The Lucky Assaultron [WIP]

A Fallout 76 Build by Revvy.


Author: Revvy
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Created: May 13, 2019 at 6:19 am
Updated: August 25, 2019 at 9:20 pm
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Stealth Boy. How can I open this build with anything else?

This build is purely based on the Assaultron and isn’t at all optimal. It’s just a dumb, weird and fun build for those who like to RP as a Synth or some weird shit like this. This is a one-handed melee build and, yes, it can be two-handed. But since we use VATS to pump-up sneak-crits, one-handed is faster and cheaper on the AP cost.

First thing first, you absolutely need to craft one of the robotic headgear and equip it. Once that’s done, you can continue reading.


The magnificent Assaultron Blade is pretty much why we’re here, but any one-handed weapon do.

“Psssst. Did you know, the Salvaged Assaultron Head is once again in the game? It’s a single-shot energy weapon that charge by reloading repeatedly. You only need Gunsmith lvl 4 to craft it, and it’s a fun way to blast things from a distance when you have a spare crit! It gives you about 50 radiation per shot and counts as a pistol! Purrfection!”

Why the SPECIAL points.

15 Strength since we use a melee weapon.
3 Perception to deal with the glowing enemies.
1 Endurance because health is largely reduced anyway with Radicool.
4 Charisma, only for the lonely.
3 Intelligence, will vary to 5 if you craft.
15 Agility because you do not want to be spotted and need a ton of AP.
15 Luck because Luck is OP.


Bird Bones and Eagle Eyes. Yes, -2 to STR is weird. But this is a VATS build before anything else. VATS pumpin’ and Criticals are… Critical. It’s a fast shredder, not a one-hit wonder. Radicool kinda fix this problem.
Adrenal Reaction. It’s just fun.
Electrically Charged. You’re a robot, Harry.
Marsupial. Because why not.
Speed Demon. For the Movement speed.
Twisted Muscles. A no-brainer.
Chameleon for fun.
Healing Factor to replace Stimpaks with Stealth Boys.

If you plan to PvP with your buds, Unstable Isotope is a fun one.


From level 1 to 8, it’s pretty simple.Start with Action Boy. Then, Lone wanderer gives you a nice boost to your AP regen and defense. Finally, upgrade Gladiator. If you need fillers, Butcher’s Bounty, Hacker and Picklock are there for you.

At level 8, 2 points in Dead Man Sprinting will be useful later, and you can level up Makeshift Warrior. You’ll need 5 intelligence to craft the Assaultron Blade, but once crafted and modded, you can go down back to 3 intel since from then onward, you’ll need to loot something better.

At level 13, one point in Marathoner, then boost the Ninja perk. Now you can start practicing melee stealth the hard way. It’ll get easier later on.

At level 20, you can get Sneak, Blocker and Expert Gladiator.


Bonus Perks

Super Duper : Makes crafting Stimpaks and Ammo even better.
Fix it Good : To fix yo’ armor
Weapon Artisan : To fix yo’ weapons
Chemist : To double the chems
Hard Bargain : For caps
Hacker / Picklock
Butcher’s Bounty : To farm the ticks / Stimpaks

What to farm?

Stealth Boys !

Legendary Effects (1-handed)

40% increased swing speed
40% more power attack damage
Reflect 50% of damage when blocking

1 Strength/Agility

Legendary Effects (Armor)
Chameleon if not mutated/Weightless everything

Increases action point refresh speed
Become harder to detect while sneaking

Hope you like it ! See ya (Or not) in the Wastelands !

May 13, 2019 at 6:19 am

14 +9 6B+15

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