Lady Death: A solo sniper build guide.

A Fallout 76 Build by musclemary.


Author: musclemary
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Created: March 26, 2020 at 5:39 pm
Updated: May 28, 2020 at 1:03 am
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Hello everyone! I’ll try to keep this guide as concise as possible. I decided to make a new character in the stealth sniper role. The leveling process is very quick and easy, utilizing the abundance of Hunting Rifles in the early levels and maximizing their power. Smooth transition into high-level content with Lever or Handmade rifles capable of one-shotting most enemies. Overall, very fun to play and lots of RPG flavor to work with.


I’ve decided going all out on damage is the most fun way to play. 15 Perception for maximized ranged combat, 15 Agility for maximum AP and improved stealth, and 14 Luck for faster V.A.T.S. criticals. Charisma is at 4 for Lone Wanderer and Intelligence is at 5 for fully unlocked crafting. Strength and Endurance are my poor unfortunate dump stats. (I just pretend my character is really old.)

Charisma can be reduced (and Lone Wanderer‘s rank adjusted accordingly), but 4 Charisma meets the requirements for most Charisma dialogue checks. Reduce this stat and the rank of Lone Wanderer if you are less concerned about making those skill checks, or have already made them.


Strength – Sometimes perks like Sturdy Frame, Traveling Pharmacy, etc. will provide more value than Strong Back. You can swap them out as needed or just not worry about it.

Perception – Obviously you’ll swap in the Lockpicking perks as needed, but otherwise I don’t recommend changing these. I’ve seen many guides suggest only rank 1 or 2 of the various Rifleman perks. I disagree with that and strongly encourage you to go ham.

Endurance – This perk is largely irrelevant. Radicool is the best choice if you have a Bloodied weapon, otherwise just throw in whatever you get from Perk Packs.

CharismaLone Wanderer is such a strong perk but there is a lot of flexibility in this category. You will be switching this card in and out a lot for utility cards like Hard Bargain, Travel Agent, Inspirational, etc. as you acquire them. This is the first SPECIAL value you should reduce if you would like to add more points into another stat. (Reduce the rank of Lone Wanderer accordingly.)

Intelligence – Another category with lots of flexibility. Gunsmith is what you should always have equipped during combat. You will swap in the various Hacker and crafting utility cards as needed.

Agility – This is generally the ideal perk setup for combat. I do swap out Escape Artist for rank 1 of Mister Sandman if it happens to be night time, or Glow Sight if appropriate. Don’t forget to swap in Ammosmith any time you are crafting!

Luck – I believe this is the ideal setup for maximizing V.A.T.S. criticals. RNG cards like Four Leaf Clover and Grim Reaper’s Sprint have never appealed to me but they are options worth exploring if you’d like. It is critically important that you swap out Class Freak for Tormentor in any Scorchbeast fight – especially against the Queen. It is your job to cripple a wing to force a landing.


Marsupial is a great mutation to run on any character. The extra jump height totally changes the game. Additionally, on this build the extra 20 pounds of carry weight is invaluable.

Eagle Eyes is incredibly effective since V.A.T.S. criticals are such a focus of this build.

Adrenal Reaction is a must if you wind up using a Bloodied weapon. After that, throw in any mutations you want and can afford.


The seemingly endless supply of Hunting Rifles in Appalachia will swiftly carry you through the early levels. At level 25 you should have enough Caps to purchase a Plan: Lever Rifle. Now you can start mass producing Lever Rifles and scrap them to unlock mods.

The lever action rifle is my favorite to play with currently, but you can also explore the Handmade Rifle or Gauss rifle if that’s more your flavor. Ultimately this is going to depend on what kind of weapons the game throws at you as you play.

A note about The Dragon: If you happen to find The Dragon during your leveling process it’s a very powerful tool to have. This gun will one-shot damn near anything. However, I believe The Dragon may be bugged. I believe it is only doing 1 instance of damage when fired in V.A.T.S. instead of the 4 instances it is supposed to do. It doesn’t seem to interact correctly with criticals at all, which is very sad. I recommend aiming this gun manually.


Armor is the toughest part of this build because you only have 2 Strength, so your carry capacity is very limited. At level 25 I strongly recommend you do the Order of Mysteries faction quests. The armor set you get from that quest line weighs 1 pound and will carry you to level 50.

At level 50 you can start finding Weightless armor or start making Shrouded armor. You can also work towards getting the improved backpack which helps tremendously. Again, you’ll just have to roll with what the game gives you and decide what you like.

March 26, 2020 at 5:39 pm

15 +22 1B+22

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So i have been following this build quite religiously (with slight offsets due to originally building Bloodied Commando first) and I adore it.

If anyone is truly trying for a 100% stealth build add in the Chinese Stealth Armour to your build (you receive plans if you side with Foundation on the main quest line in cracking Vault 79). It does cost quite a bit of materials but having a permanent stealth boy effect while crouching is well worth it. Additionally it has 1000 rad resistance just like the hazmat suit (great for blast zones, terrible for a bloody or rad dependent build variation) and the lvl 45 has 128 armour and energy resistance. add the scaly skin mutation (for those unfortunate times you are spotted) in with eagle eyes and marsupial and you can snipe from rooftops to full effect.

Additionally you can modify this build if you are looking to use the bow by swapping out the rifleman perk cards for the equivalent archer perk cards (will be testing once i have all 4 perks maxxed out). the offset here is you lose the UNGODLY damage (currently does 2247 as i have the two shot dragon) with the Dragon (It will just be massive instead). The trade off here is arrows are incredibly cheap to craft (in terms of resources needed) so you should always be well equiped. you can also mod in the bows for differing damage types for varying creatures (i have explosive and plasma ATM). another trade off here is you cannot use the bow while in power armor (i never use power armor anyways).

One last note, the easiest way i have encountered (so far) to offset the lack of carry space is to buy the grocer’s backpack mod plans from Samuel in Foundation after you have completed the All that Glitters questline. It reduces the weight of all food and drink by 90% and i always have a significant amount of each on me at all times due to the mandatory survivalist setting in game.

These are just a few of my notes on this fantastic build for people to consider.


Also, anything on progression? like which perks to get first


I’m very new to the game (level 11) and was wondering if it would be faster/more efficient to start a whole new character for this specific build sense I haven’t been picking the right SPECIAL stats and cards for this build. And also for leveling fast should i be trying to do my quests or going to big towns/areas to kill mobs? And if I should do quests to level should I focus on main quests, side quests, or miscellaneous quests? And two more questions, how do I get mutations and where would I purchase the lever action rifle plan? (Sorry for so many questions)


any update of this build or can I continue following the evolution scheme?


Hey love this build just have a question with receivers on weapons for sneak crits n vats crits what’s better
Hardened receiver or calibrated receiver thanks


Sorry about the silly question but how did you get perception to 15+4?


Hi there! I’m just starting off in 76 and am enjoying the sniper build quite a bit. Do you recommend to always use a silencer? Just curious….guessing the perks eventually will make the sneaking bonus well worth the minor damage bonus trade off on the guns raw stats?

Just curious for what mod setup on a gun i should go for?


Thank you so much for the information above!

One last thing – How is stealth attacks when playing with a friend? Like if I have a friend who plays a melee build and just rushes in there aggroing everything, will I be able to stay back a bit and crouch stealth shots? Or is Stealth only more so for Soloing?

Edit: Don’t know where my other message went but ill ask here: Do you have anything for SPECIAL point progression too? like in what order to build perception, agi, charisma, etc. I dont know if i should rush charisma for the XP first, any suggestions?


Hi! I’m really new to the game. Do you think this build is still viable for newbies? I’d be creating a new character, since it looks like I don’t have half of those cards…


What is the best secondary to pair with the rifles? Right now I have been just using a 10mm but should I be using a shotgun or SMG instead?


What perk do I take if I want to do this sniper build but play with a friend? I would remove Lone wanderer right? what would I do instead for that build



Nice build! but if you’re choosing these perk cards (above)… how are you able to utilize your hacking/lockpicking/etc?


Great build, but I’m wondering what to look for on armour pieces? I know you say Weightless or Shrouded but what’s some good legendry’s on top of that? Thanks.


This build looks pretty good but I don’t use V.A.T.S much. Should I try swap out some of the V.A.T.S perks or look for a different build? I’m pretty new to the game.


Would the -4 intelligence from Marsupial remove the gunsmith perk or do you have 9 points into intelligence?


Sorry, this might be a noob question, but which mod’s are the best? specifically which scope should you use?


What underarmor are you using/would you recommend?


Forgive my newb question but I assume that I’m not expected to use power armor with this build right? I just made a nee character to try some new things out in the game and didn’t like being in power armor all the time with my previous character.


I just want to say thanks to musclemary for this build. I pre-ordered the Tricentennial edition, because I love Fallout, but became disenchanted and left the game until about a month ago.

I was looking for an initial build, I knew that I wanted a Sniper build and found this one. It has been great. I had the initial problem of hitting the wrong button during level up and had more strength than I wanted, and picking the wrong cards, so I won’t complete my build until level 60+, but that being said things are going very well.

I am using the Lever gun, I found one with a scope and silencer at level 30, but it was level 45. I am now 52 and it works great. I have a silenced Handmade as a backup and it works very well.

I am going to try the .50 Hunting rifle was I have the material for a silencer, because that could be fun.

I used the Black Powder rifle, but that is a long re-load time, but hilarious watching high level things go down with one shot.

I use the Chinese Stealth Armor, but I am going to look at moving up, just not sure the route I should take for armor to keep me going in my stealth build.

Anyway, thank you for the information.


This feels very Glass Cannon at the Scorched Queen, did you ever think about the tankier options for lower hp builds. Unyielding is what I run with Bloodied. Stuff like Barbarian, Evasion, Dodgy, Serendipity?

I love the build though I swapped out a point in Adrenaline for 1 point in Gun Fu to keep accuracy and damage bonuses. And a point from strength, due to chemical backpack mod (Travelling Pharmacist rank 3 mod) and swapped it for 1 point Bandoleer and put the excess point into Nerd Rage.

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