X-01 Power Armor w/ Automatic Plasma Rifle

A Fallout 76 Build by Sentinel76.


Author: Sentinel76
Votes: +3 (100% positiv)
Created: November 16, 2018 at 5:24 am
Updated: July 21, 2020 at 4:20 am
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Legendary Perks

  • Blood Sacrifice!: When you die, teammates gain +40 DR and heal 70 HP over 14 seconds.
  • Far-Flung Fireworks: Enemies killed with a ranged weapon have a 20% chance to explode.
  • Electric Absorption: 20% chance enemy energy attacks recharge your power armor’s fusion core.
  • Legendary Intelligence +5: Gunsmith.
  • Legendary Agility +5: Adrenaline.
  • Power Armor Reboot: 30% chance to auto-revive with full health if you die in Power Armor.
  • Power Sprinter: While in Power Armor, Sprinting consumes 50% fewer Action Points.
  • Taking One for the Team: Enemies take 40% more damage when they attack you, if you’re on a team.


X-01 Power Armor

Armor Modifications

  • Helmet – Targeting HUD: Visor highlights living targets.
  • Torso – Kinetic Dynamo: Taking damage recharges Action Points.
  • Arms – Optimized bracers: Reduces Action Point cost for Power Attacks.
  • Legs – Kinetic servos: Increases Action Point refresh speed while moving.
  • Headlamp – Bright: A brighter standard lamp.

X-01 Power Armor


Automatic Plasma Rifle:

  • Damage increased after each consecutive hit on the same target.
  • 25% increased fire rate.
  • +1 Agility.

Automatic Plasma Rifle

November 16, 2018 at 5:24 am

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This is an amazing build. You went into detail with with all the magazines which is great! I think this build should have allso had a secondary weapon because plasma is pretty rare to come by and a backup is never bad.

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