VATS Rifle Build – OP Auto One Shot

A Fallout 76 Build by Frnkrunz.


Author: Frnkrunz
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Created: January 6, 2019 at 6:31 am
Updated: January 10, 2019 at 11:39 pm
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Before downvoting, comment and let me know what made you want to, so that I can adjust the guide to help more people and cover nuances I may have missed. Thank you very much! If the build doesn’t fit your playstyle, know these are guidelines and you can adjust how you want.


This was my first ever character.

It took a long time to min/max and create this build. I had to weigh various options, and to me, this is the most optimal to max it (balance between damage and survival). I wanted to mention that this build is setup for use with Power Armor. However, it kills so much in one shot that you are safe out of power armor and without blocker in a lot of situations.

The strategy basically is to just VATS everything to death. You will more than likely have to 2 shot your first mob, but once you kill one, it’s game over. Crits come fast and easy, so feel free to use them however you would like.
I tend to save them for opponents very far away and tough opponents so that I can do a Critical Headshot despite a 1% chance, one shotting the enemy.

I’m going to introduce the build:
Perks first
Armor second
Weapon third


blocker 3/3 for the 45% reduction to melee. Very overpowered perk card.

You can swap blocker out for 1 level of each melee perk card i.e. 1 x gladiator, 1 x expert gladiator, 1 x master gladiator for +30% one handed damage


Here you want to max out Rifle damage so that you can max out your potential damage. You can swap out Tank Killer for Glow Sight for Bloated Glowing Ghouls. Because of the nature of VATS, you need a high perception for increased accuracy which lends itself to a rifle build. I recently made a character that only uses a pistol and combat knife, and I was disheartened when I realized that it will be a subpar build due to the agility slots needed for 9/9 gunslinger expert gunslinger master gunslinger which steps on the toes of 5/5 adrenaline and 3/3 gun fu. Also, there are no anti-armor perks for pistols. Pistols however have great crosshairs so I have mad a NON-Power Armor NON-VATS pistol build I will share after playing. : )
On with the show!


I went Lifegiver for the HP and Rejuvenated for the AP regen, and disease resistance. It also gives more HP which is a great consolation putting you at 366 HP. I use power armor so cannibalism is off the table. The majority of perks are underwhelming. 6 Endurance here allows you to equip Lead Belly + Slow Metabolizer or Dromedary. I have the Decontamination Arch now so it’s not as beneficial as it was.

It also allows you to equip Chem Fiend, Chem Resistant and/or Hydro Fix in whatever variation you would like. Nice to have the potential on a MAX Dps build. However, you can really make due with 3 End for 3/3 Chem Fiend (I have a ton of addictol and often sell excess without using chem resist)

If you don’t want to run such a high End you can take points from here to bring Intelligence to 5 or 6 (for 2/3 power patcher and 3/3 fix it good OR Lvl 5 Gunsmith)


Lone Wanderer.

TEAM PLAY: Rad Sponge and share; Strange in numbers is a decent one.


This allows for Gunsmith lvl 3 or power patcher Level 3; also allows hacker level 3 in the open world, and fix it good level 3 so you can get a Physical Defense increase on the repaired armor.

I have 2 legendary lever action rifles so I only ever needed gun smith 2. When leveling, I had a scarcity mindset with junk and first aid. At level 50 with super duper and playing, I realized I had more junk than I used. Super Duper also makes it easy to maintain Rejuvenated because you will have more than enough food if you kill practically anything.

Knowing that I have a surplus of materials, part of me wants to stay at 3 int, and go fix it good, opting out of power patched for the reduced materials on repair.

With that said, another Part of me wants to run 5 or 6 Intelligence for 5/5 demolition expert. I could also go power patcher + fix it good 3/3 on repairs, and for Gunsmith 5/5 on the go (with maybe 1/3 first aid or hacker for quality of life) [it isn’t game breaking for me, and so I haven’t swapped and have been focusing on getting all 9 levels of commando (3/3 x 3)
I haven’t received any exploding guns, so I still have 0/5 demolition expert.


I wish I could give more points to it, however there is no reason. I used to run sneak,  however the rate enemies die it becomes useless when you can replace it with 5/5 adrenaline.

There is room to play here too. You can go 3 ENDURANCE, 5 INTELLIGENCE, and 11 AGILITY for:

action boy 3/3, sneak 3/3, adrenaline 1/5, Escape Artist 1/1, and Gun Fu 3/3

Without respeccing, you can do 2/3 Gun Fu instead. action boy is here for when you get sludge lung or any AP penalities on the fly. It can be brutal to experience an AP drought (no grim reaper proc etc).

I can’t really recommend much else from agility. I used to use Thru-Hiker, but it’s completely manageable to have everything you need with a main and spare weapon and stay at 80 lbs. You basically find what you need on the go and if you kill any creatures you have more than enough food. (especially with super duper)

LUCK – 15

This with Perception is where you can max out your damage.

We use as many mutations as we can, to max damage and toughness (grounded and eagle eyes etc.) Healing Factor is an excellent mutation especially for this build, however, the 55% reduction to chem effectiveness is pretty awful : )

Starched Genes + Class Freak fits nicely. You miss out on Psychopath and Critical Savvy and that is fine. With Four Leaf Clover and 15 luck you basically have a critical hit every 2nd or 3rd hit. Also, Critical Savvy requires a full crit bar despite only using 55% of it at max rank. (which to me makes it subpar and undesirable)

We have used 5 points. Next we go Bloody Mess for the universal +15% damage. And then 3/3 Grim Reaper’s Sprint and 3/3 Four Leaf Clover for nonstop one shotting (sometimes 2 shotting : ) )

Last we have 1 point left – I run +20% critical damage with 1 rank of better criticals. This can be replaced with Curator if using a bobblehead.




5 INT (demolition expert + commando OR gunsmith OR power patcher + fix it good)

15 AGI (3/3 sneak 1/1 Escape Artist 5/5 Adrenaline 3/3 Gun Fu 3/3 Action Boy)]

Now that we perks out of the way, and the general idea behind the build I want to introduce the armor.

I recommend t-51b armor as it has the highest physical damage reduction. With the Grounded Mutation you will already have +100 energy defense over physical defense. Radiation defense can be augmented with Rad Shield. fix it good 3/3 increases the defense even more!

(I haven’t seen a jetpack for t-51b so for that I recommend X-01 as I have no clue how to get any other jetpack)

The mods to use:
HELM – VATS Matrix Overlay – so overpowered for long range head shots
CHEST – Kinetic Dynamo v.s. Scorchbeasts (Core Assembly as a second place) [Jetpack has the most utility]
ARMS – ignore waste of caps or mats
LEGS – Kinetic Servos (Optimized for mobility, Overdrive for fun)
[Calibrated to me is situational – if you are specifically farming nuke zones/etc. for loot to sell/scrap/etc. then yeah go calibrated, or for extended journeys across the wasteland. As mentioned it is completely manageable to bring this build down to 80lbs. and have everything you need (a main weapon and a spare, |5c37c99149d6b| etc.)


The 3 best affixes I can think of are

Instigating – double damage if the target is full health (why I do not use electrically charged mutation)
Two Shot – fires two projectiles instead of one
Furious – increases damage for each consecutive hit on the same target

I haven’t been able to test this – and everything else is based on my experience with the game – but I have seen someone with a two-shot exploding and the damage was 428~ or so. I am uncertain if demolition expert applies to the explosive portion of the damage, or to the entire base. It seems that Two-shot exploding is the best one, and anything else on top of that is a cherry on top. : )

Since this is a one-shot build, it really shines as a solo player, and isn’t conducive to group exp. VATS enemy cycling can be clunky, and it’s hard to time your shot after your friend(s) tag that certain mob.
***however this build is setup to transition into a Commando+Demo Expert build if needed]

Any rifle you can get, with a hardened receiver and as many of those affixes will be your best friend for life in the wasteland. : )

I currently have an instigating lever action and two shot lever action.
There is also an affix I am unsure of that increases VATS critical strike damage. Look out for that one too.

Executioner (+50% damage on enemies < 40% HP) is pretty good in general, definitely for Scorchbeasts

To say something about the strength of this build, someone claimed my workshop in front of me and I one-shot killed them with a head shot out of my power armor using my two-shot rifle. I did have 2 stacks of adrenaline at rank 5 (so +20% damage). No drugs.
They were a strength Power Armor build.

Also, included in the top – you can clear out every bloated glowing ghoul on the gold course in under 5 minutes (can pop psychotats or psychobuff and have it the entire duration). That to me is the end game content and it makes it super farmable. With super mutants level 68, the first mob is generally a two-shot, if you’re unlucky or playing it safe with torso shots the first one will probably be a three-shot, however very quickly that turns into one-shots as you will have adrenaline 5/5 rolling with crits every 2nd or 3rd shot allowing you to one-shot 1% targets from a distance. In fact, you can one shot glowing bloated ghouls in the TORSO with this build once adrenaline is rolling! It doesn’t have to be a headshot.

ALRIGHT! Thank you very much for browsing, I hope this inspires you. I would like to take some video footage of the ridiculousness of the build. Basically with marsuipal you can:
jump straight up,
hit VATS,
lock onto something,
and one-shot it
with just one jump. Rinse and repeat while staying behind cover and enjoy your loot and exp!

January 6, 2019 at 6:31 am

12 +11 3B+14


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