Bloody Shotgun Super Tank

A Fallout 76 Build by Gilgamesh19.


Author: Gilgamesh19
Votes: +4 (100% positiv)
Created: March 9, 2020 at 6:57 pm
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This build is meant to give your character a ton of armor while not taking too much away from damage. Carry weight is of low priority and getting armor with carry weight effects and careful management of character inventory is encouraged. This is a team build for use with 20% or below health and no VATS.

Weapons to use: bloody shotguns non explosive, (see bottom for heavy gun conversion)

Explanation of armor ratings: DR=damage resist, ER=energy resist, RR=rad resist, totals are DR-ER-RR

Armor to use: bolstering on all 5 pieces, at 10-20% health grants 32 DR+ER per piece, total: 160-160-0

Perk cards: barbarian 3= 80 DR at 20 strength, ironclad 5= 50 DR+ER, nerd rage 3= 40 DR below 20% health, evasive 3= 45 DR+ER at 15 agility. perk card totals= 215-95-0

Other perk cards: adamantium skeleton 3= completely eliminates limb damage, dodgy 3= avoid 30% of damage for 30 AP per, ricochet 3= 18% chance to reflect back ranged damage, serendipity 3= below 30% health, 45% chance to avoid all damage.

Mutations that boost armor (with strange in numbers working): Scaly Skin 62 DR+ER, Grounded 125 ER, mutations totals= 62-187-0

Total armor with perk cards, mutations, and full set of bolstering: 437-442-0 before individual armor piece base ratings…more on that later

How to get strength to 20? put 13 points in strength, will lose 1 point for bird bones mutation (class freak 3), herd mentality adds +3 strength (strange in numbers), and radicool adds +5 strength with high rads.

How to get agility to 15? put 7 points in agility, bird bones adds +5 agility (strange in numbers), herd mentality adds +3 agility (strange in numbers)

Total armor ratings with full sets of armor (all bolstering) with best material mod on them.

Heavy Combat-BOS= 663-708-0

Heavy Leather-studded= 613-856-0

Scout-polymer= 702-617-0

Heavy Metal-polished= 770-510-0

Heavy Raider-buttressed= 690-557-0

Marine-buttressed= 630-588-90

Heavy Robot-polished= 617-622-115

Trapper-buttressed= 605-531-168

notes: armor pieces with +25 rad resist or +25 poison resist legendary effects are preferred.

more notes: build can be converted to non-power armor heavy gunner (non energy)… strength cards: replace shotgunner cards with heavy gunner cards, replace scattershot 1 with bandolier 1. perception cards: use glow sight 3 or exterminator 3 based on enemy type. also for nuke zones in power armor (use emergency protocols): convert to heavy gunner and replace serendipity 3 with one gun army 3. For a full combo shotgun/heavy gun build remove ricochet 3 and move 3 points of luck into intelligence. use gunsmith 3 for shotguns (or demo expert 3 for explosive), and for heavy guns use stabilized 3 in power armor.

disclaimer: all numbers may not be exact, but should be pretty close.

March 9, 2020 at 6:57 pm

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2 Replies


Love this build and all the detail you put into the description, I’m definitely gonna use this for my next character


I love this build but, How would i go about inserting lone wanderer? ( i play solo)

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