Power Armor Bloody Commando/Rifleman No VATS

A Fallout 76 Build by Gilgamesh19.


Author: Gilgamesh19
Votes: +2 (100% positiv)
Created: March 12, 2020 at 8:01 pm
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This build is for use with power armor and as shown for automatic rifles that are not explosive. A conversion for a rifleman build will be explained later on. Cards used are also for a solo build. Bloody build is for use on characters with only 20% or less health, use rads to keep health down. Weapons that have a silencer are best for the build as shown. This build should maximize damage output while offering adequate damage resist.

Power armor used: helmet-targeting HUD, torso-emergency protocols (sneak build-X-01 stealth boy), arms-any mod, legs-calibrated shocks for carry weight or kinetic servos for AP regen.

Weapons: Commando build: any rifle with full auto. rifleman build: any rifle that’s semi auto/single fire. notes: bloody weapons will work best for this build, but for rifleman build instigating works. Other legendary effects can be useful, so try them out if you find something you like.

Strength: only 2 pts used here and with a -1 from bird bones may be alarming, but also getting +5 strength from radicool so not as bad as it seems. Use general carry weight perk cards to offset the lack of special points.

Perception: the main damage area for this build. maxed out Commando cards for damage and tank killer to cut through armor. Ground pounder and Long Shot are kind of throw in cards and depending on how you feel about their usefulness could be removed and special points moved elsewhere, maybe tormentor in luck or some added strength points.

Endurance: radicool is almost a must as it provides +5 strength for only 1 perk point. I’m using lifegiver 4 here to boost overall HP to give a couple more points of health on the low end for the bloody build. Popular cards are also adamantium skeleton (which is not needed in power armor) or fireproof to deal with explosive/fire damage. If you want to use fireproof 3 instead, it will free up 1 special point, but cost you 50 overall HP (which in a bloody build will be 8-10 HP at 20%, so the difference between running around at say 50 HP vs 60 HP)

Charisma: Lone Wanderer 4 provides AP Regen and reduces damage taken by 20%, always a good thing for a bloody build. Tenderizer 1 is most useful for the Commando build, but if your character is 1 shotting most targets may not be needed for anything that’s not a flying bat.

Intelligence: Nerd Rage 3 is basically essential for a bloody build giving you AP regen, 40 DR, and 20% bonus damage. Power User 3 is just to extend the life of fusion cores, could be removed if you have a lot of cores and replaced with something like gunsmith 3 or the points moved into another stat.

Agility: Adrenaline 5 allows damage to stack up to 60% providing massive damage boost against groups of enemies. Dodgy is used to avoid some damage at the cost of AP and action boy/girl is used to keep it charged up. Covert Ops 3 increases sneak attack damage from 2x to 2.5x, and sneak 1 should help you stay hidden.

Luck: Starched genes and class freak for the mutations, bloody mess for bonus damage.

rifleman Conversion: replace Commando cards with rifleman cards. Ground pounder card in perception no longer works, could use sniper card or move points.

Team Build Conversion: add herd mentality mutation. Replace Lone Wanderer 4 in charisma with strange in numbers 1. This leaves 3 pts that can be used for body guards (4 man team) or other cards like suppressor or squad maneuvers.

Explosive Conversion: remove Power User 3 from intelligence. add 2 pts to intelligence, easiest is removing Ground pounder. Run demo expert 5 in intelligence.

March 12, 2020 at 8:01 pm

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