Power Armor Bloody Heavy Gunner Non-Explosive/Energy

A Fallout 76 Build by Gilgamesh19.


Author: Gilgamesh19
Votes: +3 (100% positiv)
Created: March 7, 2020 at 1:57 am
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Late game build, will need to reach level 78. Will not be easy to start new character with, may want to use a shotgun or melee build until level 30 or so. Concentrate on getting the SPECIAL points in the right place and picking up as many cards as you can along the way to level 50.

Power armor…need to have emergency protocols.

Weapons…this build is for ballistic heavy weapons…gatling gun, minigun, .50 cal. and LMG/MG42

Strength cards: heavy gunner 3, expert 3, master 3….damage cards. bandolier 2 to carry a ton of ammo. traveling pharmacy 1 for stim/chem weight. Bear arms 3 use if you are carrying 3 or more heavy guns, if not can use bullet shield 3 in its place.

Perception cards: run either glow sight or exterminator based on enemy type

Endurance cards: radicool for strength/carry weight, lifegiver 4 for health or can use fireproof 3 if needed.

Charisma cards: strange in numbers to boost mutations, suppressor for some added defense, tenderizer to give every bullet after the first 5% bonus damage. use lone wanderer 3 if playing solo.

Intelligence cards: nerd rage 3 for low health bonuses, stabilized 3 for anti armor, power user 1 for bonus to fusion cores.

Agility cards: adrenaline 5 to maximize damage, dodgy 3 to avoid some damage, and action boy/girl 3 to keep dodgy charged up with AP.

Luck cards: bloody mess 3 for damage, one gun army 3 for stagger and cripple, ricochet 3 for defense, starched genes and class freak for the mutations.

Notes: to convert over to an explosive build when you get that bloody explosive!!! remove ricochet and move 3 points from luck to intelligence, use fireproof 3 in endurance in place of lifegiver 4 and move 1 endurance point to intelligence. remove power user 1 from intelligence and use demolition expert 5 with all the new intelligence points.

More Notes: with this build being heavy in strength can also use melee or shotguns as backups, switch out heavy gunner cards. this is a good strategy for lower level enemies to conserve ammo.

March 7, 2020 at 1:57 am

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