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A Fallout 76 Build by nulldesu.


Author: nulldesu
Votes: +4 (100% positiv)
Created: October 30, 2018 at 1:57 pm
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This build is meant to serve as a bare-bones framework for other optimized builds to be built upon, depending on player preference. The perks shown here are selected because of their universal usefulness to most play styles and the strength they offer relative to their cost. This build assumes the player will be primarily teaming with others. Also please keep in mind that at the time of posting information on the game’s mechanics are few and hard to find, which might lead to certain perks being overrated, underrated, or simply excluded from consideration. Ideally the player will flesh this build out with additional perks that buff their favored weapon/s, armor or powered armor, and possibly the heavy use of VATS. The luck perks in particular seem very strong but might not suit every play style.


: These three perks should allow you to open any chest in the game, which in turns means more goodies. This combined with the fact that you can switch them out for other perks when not actively picking a lock means they have nearly zero cost to the player, besides raising perception to use all three.

: This perk does require you to both be in group play, and have at least one party member that also uses mutations. Seeing as mutations, especially the few that offer no downsides, are such a strong boost to a character’s power and utility this shouldn’t be a hard prerequisite to meet. Particular standouts for abuse include Speed Demon, Grounded, Scaly Skin, and Marsupial.

    Squad Manuevers

: One of the less essential perks in this list, I still feel like this is an extreme quality of life improvement for every character. This is especially true for close combat characters who use melee or shotguns. It also helps cut down on the time it takes to explore in such a vast game. While it’s true that fast travel exists, extra movement speed will still help you explore specific locations quicker, and if things go bad it’ll help you get to cover or just plain get out.

: Assuming you always, or mostly, play with a full party, a single point in this perk gives you 18 damage and energy resistance. This easily puts to shame most other resistance perks aside from barbarian and evasive, both of which require you to raise their corresponding stat exceptionally high to take full advantage of. Unlike those two, however, a single point spent on Bodyguards is easy to fit into any build, and gives a big boost to your endurance for such a measly cost. Beware that the boost is much less impressive with additional points spent, however.

: This is a very strong defensive perk that will work for every single build, and against stronger enemies should give much more mileage than spending perk points trying to raise your damage and energy resistances that extra little bit. It should be noted, however, that this will work much better for builds that can continuously apply damage, so it might be trickier to take full advantage of this perk with slower weapons. I also imagine this will be a staple in PvP.

: Picklock but for terminals. If this game is like fallout 4 these might see a little less use, but since you can swap out these perks while not using them it’d still be silly to pass up perks with basically zero cost.

    Action Boy/Girl

: A strong perk even if you don’t use VATS. How? Well, it’s always useful for sprinting, but beyond that if you don’t use VATS you should be using the dodgy perk, otherwise all your AP are just useless, and boy does this have good synergy with that perk.

: Mutations are very strong. Their penalties, which most of them carry, can also be very debilitating to certain characters. I believe they will give the players who utilize them a very noticeable edge over any who don’t. This perk makes sure you keep the mutations you want, and keep away the ones you don’t.

: Holy cow. Maybe I’m just crazy but as far as I can tell this perk is busted. I understand there is the luck factor to it which means that it may never even trigger once before you die, and also the need to be below 30% health which means it won’t be active for the majority of your health, but despite all that the potential upside is ridiculous. For PvE this is mostly a standard strong defensive option, good but not quite as strong overtime as Suppressor. However in PvP a couple good dice rolls, or even just one, could easily decide a fight. Imagine tanking a point-blank shotgun blast or a mini-nuke from another player without losing a single HP. Now imagine doing it twice. In a row.

October 30, 2018 at 1:57 pm


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