Bloody Energy Rifleman VATS

A Fallout 76 Build by Gilgamesh19.


Author: Gilgamesh19
Votes: +5 (100% positiv)
Created: April 6, 2020 at 7:34 pm
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This is a low health build for energy guns and uses laser, plasma, radium, and gauss rifles. Important to not have the grounded mutation for this build. You can run this as a long range stealth sniper with a silenced gauss rifle, a medium range rifleman with the laser, plasma, and radium rifle, or convert over to commando build. commando build conversion will be described at the bottom of build description. There are tons of tweaks that can be made to builds based on playstyle and i’ll try to cover them below. Characters will be running 80% radiation and 20% health.

Weapons to use: laser and plasma weapons modded as a rifle. radium and gauss rifles.

Armor to use: as a low health build, unyielding armor for stats boost, bolstering armor for defense, or a mix of the two. other useful legendary armor types such as chameleon or lifesaving can be effective.

Strength: using strong back 4 here as a catch all for food, chem, and junk carry weight. when carry weight is not a problem and you have 4 or 5 pieces of unyielding armor, using barbarian 3 can provide 80 damage resist.

Perception: used for the main damage cards. rifleman cards for damage, tank killer for anti armor, and concentrated fire for VATS headshots.

Endurance: radicool will give +5 strength. using adamantium skeleton 3 to completely eliminate limb damage and cripples. can use other perk cards in place of adamantium skeleton here if you wish, but radicool should always be used.

Charisma: tenderizer 1 will give 5% bonus damage to enemies when you shoot them more than once, if you are one shotting enemies this card is not useful. travel agent 1 is used for players who are “team leaders” and traveling first to new locations, if another teammate is “leading” you around the map use another perk card. Strange in numbers will give addition boost to all your mutations when a teammate is mutated too. I like to keep at least 3 points in charisma to use hard bargain 3 or lone wanderer 3 when playing alone.

Intelligence: nerd rage 3 gives big bonuses to characters under 20% health and is a main card for bloody builds. batteries included 3 reduces the weight of all the energy ammo you’ll be using.

Agility: lots of different ways to use your perk cards here. as shown: cards are for stealth/vats playstyle. adrenaline 5 gives significant damage boost when dealing with multiple enemies, can use adrenaline 1 instead and use the 4 other perk points for other cards. adrenaline 5 may be overkill for characters that one shot enemies, but will be useful for commando conversion. covert operative 3 gives max sneak damage, if you do not utilize sneak try evasive 3 here for 45 damage and energy resist. sneak 3 keeps you hidden from enemies, and when detected, standing and re-crouching with the escape artist perk will put you back in caution. non-sneak characters can try using dodgy 3 and action boy/girl 3 for defense. the marathoner perk card is useful for characters that like to run around a lot.

Luck: bloody mess 3 gives 15% bonus damage with all weapons. starched genes 2 is used to keep mutations and class freak 3 to reduced their negative effects. serendipity 3 is the best card to keep low health characters alive by fully avoiding damage when card activates including fall damage. better criticals 1 gives 20% bonus and is a good value for 1 perk point. grim reaper’s sprint 2 will give a 25% chance to fully restore AP after killing an enemy. non vats characters can remove better crits and grim reaper’s sprint and use points elsewhere.

commando Energy Rifle Conversion: main change is replacing the rifleman perk cards with commando perk cards. if you do not use vats, try adding ground pounder to perception and removing concentrated fire. as the build is shown a powerful automatic radium rifle will work best because it can have a silencer on it. if using laser or plasma auto rifles, you may find it hard to stay in sneak.

April 6, 2020 at 7:34 pm

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