High HP / Damage Resist / Evasion Tank

A Fallout 76 Build by pallyftw.


Author: pallyftw
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Created: November 5, 2018 at 1:17 am
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The goal of this build was to create the most damage mitigation possible and also give the healers an easy go at healing the tank.

The first step in creating this build was to max out Strength/Agility for the Barbarian/Evasive perk cards. The higher the SPECIAL, the higher your damage resistances. 

I would max out Strength first. Get it to level 15 ASAP for the carry weight, damage, and Barbarian. Never max out Gladiator (I hope they change this) It will provide you with much more utility that way. Martial Artist will synergize beautifully with Gladiator and Suppressor (Charisma) later on. I feel like Blocker and Incisor fill the last remaining points quite nicely, giving you more damage potential while taking less.

The next stop on the SPECIAL tour is going to be Agility. Evasive is another core card that is going to make our healer’s job a lot easier. Another perk that makes it easy to pump as many points into Agility as we can. Not only will we be picking up extra damage resistance but with the Adrenaline card, you’re going to see far more damage output, especially with that Strength we just maxed out. Since we have all that agility and no real reason to use VATS, we have Dodgy. Lets do some math, we have 235 AP that generates much faster with Action Boy and we can use 30 of that to reduce damage by 30%. That’s 7 opportunities to reduce your damage by 30% if you’re not including Action Boy. 

You’ll be around lvl 31 at this point, our next short stop will be Luck to pick up Starched Genes, this will ensure that we hold onto any beneficial mutations we stumble across. After that we’ll begin pumping points into Charisma until we hit 7, then we’ll have enough for Bodyguards and Suppressor. Suppressor is effectively going to reduce the damage you take by 30% since one handed weapons + Martial Artist will be attacking so quickly, this will probably get nerfed though.

Then the final points will be spent on Endurance.  I chose Endurance last because Life Giver isn’t unlocked until level 50. Ironclad is an excellent damage mitigation perk, but its very expensive compared to the other damage resistance perks, which is another reason Endurance comes last. Adamantium Skeleton seems a no-brainer for a tank build, you can’t really tank if your arms are broken right? Fireproof is another excellent go-to in this SPECIAL. Be sure to pick it up.

November 5, 2018 at 1:17 am

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I like the build a lot! Great job. I think some of your strength perks like blocker and incisor will be more sitational based on the type of big baddy you’re fighting. You might consider swapping your charisma perks around a little bit as well. Levels 2-4 of bodyguard give 6 DR each which isn’t really that good compared to the 18 that you get from the first rank. I’m not sure if the boost from magnetic personality allows you to share more perk levels, but if it does you could take 1st level body guard, second level magnetic personality, and 3rd level suppressor and be able to share 4 levels of perks. blocker seems like it could be sweet to share when your group is facing a death claw, and suppressor seems good at any point in time. Berserker is another perk thats first rank is insanely good and the rest of them are less impressive in my opinion. You could take some points out of agility and place it somewhere else. Each point you take out of agility is worth 3 DR from evasive, so if you put two of those points into luck for junk shield you are actually gaining DR. Lastly I believe fireproof is another perk that will be dependant on whether your enemy uses fire. I think solar powered would be a good replacement as the str increase affords you an additional 12 DR not to mention more damage and more hitponts only half the tome you are playing, but you can always swap it out during the night.


Oh wow! I didn’t even consider magnetic personality as an option but if you’re right that would be very beneficial for the group. I see what you mean with Agility, the primary reason its that high is for Evasive, a secondary reason is for the extra AP and the Dodgy perk. Having slightly less AP for 5 Luck seems like a solid option to me, especially after looking at some of the other Luck cards. If I could somehow squeeze 6 Luck out I could have both Junk Shield and Serendipity. I like the idea with Solar Powered beefing up the DR, damage, and hit points. After all, that’s the point of the build right? It looks like I may have to look over my build again and see what hidden potential it’s got lurking inside. Thank you for the feedback!


I’ve since found out that you can only share one perk at once, but I still think (unconfirmed) that the bonus from magnetic personality will allow you to share a higher leveled perk.

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