The Heavy (Power Armor and naked version!)

A Fallout 76 Build by Revvy.


Author: Revvy
Votes: +3 (100% positiv)
Created: January 13, 2020 at 3:42 pm
Updated: January 13, 2020 at 3:43 pm
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What is this build for?

This build is for Bloodied Explosive Heavy Guns. It requires a LOT of resources, for a maximum of damage. You’ll need to farm Lead, Steel and Fusion Cores. And a crap-ton of acid. There’s NO weight reduction perks for the ballistic ammo in this build because each SPECIAL points counts. You’ll need to stay at or below 20% health via radiation.

How to play : Power Armor (Queen)

During the Queen fight, you’ll not use VATS. Your AP will help you survive via Dodgy. For max efficiency, you’ll need to be in constant movement without sprinting.

I would recommend the T-51 Power Armor, since it gives the most damage and energy resistance.
Helm : Internal Database (A little bonus to xp gain)
Torso : Emergency Protocols (Thrust me, taking half damage will make you a tank, even at 20% health.)
Arms : Whatever
Legs : Kinetic Servos (For AP Regen)

How to play : Armor (Wandering)

Contrary to the Power Armor, you’ll need to stay put to stay efficient while out of your comfy Power Armor.

AP Regen

What are Legacy Weapons?

Those refers to Energy Weapons with the “Explosive” legendary effect on them. Those weapons were available early in the game life but was patched out of the loot tables. This build works for the Heavy’s Legacy, such as the Flamer, the Cryolator, the Gatling Laser and the Gatling Plasma.


9 Strength (Melee and unarmed damage, carry weight) :
Heavy Gunner(s) : To deal raw damage.

3 Perception (VATS Accuracy):
Concentrated Fire : To deal with wings or to react quickly.

1 Endurance (Health and disease resistance):
Radicool : For more carry weight.

4 Charisma (Bartering prices):
Lone Wanderer
Inspirational + Strange in numbers

15 Intelligence (XP gains) :
Batteries Included : To keep all those Fusion Cores and energy ammo if Legacy
Demolition Expert : For splash damage*
First aid : For that clutch moment
Nerd Rage : Because you’re Bloodied
Stabilized : When you’re in PA

*Explosive damage does NOT affect the Scorchbeast queen.

9 Agility (Action Points)
Action Boy : To get a little bit of AP regen
Adrenaline : For more damage
Dodgy : To not die

15 Luck (VATS Critical recharge)
Bloody mess : Raw damage
Class Freak : To reduce the bad mutations
Grim Reaper’s Sprint : For that lucky kill
One gun army : Because you’re heavy
Serendipity : To not die
Starched genes : To keep your mutations


Egg Head : Gives you some brain to your build so you’re not biting the dust when leveling.
Eagle Eyes : 25% more crit damage and 4 Perception. Neat.
Bird Bones : More AP
Marsupial : Because jumping is fun.
Adrenal Reaction : Bloodied.
Healing Factor : Saves on Stimpaks
Speed Demon : Faster, faster!
Empath : Don’t be a loner.
Herd Mentality : Free +2 to everything
Electrically Charged : For those who just want a hug.

January 13, 2020 at 3:42 pm

14 +9 6B+15

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