Power Armor – Heavy Weapon Build

A Fallout 76 Build by Azokul.


Author: Azokul
Votes: +2 (100% positiv)
Created: November 4, 2019 at 6:12 pm
Updated: November 4, 2019 at 9:57 pm
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I’ve played f76 since beta till the end of Wild Appalachia, after a little “hiatus period” i decided to come back and optimize my old PA Heavy Gunner Build.


Let’s talk a little bit about my choices:

STR 15
Bear Arms: I usually carry around 5-6 Heavy weapons (Plasma Gatling / Laser Gatling / Cal 50 / Machine Gun) and without this perk i’d be constantly overcrumbered.
Heavy Gunner : More damage. EZ.
Bullet Shield: We’re usually try to run low on health with this build, so having a little bit extra damage resist it’s good. Feel free to swap it for Blocker (still not really tested yet, but should work smoothly)

Refractor: I usually like the extra Energy Resistance with Ultracite PA or the Strangler one. (Best DMG res / Meh Energy Res / Good Rad Res) // there are many possible variations like Glow Sight

Endurance 4
Lifegiver: Extra HP is good ++
// many variations possible like Fire Proof or Rad Resistance (If used w T51 Power Armor)

Charisma 5
2 Lone Wanderer: OPOP for solo play, Easily Swapped in Team
3 Tenderizer: More damage thanks to our high DPS

Intelligence 15
5 Gunsmith: Our weapons tend to break easily EVEN if 200% repaired, so i usually keep this point to avoid breaking too much weapons on one fight.    IT WORKS w Heavy Weapons. (It’s good for the ol’wallet)
3 Stabilized: 45% Armor pen. OPOP
3 Power User: Works like a charm with Laser Gatling (999 ammo per nucleus) + PA
3 Nerd Rage: Much Damage and extra resist when LOW HP

Agility 3
Action Boy/ Girl: 45% fast regen it’s good to jump around with mutation or Jetpack and avoid incoming damage.
//There are MANY variants here Adrenaline for more damage, Dodgy if you need extra damage protection

Luck 11
Class Freak + Starched Genes: Keep your mutation UP with less negative effects, cool uh?
Bloody Mess: Free DAMAGE
One Gun Army: Crippling or Staggering per shot, we have high dps. COOL. Doesn’t really work with the queen tho, but it’s fine.
// You can try swapping One Gun Army vs queen with Luck of the Draw to improve your weapon condition on each hit, however Gunsmith should be enough.

Marsupial: Jump Higher and carry more
Adrenaline Reaction: Much damage the lower the HP
Scaly Skin: More resistance
Speed Demon: You’re fast boi. Faster Reload and speed

Plasma Gatling
Gatling Gun

Ultracite Laser Gatling
Laser Gatling
Light Machine Gun

Power Armor:
Ultracite / Thorn Power Armor (VAULT 94) 
X – 01


Raider PA

Excavator – Utility PA

November 4, 2019 at 6:12 pm

2 +1 1B+2

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