[GUIDE] Highest Melee Damage Build – Over 30,000 Damage Per Hit

A Fallout 76 Build by KingofPSU.


Author: KingofPSU
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Created: December 27, 2018 at 3:51 am
Updated: July 11, 2020 at 5:18 pm
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Here is my “Highest Melee Damage Possible Guide”. I have made this to try to find the best and highest damage input possible in the game with Two Handed Melee weapons. I’ve seen many people trying to get the best damage and it made me curious about what was really the ultimate damage I can achieve.

However, I don’t think it will be the highest damage input of the game, which is most probably something you can only achieve with explosives or ranged weapons. (Fat Man/Dragon for single hit, and some high firerate weapons for DPS, I guess ?)

Finally, it’s good to know that all of this has been made mainly in a theoretical perspective, as you will see and can imagine, the set up to get the highest damage seems to be pretty hard, and it may even be impossible to get everything right.

This Build is not mean to be used during normal game sessions.

If you see something wrong, inaccurate, or possibly improvable in this Guide, don’t hesitate to comment.


I’ve made a video showcase where I put together some test I’ve made. I get up to 10,000 Damage which translate in a nice amount of 30,000 per hit with Ninja Perk sneak attacks. You can do pretty well with your bare hands too. I didn’t try hard the Queen because the framerate made the set up simply impossible and I was kind of tired to play the game at the end too. If you do some cool clips, don’t hesitate to send me a link !

Link : https://youtu.be/4-U2S-MxSbo

The following damage is what I got from my tests,  I had some Strength points off, my main weapon wasn’t fully repaired and there is much more step to get the true Highest Damage Possible as you will see. It’s just to give you an idea of what raw damage you can achieve.

Maximal Strength seems to be around 70. (cf. statistics damage spreadsheet)


Nukes & Dragons





1- Have all the “Highest Two Handed Damage Input Possible Build” Perks on

2- Have every mutations needed to this Build

3- Full Set Unyielding Strength Major Armor Equipped

4- [LVL 50] Super Sledge, Heating Coil Mod On, Instigating + 40% more power attack damage + 1 Strength at 200% Condition Equipped

5- Rads at 50% and more (Radicool Perk)

6- Health ideally below 10-15% (Nerd Rage Perk, Adrenal Reaction Mutation, Bloodied Weapon Prefix)

7- In Game Time between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM (Solar Powered Perk)

8- Be in a mutated team where atleast two players share the Perk Concentrated Fire and Cola Nut with you (Strange in Numbers Perk)

9- Be Buffed simultaneously by : Fury, Whiskey, Nuka Cola Dark, Deathclaw Wellington, Melee Bobblehead, Grognak the Barbarian Magazine, Mutant hound stew and Glowing meat steak

10- Get revived by a teamate (Revenant Perk)

11- Get Adrenaline Perk at max (by killing 6 enemies in a row)

12- Get Gun Fu Perk at max (by killing 3 enemies in V.A.T.S. in a row)

13- Have your critical hit ready (Better Criticals and Concentrated Fire Perks, Eagle Eyes Mutation)

14- The target has to be debuffed by both Karma Syringe Barrel and Endangerol Syringe Barrel

15- Do a sneak critical power attack to your target (at 100% Health) with your 200% main weapon (Ninja Perk)

15bis- Target gonna take 60% more damage if it’s a Glowing one (Glow Sight Perk)

16- You have successfully create a blackhole that have sucked Fallout 76 from our dimension. Bethesda thanks you for saving the Fallout license and gives you three digital games you have already done 17 years ago. That’s nice.

If you somewhat manage to do all of that, I think you may have done the highest damage possible on this game with a Two Handed Melee weapon. (until this date)

Don’t hesitate to send me video clips of your tries. I may add it to the post.

Note : You will need Radshield and/or Rad-X Diluted to survive the radiation while keeping your mutations bonuses during Blast zone. Or fight the Queen outside of the Blast.

Note 2 : Scorchbeast Queen sadly isn’t a “glowing” enemy.


Show off video : https://youtu.be/38PXuaVutUU

Like I said in the beginning, this Build is not mean to be played during casual game sessions. So, if you’re looking for a normal Build, I have made a Build/Guide that explains everything about my personnal build. You can check this out here: https://www.falloutbuilds.com/builds/dangerous-solo-full-damage-two-handed-melee-build-one-shot-everything/

UPDATE 1: Add list of every consumables of the game in a second window on the spreadsheet.

UPDATE 2: Add Shielded Underarmor in the Damage Spreadsheet (I’ve forgot about that), Maximal Strength is now 66,5 !

UPDATE 3: Layout modification

UPDATE 4: Add Showcase part

UPDATE 5: Nuka Cola is an exception and can be stacked with normal Alcohol, getting max STR up to 74,5 !

Thanks to Polarbear Igloo for the info

December 27, 2018 at 3:51 am

20 +20 2B+21

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4 Replies

jonas hopkins
March 23, 2019 at 5:15 pm

so gunfu does work for melee correct


Concentrated Fire and gun fu really work for melee ?


Gun Fu it seems to work yes, not sure about Concentrated Fire.

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