns and scrap them.

The Cryo needs Crystal and Lead. So search for lead.

For Tick Blood, there’s the Moonshiner’s Shack and Gilman Lumber Mill! Craft those stimpaks!

Patch 9 will bring up the crafting of Fuel from 5 to 20 and Cryo Cells from 15 to 25, making this build a little more soft on the farming part of it. Thanks the Atom!

Legendary Effects (Flamer/Cryo/Gatling)
Two Shot

Bullets explode for area damage at 20% base effect
10% increased damage while aiming

25% increased fire rate
50 Damage resistance while aiming

Legendary Effects Flamer only
Medic’s (Switch One Gun Army and Bloody Mess with Four Leaf Clover and Critical Savvy, and use VATS.)

25% less VATS Action Point cost (If Medic’s)
Your VATS critical meter fills 15% faster (If Medic’s)

Legendary Effects (Armor)
Auto Stim
Life saving

Increases action point refresh speed

Hope you like it ! See ya in the Wastelands !

April 8, 2019 at 6:29 am

14 +9 6B+15

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7 Replies


what effects would you recommend when looking for legendary weps/armour?


I updated the build, and added the legendary effects 🙂 Thank you!


thank you! any farming spots for xp? or just do nuked WS?


There’s a lot of spots for grind, my favorites are Grafton Steel and West Tek Research Center. If you don’t have a Gatling gun or Minigun, the West Bend Tunnel is full of easy melee ghouls to kill. There’s Uranium Fever and Sons of Dane where you get a butt-load of enemies to kill plus an event bonus at the end. And since you’ll be close to Grafton and probably trade at the station, have fun with the two events there, Nuked WS is best though (Or any nuked zones) 😛


What about leggy effects on the cryo? Or should I just go whatever


Fix’d 😉


Heads up, there’s now some tweaks to the Frost and Fire part of this build!

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