Heavy Ordnance / Energy PA Tank

A Fallout 76 Build by StDominati.


Author: StDominati
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Created: August 21, 2019 at 8:28 pm
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This is my shot at a BOS style tank for 76. So with that being said, there are certain requirements that just have to be met to not only thematically meet this but for playability sake as well, so here we go :

  • Power Armor – It’s what they are known for
  • Energy Weapons – With that much tech on your side a bullet seems so pre-apocalypse
  • Heavy Ordnance – Grenades, Missiles and Mini Nukes, the things that wipe small cities off the map in mere seconds, ya they have that too

So this build came into fruition due to a couple of things, but the biggest ones were the amount of time I would spend gathering mats for ammo, then crafting the ammo, and lastly watching the ammo disappear into a Super Mutants or SBQ. Secondly was the Stash Boss, and let’s be real here, they are the hardest boss in all of Appalachia when it comes right down to it! Between keeping enough ammo on hand to not make constant trips to a stash box, and keeping enough Steel, Lead and Gunpowder in reserve to craft ammo, that took up a steady chunk of inventory space. Now that we have Patch 12 out and a lot of us want to give our base some love with these new display cases I noticed that my buddies and I really didn’t have a lot of space left over. So after spending a few hours messing around with the perks, I came to something that I thought could not only be thematically appropriate but still work well for all the content that is currently out.

With that being out of the way let’s get to the real meat of this build. By utilizing Power User the fusion cores will last longer, which in turn means fewer cores devoted to the armor and more devoted to that sweet sweet Laser Gatling that you will be toting around. Power Patcher comes in handy since you will be most assuredly taking damage which now means your armor will break 60% slower and is also cheaper to repair * side note that you won’t have to horde as many mats for repairs because of this * Batteries Included is there to make lugging around all of those Cores more viable now that they weigh very little.

But what about big groups of enemies and Bullet Sponge bosses huh? That is where we see the perks Grenadier and Demolition Expert come into play. By using your Plasma Grenade ( or whichever is your preference) you now have a viable way of eliminating these enemies without expending so many cores. You could also grab an Auto Grenade Launcher and some 40 mike-mike’s and take them out like it’s an 1980’s action movie. Missile Launchers and even the Fat Man can now be more viable with these perks as well as having Ordnance Express so those suckers weigh even less, what is the point of a build when all your inventory weight is used up in ammo anyway?

For armor, you really only have 2 choices here, and that is the Ultracite for day to day activities and the X-01 for Nuke Zones. To be quite honest I am still experimenting with mods on both of these armors so as of this writing I have not narrowed it down to any specific mods that are a must-have. Since we have Marsupial a Jet Pack is not needed, so that is a plus.

Electrically Charged / Unstable Isotope are here for when you’re swarmed by melee enemies, It helps to keep up damage and pressure while you *and your fireteam if you have one* are focusing them down.

Looking for  everyone’s input to help fine tune this build and make it more viable than it’s current iteration, feel free to leave your feedback below and I will answer as soon as I get the chance.

August 21, 2019 at 8:28 pm

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