Bloody Commando Tank Scavenger

A Fallout 76 Build by Gilgamesh19.


Author: Gilgamesh19
Votes: +3 (100% positiv)
Created: March 16, 2020 at 7:06 pm
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This is a team build for low health characters (20% health, 80% rads) who like automatic rifles, high armor, and scavenging resources. Characters are balanced with weapon damage, armor and carry weight. The build does not show the actual stats of the character when using strange in numbers and radicool. The actual numbers for special points are: 20, 13, 9, 9, 5, 15, 14. Carry weight will be 320 lbs, HP is 302, and AP is 273.

Weapons to use: silenced automatic rifles. non explosive. (if you want to use non automatic rifles just replace commando perk cards with rifleman perk cards)

Armor to use: Bolstering set for super tank, Unyielding to boost stats and provide extra carry weight. Chameleon or Life Saving are also good or harder to detect when sneaking. Recommended effects: 3 pieces with food/chem weight reduction, 1 piece with weapon weight reduction, 1 piece with junk weight reduction.  Using one piece of junk weight reduction will reduce junk weight to a total of 90% (max).

Strength: carry weight perk cards and barbarian for armor

Perception: main damage cards, concentrated fire for VATS headshots.

Endurance: radicool for +5 strength, ironclad for armor

Charisma: strange in numbers to boost mutations, tenderizer for a little bonus damage to tough enemies. bodyguard 4 is best used with a full 4 man team or 3 man team. If you are on a 2 man team, may be best to use other cards here because using 4 perk points to only get 12 damage resist and 12 energy resist is not the best use of perk points.

Intelligence: nerd rage essential for bloody/low health builds

Agility: evasive for armor, covert ops and adrenaline for damage

Luck: bloody mess for damage, serendipity for survival, and some cards for the mutations.

Carry weight notes: strength will be 20 (13 special pts, +5 from radicool, +3 from herd mentality, -1 from bird bones), bandolier 2 reduces ballistic ammo by 90%, pack rat 3 reduces junk weight by 75% (90% with one piece of junk weight reducing armor), strong back 4 increases carry weight 40 lbs., travelling pharmacy 1 reduces chem weights by 30% (using 3 pieces of food/chem weight reducing armor will reduce chem weights by 90% and food by 60%).

Armor notes: DR means damage resist. ER means energy resist. barbarian 3 (w/ 20 strength) gives 80 DR. ironclad 5 gives 50 DR+ER. Bodyguards 4 gives 12 DR+ER per teammate (36 max). nerd rage 3 gives 40 DR. evasive gives 45 DR+ER (w/ 15 agility). Mutations (w/ strange in numbers) scaly skin gives 62 DR+ER, grounded gives 125 ER. Totals from Build w/o armor on: 277 DR +12 per teammate. 282 ER +12 per teammate. 

each piece of bolstering armor will provide an additional 32 DR+ER at 10-20% health. full set= 160 ER+DR

March 16, 2020 at 7:06 pm

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