Ultimate Medic; Consumables at the ready!

A Fallout 76 Build by Akilae.


Author: Akilae
Votes: +2 (100% positiv)
Created: November 25, 2018 at 10:34 am
Updated: November 25, 2018 at 11:19 pm
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Explosive Mobile Medical Stasher

In advance; apologies for the formatting.

With this build you will be able to hold lots and LOTS of items; Chems, Stimpacks, Food, Water and Grenades – All of these items weigh 90% less!!!  Higher level perks are used to make the most out of Grenades, throwing arc, bigger explosion radius (switch out for 100% dmg increase post 50)etc.   Hacking and Picklocking are included for Pre levels 50-57 though can be switched out later on for optimised play.  We have the option of upgrading both Armor and Power Armor.  Mutations is a late game addition but these additions will see a major power spike in our play.  We can do all this with the added benefit of buffing and keeping our squad alive with our numerous and easily crafted items at the ready.  Being able to share perks with other players is a huge boon, we can do this due to our High Charisma (don’t be that tool player that shares the Lone Wanderer Perk 😄).  Anyways I hope this build appeals to you or at the least provides food for thought.

Strength       – 9
Perception   – 6
Endurance   – 2
Charisma    – 15
Intelligence  – 9
Agility           – 8
Luck              – 7

Level 2            CHA                ACTION BOY +1
Level 3             AGI                ACTION BOY +2
Level 4             INT                HACKER +1
Level 5             CHA              PICKLOCK +1
Level 6             AGI               ACTION BOY +3
Level 7             STR               TRAVELING PHARMACY +1
Level 8            STR                TRAVELING PHARMACY +2
Level 9            STR                TRAVELING PHARMACY +3
Level 10          AGI                THRU-HIKER +1
Level 11           AGI                THRU-HIKER +2
Level 12          AGI                THRU-HIKER +3
Level 13          AGI                MARATHONER +1
Level 14          CHA               FIRST AID +1
Level 15          INT                ARMORER+1
Level 16          CHA               BODYGUARDS +1
Level 17           END              REJUVENATED +1
Level 18           CHA              REJUVENATED +2
Level 19           PER               PICKLOCK +2
Level 20           CHA              TEAM MEDIC +1
Level 21           STR                BLOCKER +1
Level 22           INT                HACKER +2
Level 23           STR               BLOCKER +2
Level 24           CHA              BLOCKER +3
Level 25           INT                FIRST AID +2
Level 26           INT                FIRST AID +3
Level 27           CHA               TEAM MEDIC +2
Level 28           CHA              TEAM MEDIC +3
Level 29           CHA              E.M.T. +1
Level 30           CHA              MAGNETIC PERSONALITY +1
Level 31            STR               ORDNANCE EXPRESS +1
Level 32           STR               ORDNANCE EXPRESS +2
Level 33           STR               ORDNANCE EXPRESS +3
Level 34           INT               CHEMIST +1
Level 35           PER              GRENADIER +1
Level 36           PER              GRENADIER +2
Level 37           CHA              SQUAD MANEUVER +1
Level 38           INT               MASTER HACKER +3
Level 39           PER               FIRE IN THE HOLE +1
Level 40           PER               PICKLOCK +3
Level 41            CHA              SQUAD MANEUVER +2
Level 42            INT               PHILANTHROPIST +1
Level 43            CHA              SUPPRESSOR +1
Level 44            LUK              SUPPRESSOR +2
Level 45            LUK              SUPPRESSOR +3
Level 46            LUK              POWER SMITH +1
Level 47            LUK              MAGNETIC PERSONALITY +2
Level 48            LUK              SPIRITUAL HEALER +1
Level 49            AGI               ADRENALINE +1
Level 50            LUK              STORM CHASER +1

Hitting level 50 we can no longer improve special points however we can continue to collect perk cards, to complete our build, obtain the below.
POST LEVEL 50 – Mainly surrounds mutations
STORM CHASER last level 1
STRANGE IN NUMBERS there’s only level 1
STARCHED GENES there’s 2 levels
CLASS FREAK there’s 3 levels

Swap in and out for additional gathering/crafting;
Wish to get Green Thumb @ 4 +1 (great for material gathering)
Wish to get Super Duper @ 50 +3 (great for additional crafts)

While having HACKER and Picklock is great they are totally situational perks much the same as crafting perks, that’s why to optimise our combat prowress I’ve made some suggestions for swapping in and out as required;
Situational Perks;
Equates to 3 spare points in Perception
Equates to 6 spare points in Intelligence

3 X RIFLE DMG – SEMI OR AUTO – Ensure to select one of each of the Rifleman, Expert Rifleman and Master Rifleman perks for Semi-Automatic Rifles (increments per perk point is 10%, 20% 30% opposed to 10%, 15%, 20%) and the same goes for
the Automatic Rifle Perks; Commando, Expert Commando & Master Commando
~~~~~~~~~~~ OR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

5 X DEMOLITION EXPERT – 100% Explosive Damage (Great synergy with our build)
1 X {FILLER} Filler Point which ever of your choosing
~~~~~~ OR ~~~~~~~~
3 X PORTABLE POWER – Weight of Power Armour and Parts reduced by 75%
3 X POWER USER – Fusion Cores last twice as long

The Medic/Stasher Build is heavily invested in Charisma, geared more towards group play. Below are some suggestions below for Max level  optimisation in solo;
Equates to 12 spare points in Charisma

3 X Lone Wanderer – Near essential Perk for Solo (This costs 4 CHA Points)
1 X FIELD SURGEON – Stimpacks work much quicker (This cost 2 CHA Points)
3 X WASTELAND WHISPERER – Who doesn’t want a DeatchClaw as a friend?
1 X TENDERIZER – Easy 5% dmg upgrade for you and all that attack that enemy
2 X BLOODSUCKER – More healing options

Maintaining the Core Build while receiving random Perk Cards:

One point to bring to light is that at levels 4, 6, 8, 10 and every 5 levels afterwards (15, 20, etc) you get a pack of random perk cards as well as the normal manual picking of 1 perk for leveling.  If you do happen to obtain a perk card early, this is good as we’re decreasing the levels needed for obtaining our max level build,  however it does bring a small complication in following this cookie cut build.  An example, say that we get the hacker card early, we will have no need to select this at Level 4 as we already own it.  Instead we need to do some light rearranging, please follow the steps below to help keep our build on track.

  1. Open this Build in the planner Click Here. 
  2. Click on the “LVL” tab at the bottom
  3. At level 4 you will see that we have “hacker” selected, click on “hacker” to drop down our current selection of perks for this level.
  4. Ideally we would like to select the perk that we obtain at the next level. In this instance it’s “Picklock” though we aren’t able to do so as this perk unlocks at level 5.
  5. Instead we will move down to the next available Perk, which is Action Boy/Girl at level 6.
  6. Select Action Boy/Girl (R3).
  7. Doing this will slot in Action Boy/Girl at level 4 but it will clear the spot at Level 6.
  8. We will continue to fill in the levels with the next available perk.
  9. Example for Level 6 we will select Travelling Pharmacy (R1)
  10. Continue to move it down the line, up until we have moved “hacker” to slot number 57.
  11. Congratulations! We have now reduced the level requirement for this build from Level 57 to Level 56.
  12. Don’t worry we won’t need to do this for all the level slots but there will be a few…
  13. If we come to a point where many random cards have been obtained for this build and there is no perk available for that level, effectively this becomes a free perk slot.  Try and select some kind of crafting or situational perk that we can take in and out that won’t interfere with the final build but rather compliment it.
  14. We will need to perform this action whenever a card for the build is obtained prematurely. Quite painful but due to the randomness from these packs it is unavoidable.
  15. Don’t forget to Bookmark your own build and continue to book mark it after every change.
  16. You’re now crafting and following your own build!
  17. I assure you that once you’ve done it a couple of times, the process becomes much smoother.
  18. If you start questioning what S.P.E.C.I.A.L. points to select now that rearranging has occurred, pick a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. point that allows you to use the perk you are selecting for that level but just remember to stay within the allocated S.P.E.C.I.A.L. points (S9. P6. E2. C15. I9. A8. L7.) and you will be fine.

November 25, 2018 at 10:34 am

2 +1 1B+2


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