I’m a Lead Farmer (Scavver, Chemist with Versatile Support Capabilities)

A Fallout 76 Build by CaptLaserBeam.


Author: CaptLaserBeam
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Created: May 19, 2020 at 6:02 pm
Updated: May 19, 2020 at 7:09 pm
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I may be weird, but I enjoy the “garbage collector sim” part of FO76. I like wandering around, picking stuff up, making stuff, selling the stuff or giving it away through my vending machine when I have a truly silly amount of it. It grew out of my desire to create some sort of backwoods doctor/medicinewoman type character. Obviously, you need some fighting skills, though. This build has that and came make up for the deficits in not having every perk maxed out by using chems and food, which you will end up with more of than you can possibly imagine. Overall, though, the name of the game is versatility as you can collect tons of alternative perks to subtly switch roles and emphasis with this character build as your character continues to level up.

Essential Equipment – 

Grocer Backpack Mod – You can get this from the Settlers after completion of the main wastelanders quest – you don’t even have to max reputation with them – eliminates the need for thru hiker and opens up precious points in agility and allows you to collect and carry however many food items you want. You’ll also want to get all of the ingredients to make all the food and chems that you will be able to use to be drowning in caps.

Auto-stim armor – Any kind of legendary armor with auto-stim attribute – With traveling pharmacy you will have a virtually unlimited amount of stimpaks, especially if you have the plan for it from the Whitespring or equip pharma farma for a short period of time.

Chems and/or Alcohol – Giving yourself a steady supply of Hoppy Hunter, Bufftats, and Overdrive will go a long way to augmenting the combat skills that this build doesn’t max out and they don’t spoil. Glowing Blood Packs also really help when wandering briefly through highly radioactive areas. White Russians will also save your limbs.

Chem Plans/Recipes – Try to get your hands on the recipe for Radaway, as Green Thumb will allow you to pull tons of glowing fungus so you can craft as much as you want. Bufftats and Overdrive are also good and you can get Bufftats from completing events in the Cranberry Bog and Overdrive from MODUS. You’ll be rolling in caps from selling all the chems, food, and stuff you find/make, so getting some of them won’t be too difficult.


This build depicts shotguns as a very effective backup weapon. Specifically, for crippling large enemies or enemies that get too close. The number of mirelurk queens I’ve killed with this build just by shooting out their legs and chopping at them from behind with whatever melee weapon I choose is staggering. You could also go Melee with this as a backup weapon, though, and reserve the points in Agility dedicated to Enforcer for use in more stealth perks such as Escape Artist and use Concentrated Fire in place of skeet shooter. Traveling pharmacy is also useful for grabbing all of those chems you’ll want to tote around to either use on teammates or augment/heal your combat skills in the wild. Overdrive and/or Bufftats are my favorites depending on the situation.


Where most of the points go. Why Green Thumb? Well,  you’re always going to be stumbling on interesting flora out there, and especially if you want to wander through a nuke zone briefly. Also, the point of this build is to collect and scavenge, and this will max out your effectiveness when you find the rare starlight creepers, etc. This also depicts rifleman, but can be used for Commando (for heavier combat) or even Archer (freeing up three more points in Luck from Tormentor)  for extra versatility. You also may want to trade skeet shooter for Concentrated Fire if you want to lean more heavily toward snipering.


Chem Fiend is mostly to get extra mileage out of your chems. Sun-Kissed is to slowly pull all that annoying radiation damage off of you. Not necessary, more of a QOL thing with that because sometimes collecting all the good stuff will put you in some high rad areas. Alternatively, you could go Ghoulish instead to get healing while you’re doing it and then just use all the radaway you probably have sitting in your inventory, or Photosynthetic to regular health regen if you don’t have mountains of food in your inventory. If you’re worried about addiction, just put Chem Resistant in and it will virtually never happen with even one point in the perk.


So this is where you have lots of options. I chose what I chose because I like to join public events and these two perks allow you to contribute a lot. I also like having six points in charisma so I can use Field Surgeon and share it or also share Suppressor or Tenderizer on teams. Alternatively, you could plunk down medic perks like Injector or Team Medic if you want to be more a support medic. Six points gives you a lot of room to pick a support role but also give yourself benefits when on your own.


Gunsmithing – Just to prevent the deterioration of all those guns and a point in First Aid to help any stimpacks you use be extra impactful. When paired with that Field SurgeonChem Fiend, and traveling pharmacy – you will be very hard to kill especially if using other chems. 


Stealth perks to keep you from getting roughed up and Enforcer make your shotgun backup weapon extremely effective. Aim for the legs if they spot you. If you’re going into heavy combat, you can always swap the stealth perks for perks like White Knight.


Aside from Tormentoryour mileage varies here. Good with Salt means all your hard-earned meats, veggies, and chem-making components won’t go bad. Craft those weird drinks and food items you’ve always wanted! Also, four leaf clover and better criticals means your rifles will be picking people off left and right in VATS.

Other Good Perks to Have-

Hard Bargain – for selling all the chems and food you’ll make

Super Duper and Chemist – for getting lots of extra food and chems from your crafting.

Pharma Farma – Very helpful in the early levels of this build to get yourself a ridiculous supply of chems

Other Crafting Perks (ScienceAmmosmith, etc.)

Lone Wanderer – For when you don’t want to bother with events or teams (replaces Suppressor and Tenderizer)

White Knight – If you’re going to waltz into heavy combat like a nuke zone/scorchbeast queen and want to replace a stealth perk

May 19, 2020 at 6:02 pm

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