Jackie Chan – a NON-Bloodied one-hit unarmed madman

A Fallout 76 Build by Istaria.


Author: Istaria
Votes: +6 (100% positiv)
Created: March 4, 2019 at 7:09 pm
Updated: March 5, 2019 at 5:05 pm
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Note: Any similarity to persons real or imagined is purely coincidental. The author has never even HEARD of anyone called Jackie Chan, nor watched about 5000 chop-sockey movies that may have featured a person considered to be somewhat similar.

Build concepts:

  • Playstyle
  • Gear
  • Defense
  • Offense
  • Mutations
  • QOL
  • Variants


  • If you see the thing, run up to the thing, and hit the thing. Very hard. Fists are all very nice and all, but a variety of nice weapons await in the wasteland. Be creative. Hit the things with basically all the things.


  • Weapon – Deathclaw Gauntlet, Mole Miner Gauntlet, Death Tambo, Meathook, Boxing Glove, Power Fist, Knuckles, your ACTUAL knuckles…..there may be more, but we’re spoilt for choice. Instigating or Anti-Armor will be the affix of the day, please, with my personal favourite being Instigating for one-shot lovliness.
  • Armor – The easy-play money is on Vanguard. At max health, in heavy armor (BOS Combat) and with all these perks, you’re looking at much higher DR and ER than power armor. We are not at home to Chameleon. What’s the point in pushing a mutey’s crooked nose through the back of its green head if it hasn’t seen you coming? There are option here though, outlined in the “Variants” section.
  • Armor secondaries – AP refresh is king. More juice for Dodgy. Cavalier is nice if you’re always sprinting, as is sentinel if you’re standing still. +Str is more damage and helps max Blocker.


  • You do not do DPS if you’re dead.
  • Vanguard – 5 pieces – +170 DR and ER on top of the base armor values. You should be wearing HEAVY armor of some kind. BOS Combat is the heaviest, but Marine is lovely, and Trapper has RR (it doesn’t help much, but it can slow down cumulative ghoul damage).
  • Barbarian – +60 DR and ER without chems, but let’s face it, Jackie’s a FIEND for chems. Not difficult to get to +80 (max).
  • Ironclad – +50 DR and ER
  • Evasive – +45 DR and ER
  • Scaly Skin – +50 DR and ER
  • Total so far: +375 DR and ER, not hard to get to +395 – this is ON TOP OF your armor’s DR and ER. I have not tried this nekkid, but we’re already getting close to lower tier Power Armor.
  • Lone Wanderer – 20% less damage, AP refresh increased
  • Dodgy – As long as you have AP, it’s 30% DR. You did stack Action Boy with AP refresh on your armor, right?
  • Blocker – 45% damage reduction versus melee. Oh nice Sledgehammer…..is it made out of candyfloss?
  • Serendipity – 45% DR at low health, kinda your “oh-shit” fallback. You could also pair this with Nerd-Rage, but you’re moving into Bloodied territory then. See variants.


  • Max strength – max hurt (NB: It can be higher, but you’re into Unyielding. Drugs help tho!)
  • Iron Fist – more hurt
  • Adrenaline – after 5 kills, it’s +60% damage for 30 seconds, refreshing when you kill another enemy. Even more hurt.
  • Talons and Twisted Muscles – additional hurt! And bleeding. Try to hit them in the ass. Nothing like a bleeding ass to ruin a mutey’s day.
  • Incisor – Armor? What armor? Oh, that was made out of the same candyfloss as your sledge, I see. Cute!
  • Instigating – Let’s do more damage with that first swing, eh? You’ll only need one.


  • Adrenal Reaction – higher damage at lower health. Optional, since it doesn’t proc until quite low, and it DOES take away HP. Not much, though. Fallback that works well with Serendipity.
  • Carnivore – We eat people, OK? There, I said it. Stop judging me.
  • Grounded – +100 ER, something something gun.
  • Healing Factor – +300% health regen, slightly less drug effect with Class Freak.
  • Marsupial – BOING.
  • Scaly Skin – +50 DR and ER. Less AP, but after Class Freak, it’s only -13.
  • Speed demon – run faster. Yes.
  • Talons – +25% damage. Bleeding asses.
  • Twisted muscles – +25% damage. Chance to cripple.


  • Cannibal – eat the muties. Delicious with salsa. Double effect!
  • Makeshift Warrior – While it is a noble thing to break your weapon off in a ghoul’s arse, it’s nicer to not have it happen TOO often.
  • Concentrated Fire (1 point – optional) – You might want to VATS something? Maybe? I dunno. Perception needs 1 point, can’t see anything better.
  • NinjaSneak can be nice on bigger enemies, especially in a group melee like the SBQ. Worth 1 point.
  • 2 free points left over, as you wish.


  • Bloodied – switch armor to Unyielding, weapon to Bloodied, Cannibal out for Radicool, swap in nerd rage. Have fun on the SBQ. Protip – get behind her and Sneak attack her up the ass.
  • Bolstering – switch armor to Bolstering, weapon to Bloodied, look, read the above sentence. Be warned this one is great on paper but not so great if you think you’re going to be a tank.

One warning – Radiation. It is NOT your pal. Whitespring farming will mean you need to watch your rads and cure often. You have basically zero protection against this attack as it goes through most defenses. Trapper armor can slow it down, but not by much. I recommend a Hazmat, you still do plenty of damage. Nuke zones are a no-go area without a Hazmat, but the SBQ is usually dragged slightly outside so you can go ham. The one time you’ll use Ninja, probably….works very effectively, though!

Hope you enjoy, see you in the Wasteland folks!


March 4, 2019 at 7:09 pm

19 +25 8B+30

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