[Heavy Metal] Big guns and Strong Defenses

A Fallout 76 Build by GrimHood.


Author: GrimHood
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Created: November 21, 2018 at 4:38 pm
Updated: November 22, 2018 at 4:44 pm
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If you like big guns and power armor this build will do the trick. These perks will turn you in to a Behemoth, spewing molten lead and stomping on scorcher skulls.

DISCLAIMER: If you want to make heavy guns your primary weapon type you will be constantly hunting down Steel, Lead, and Gunpowder. Heavy guns chew through bullets extremely fast. This is a high level build. It is not very good for leveling until you hit 30+(more like 36+). There are NINE levels with no available perks. You need 5 filler perks in STR, 3 in END, and 1 in INT. Since there are so many high level perks the earliest you can max out all perks is level 65. You basically have two build choices for levels 2-29: Shotguns or Melee. At level 25 you can use the .50 Cal Machine Gun, but no heavy weapon damage bonus until lvl 30.

A note on Ammosmith:

It is important that you get Ammosmith ASAP since heavy guns burn through ammo very fast. Scrapper is also very important for this build(see filler perks below).  You only need Ammosmith equipped when you are actually making ammo. Replace it with whatever perk(s) you prefer at 51+.

Do not make excessive amounts of heavy ammo before lvl 35. +80% ammo is ridiculously good and making more ammo than you need before Ammosmith rank 2 is a massive waste of materials.


Note: Do not get Marathoner 3 until 51+. If you get Rank 3 before 51 you will only be able to get Ammosmith rank 1 or get Ammosmith rank 2 and end up with 9 Agility, which is a waste of a SPECIAL point and cannot be reversed yet(WTB respec system).

Shotgun build:

14 Shotgunner 1(STR)

15 Scrapper(INT)

16 Rejuvenated 1(END)

20 Scattershot(STR)

21 Shotgunner 2(STR)

22 Shotgunner 3(STR) or Barbarian(I went with Barbarian cuz I wanted to save my fusion cores. Power armor wasn’t really necessary at this point)

23 Expert Shotgunner(STR)

24 Rejuvenated 2(END)

25 Lead Belly 1

Melee Build:

14 Slugger 1(STR)

15 Scrapper 1(INT)

16 Rejuvenated 1(END)

20 Slugger 2(STR)

21 Martial Artist 1(STR)

22  Slugger 3(STR)or Barbarian 1(I went with Barbarian cuz I wanted to save my fusion cores. Power armor wasn’t really necessary at this point)

23 Rejuvenated 2(END)

24 Expert Slugger 1(STR)

25 Lead Belly 1(END)


lvl 10: Modded Sniper Rifle. 62 damage at level 10 makes it the best choice until you can mod your shotgun/melee weapon. Located at Red Rocket Mega Stop. Jump off the cliff on to the building with the lowest roof(it’s across the street from the large building). Awesome weapon for every player in the early game.

lvl 15: Raider Power armor. Can be found at The Crosshair. The Chassis only spawns with raider armor on it.

lvl 20: Gatling Gun. Rare drop. It sucks. Don’t bother making ammo for this.

lvl 25: Excavator Power Armor. Great PA for every build. It gives +100 carry capacity. I would use this until you can get rank 2 or 3 Bear Arms, then switch to the best PA armor you have. It is time consuming to build but worth the investment imo. Check youtube for guides on how to acquire it.

lvl 25: .50 Cal Machine Gun. Easy to find. Check the wiki link for locations. Grab it from every location so you can scrap the extras for mods.

lvl 30: Light Machine Gun. A decent choice if you have a crap load of .308 ammo. Random drop. I found this on a crowned scorcher.

lvl 35: Minigun. Damage is terrible but fire rate is ridiculously high. You will blow through 500 rounds of 5mm ammo faster than you can say supercalafrajalisticexpialadocious. I prefer the .50 cal due to ammo consumption. Minigun has to fire 3 rounds to equal damage done by 1 round from the .50 cal.

I haven’t tested the Gatling Laser yet. Looking at the stats, seems like it does base DPS similar to the minigun. More damage per shot but slower fire speed. You won’t be able to mod it with this build though, so ballistic weapons like Minigun and .50 Cal will be better options. It also uses Fusion Cores as ammo. Bleh!

Perk Variations:

Suppressor 3: Drop 2 points from Marathoner and put them in to Suppressor for even more damage resist. I prefer Marathoner 3 because heavy guns suck long distance and I can easily dictate range. Also, damage input is rarely high enough to justify Suppressor 3. This build is pretty tanky already.

Master Heavy Gunner 3: If you don’t mind the extra Fusion Core farming, drop Full Charge and put the 2 points in to Master Heavy Gunner. More damage is never a bad thing.

Bandolier 2: If you like having lots of .50 cal and 5mm ammo and your carrying capacity is suffering, drop Full Charge for Bandolier.

Rejuvenated 2: Put only 1 point in to Lifegiver, or don’t get Lifegiver at all and use another rank 1 perk, like Fireproof. Rejuvenated is amazing for VATS builds but for this build it is only okay. Rank 2 will give you +25 AP regen and +25 HP(+50/+50 total), so you will have 5 HP less than if you just had Lifegiver 3. Unfortunately, this perk is worthless if you are not Well Fed+Well Hydrated. You have to pay close attention to hunger/thirst levels at all times.

I have been having a lot of fun with this build. I have PvP’d a bit with it but most of my opponents were not geared very well or lower level than me so I can’t say if its a good PvP build. Needs more testing.

November 21, 2018 at 4:38 pm

4 +5 1B+5

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Really think you should leave 2 spots in lucky for starched genes, a few mutations for this build are really good.


BOS don’t mutate. Free States maybe.


Well, seems like you’re comparing apples to oranges. My build is for ballistic weapons, like the minigun. Your build doesn’t have any bonus damage for those types of weapons. Instead, it has bonus explosive damage, so I assumed it was a missile/grenade launcher build, but then in the guide it says you are using a Ultracite Gatling Laser. I have never seen this weapon but I assume it does energy damage like all laser weapons, not explosive damage. Right? Do you use lots of grenades? Your build definitely has more HP though.


Whoops. That’s the wrong link. This is it.


The Demolitions one uses the Auto Grenade Launcher. I got the 2 mixed up.


Build any heavy tank in power armor without stabilizing -money for a wind….

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