Bloody Pipe Revolver Pipe Bolt Action VATS Stealth Sniper

A Fallout 76 Build by Gilgamesh19.


Author: Gilgamesh19
Votes: +3 (100% positiv)
Created: March 13, 2020 at 7:24 pm
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This is a solo build made to take advantage of Pipe Revolvers and Pipe Bolt-Actions benefitting from both rifleman and gunslinger perk cards. Damage is of the highest priority and carry weight the lowest. A very versatile build that will allow players to use any single fire rifle or pistol they find with great effectiveness. It also allows for the use of most ballistic ammo types, making any ammo you find useable (more on that later). Being a bloody build, characters will be playing at 20% hp or lower to maximize damage and having 80% radiation. This is also a non explosive build that does not use power armor and is made for sneak attack VATS headshots to one shot most enemies. Can finish build by level 56.

Armor: use a mix of legendary bolstering and unyielding armor. other armor will work and may be preferred such as 1 piece of chameleon or any piece with harder to detect while sneaking.

Weapons: Build is specifically made to be used with pipe revolvers and pipe bolt-actions that are modded in the rifle configuration. Because of the perk cards, any single fire rifle or handgun can be used. If you’d like to use energy weapons can also remove the grounded mutation.

Strength: use 2 general carry weight perk cards here as strength is not a big part of this build. radicool will add +5 to overall strength.

Perception: cards used here are for max damage with rifles, anti-armor, and VATS.

Endurance: radicool is a must have, can use the other 3 points however you see fit as they do not effect the purpose of this build.

Charisma: Lone wanderer 4 if solo, for team use strange in numbers and any other 3 pts of perk cards you want. for a full team build add in herd mentality mutation.

Intelligence: nerd rage 3 is a must for bloody builds, licensed plumber 2 will really extend the life of your pipe guns and make cheaper to repair.

Agility: cards used here for max damage with non-auto pistols, sneak and sneak damage is also a big part of the build and these cards will help with that.

Luck: bloody mess 3 is 15% damage with all weapons, so always good. got starched genes and class freak for the mutations, serendipity to keep you alive…hopefully.

If you get lucky and find an explosive pipe revolver/bolt-action build can be converted to maximize damage. Can move 3 pts out of endurance and into intelligence (yolo) leaving radicool on. in intelligence remove licensed plumber 2 and add demo expert 5.

To utilize any ammo you find, having weapons for each ammo type is useful. Pipe revolver is .45, but can be made into .38. Pipe bolt-action is .308 but can also be made .38. Hunting rifles can be .38, .308, or .50 cal. Combat rifle can be .45 or .38 as well. Non pipe revolvers (single action, western, .44) use .44 ammo. 10mm handgun uses…..10mm. And assault rifles and handmades use .556. Can also use any of the blackpowder guns to shoot 50 cal ball. As long as the weapon is not automatic, you are good to go. Mix it up and use up all that ammo you find!

March 13, 2020 at 7:24 pm

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