PvP Powerbuild – Bloodied Sneaky Sniper

A Fallout 76 Build by imprezobus.


Author: imprezobus
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Created: June 9, 2019 at 11:41 am
Updated: September 20, 2019 at 12:56 pm
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This is a description of my current main PvP character, which plays an archetype of sneaky sniper. It will be able to fight and dominate on all possible distances, and its based on hundreds of hours of researching this game, very meta. As for 06/2019 it is my main PvP character. Bad opponents says I’m cheating, good opponents come to me saying ‘thanks for a great fight’.

Any Explosive Laser Rifle (ultra-long range), Bloodied Explosive Railway Rifle, Bloodied +50% damage from VATS Crits Combat Rifle, Quad Tesla rifle. All of them automatic.

Prefixes: 1x Chameleon, 2x Assassin, 2x Unyielding
Majors: 3x AP Refresh
Minors: 3x Harder to Detect while Sneaking (or more, thats minimum)

Meta tricks used here:
Sneak makes your opponents unable to VATS you, until they organically hit you. When they do, there are “disappearing assistances” which may help you loose the “VATS mark” if you stand up and crouch a second afterwards, caused by the Chameleon armour and Escape Artist perks. If played right, it basically means that if you die its because enemies aimed on you manually. Jump and move to minimise amount of hits that get to you.

Being in combat is defined both for PvE and PvP. In PvP, its range-based. If you stand far enough from your opponent, healing factor mutation regenerates midfight. Stimpacks are something you only use to pick up your mates or drop onto your mules as you loot more than you use.

Automatic rifles, when used as sniper rifles, have less AP cost in VATS and less recoil when aiming manually, which, surprisingly, make commando snipers better snipers than rifleman snipers.

This is Team-oriented character because this games PvP is Team-oriented one. Shared Magnetic Personality allows your whole low-charisma team to share level 3 cards, hence usually I play with 17 or 20 perk card points in luck.

How to play it:

The only time you are not crouching is when you want to start crouching again so you stopped crouching for a second.

Don’t go after 19% HP and Nerd rage. I play it on 29% HP, don’t base myself completely on unyielding armour, get PE and AGI to 30+ anyway, and have half more health than other Bloodied builds. With how I regenerate health, I can survive surprising amounts of violence that way, record being three cores from explosive gatling plasma (before I finally scored a shot on the guy and he died).

Keep a distance of 30 meters to your nearest opponent at all times. You’ll be able to loose VATS mark at this distance effectively, and it’ll proc the healing effects.

If your opponent is much further than VATS enables you and they still shoot you, ELaser will work best here. It has to be modded to use Gamma Wave emitter and Beam Splitter for maximum flame. Don’t aim with them too much, the greater the AoE the stronger the effect. I honestly hope this gun gets fixed but for now its kinda impossible to fight ELaser wielding people at 150 meters distance without ELaser.

If you’re closing onto few meters distance or entering a building, scan the area with Tesla Rifle. Quad works best here because after scanning the area for 20 shots you still have 40 more before reloading. Quad Firerate Tesla is game’s best Tesla.

For every other situations – and they form a majority of my combat situations – the B50 Combat Rifle I use is my favourite gun. Having access to all other fun guns (BE Handmade, B25 Handmade etc) I still find my B50 Combat the one gun to rule them all.

There are drugs, there are consumable things with no animations that people eat en-masse via macros, and I don’t do anything of that, I don’t need it. I might pop something up if I loot it and I’m too over-encumbered to safely stash it, but I go out without any aid items when I go hunting.

June 9, 2019 at 11:41 am

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7 Replies


Why is class freak on this? what mutations do you use / what do you want suppressed?


If you open it in the build planner it’ll usually show you all the mutations they have applied.
In this instance, they have Adrenal Reaction, Bird Bones, Carnivore, Eagle Eyes, Healing Factor, Herd Mentality, Marsupial, Scaly Skin, and Speed Demon. 🙂


Class freak is on this because it drastically improves survivability on this character. Adernal Reaction and Scaly Skin are great mutations, but they require Class freak to mitigate the cost. Mind you, I play with 20 perk points in luck so I got space for it. If I play solo and I have to choose, I’d take Class freak over better criticals.


Another question (sorry Imprezobus to be annoying haha), can’t you not use VATS in PVP? Or is that just in nuclear winter and you can in Survival? Because if you can’t use vats wouldn’t it be worthwhile dropping concentrated fire and four leaf clover and investing in other things?


In Survival Mode, VATS is the counter to sentinel and is part of the gameplay. Smart movement is a movement that takes VATS into account.


Hi imprezobus,
I hope you are doing well.
Thanks for all the information/details. This is one of the best post on this website.

I might be quite slow but why we need 3x Harder to Detect while Sneaking (or more, thats minimum) and 3X Sneak.

Thanks in advance for your time.


Hello Mat777 and thank you for your kind words.

I’ve edited my answer to make it shorter, because I retested this today.
Sneak appears to be completely broken in PvP and there’s no discernable difference between 0 Sneak perk 0 Sneak armor and max Sneak perk max Sneak armor. Everybody, doesn’t matter what their build and setup is, sneaks just like and extreme sneaker would Sneak back when Sneak worked.

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