Never Die Again – Most Versatile Build

A Fallout 76 Build by Frnkrunz.


Author: Frnkrunz
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Created: January 6, 2019 at 8:07 am
Updated: January 10, 2019 at 11:29 pm
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Before downvoting, comment and let me know what made you want to, so that I can adjust the guide to help more people and cover nuances I may have missed. Thank you very much! If the build doesn’t fit your playstyle, know these are guidelines and you can adjust how you want.

ALRIGHT! I am very very excited to bring you this build.

Up Front – This build is Strength Based, uses Power Armor and is NON-VATS.

What is so great about this build?

It is built for solo play OR team play

It is can specialize in or balance between explosives, heavy weapons, shotguns, and melee weapons.

It can run a Nerd Rage Adrenal Reaction Build with bloodied weapons for max dps (even more than my one-shot VATS rifle build)

It can run a highly tanky but still VERY STRONG sustain build

More important – YOUR LEVELS MATTER! Around level 110, you should have all the quality of life perk cards (super duper, chemist, contractor, ammosmith, white knight, power patcher, fix it good, weapon artisan, etc), [I actually recommend getting 2/3 of most of those cards while leveling so that you don’t need to ever farm materials, and can focus on selling as much as you can to begin hoarding caps for mutations.]. You should also have your main load out [no matter what character you make] around then. On my first character [VATS Rifle One Shot] I noticed I would hold onto 6 levels of points because nothing would change how I was already playing. With this build, you can keep fine tuning it by buying 1/3, and 3/3 of the same card (so that you can run max damage 60% with the chosen weapon, and 30% with an alternate, etc.) You only increase your flexibility as you level, and that means YOUR LEVELS MATTER even after level 110! This would be the character to invest the most time into as it has the most growth potential and optionality.

And more! The many ways to use this kit will become more apparent as you read on ahead in the perk lists.



Regardless of the build, we want 3/3 blocker for more survivability. (this can be dropped for 3/3 traveling pharmacy [stims weigh 1lb. down to 0.1]; however you only need about 3 stims and 3 diluted when venturing out.

You could run Pack Rat, but be careful not to be reckless or remove too much dmg reduction so as to not lose your loot. I have found so many players junk bags with SO much materials (bulk and stable flux). Ordinance Express is also an option so you can stack up on grenades and mines / missiles / mini nukes etc.

There’s also – Bear Arms, Bullet Shield, (For Fat Man, I think you might want to forgo blocker, for Bear Arms and Ordnance Express. I personally swear by blocker and would try to opt in for one of them. If you stick with just one launcher, then Ordinance is the clear winner, as the toughest part about Fat Mans and Missile Launchers is the weight of the ammo not allowing adequate reserves for the weapon. ** Thinking about it, at 6lbs. a pop, it’s important to dedicate to that playstyle for a bit in order to equip ordnance expert, and to accumulate ammo. You won’t be able to hoard them in your stash, and once you have them you really cannot unequip the card.
***Personally, the above issue is why I stopped using Thru-Hiker and Traveling Pharmacist. Once you begin holding extra, it’s hard to let go of what you have to swap out your perk cards. That decreases flexibility in my eyes, and isn’t worth it. I got used to not using them.

My preferred route after blocker, is to run a 40%/40% split for heavy guns and melee. You can do that by using one 3/3 gladiator (or any perk that adds %dmg), and then 1/3 expert gladiator, and 1/3 master gladiator.

This costs 10 points. We have 2 left over for 2/3 Incisor. (Incisor can be swapped out for Martial Artist; I am beginning to prefer Martial Artist for faster one-shot swings) [I go 2/3 incisor because ideally I would want to have the 50% armor reduction affix on my melee weapon (and I often had) , and so together that would account for 100% armor reduction. Hopefully it isn’t 200 Armor x 50% = 100 Armor, and then 100 x 50% down to 50 armor. I cannot verify that.]

You can also specialize in one form of damage.
You can run 3/3 heavy gunner 3/3 expert heavy gunner 3/3 master heavy gunner 3/3 blocker and 1/3 slugger 1/3 expert slugger 1/3 master slugger). This puts you at +60% heavy weapon damage while still getting +30% melee weapon damage.

You can also go all melee  3/3 blocker 3/3 gladiator 3/3 expert gladiator 3/3 master gladiator 2/3 Incisor 1/3 Martial Artist
(or shotgun [scattershot instead of incisor etc., or heavy weapons [bullet shield; lock and load, or bear arms]) Bullet Shield looks to be the best, however it depends on the weapon you have. I know there are diminishing returns on armor, so at 720 physical defense, you might be better taking something with more utility.

[I alternate gladiator and slugger because it depends on your gear. You can also swap between Shotguns, and Heavy weapons. I recently got a 3 star Legendary one hand with faster swing, 50% armor pen, and +40% attack power so I have been using gladiator over slugger (i.e. my bloodied super sledge that we will get into)]

So it all comes down to playstyle

Again – VERSATILITY IS THE KEY OF THIS BUILD – while maxing defense and offense ; )

You might have noticed I don’t mention the reload card for heavy weapons. I haven’t delved into using a fat man or missile launcher yet. Gatling guns reload very fast and it’s what I have and use. Again, it’s up to you how to fill in the blanks, these are just some guidelines!


Pretty straight forward. It’s a non-VATs build so we don’t need perception for increase hit chance. You can replace 1/3 fire in the hole and 2/2 grenadier for 3/3 glow sight, level 3 picklock, and if you wanted to ever go shotgun, skeet shooter.


Endurance perks are very lackluster and more about quality of life in my eyes. 3 points in any SPECIAL allows you to use a max rank card like 3/3 dromedary. Here we can use Radicool for melee damage. With a bloodied build, you can take 80% of your life as radiation to pump Radicool‘s buff, to activate 3/3 Nerd Rage, Adrenal Reaction, Emergency Protocols mod on your Power Armor, and 3/3 Serendipity to max your damage, and to cling on easier. : )

In group you can replace Rejuvenated with 2/2 Revenant or 2/3 ghoulish to be paired with a shared level 1, 2, or 3 rad sponge. (Really only needed in a nuke zone)


I wanted to make a build that utilized 76’s new Charisma implementation. 9 allows you to share one Rank 3 perk with your team. (I haven’t found out if you can share 3 x rank 1 cards as I never play in a team : ( )

I listed the cards to use when playing solo. When playing in a team – still run 3/3 Suppressor because you will be spraying enemies down with your heavy weapons, or getting in the thick of it in melee stabbing and smashing everything!

(Travel Agent is just so convenient – often times you have to react to events on the fly, and it’s too much to swap off and on. I keep it on) You can swap it out for 1/2 overly generous for the melee portion of the build.

In a team – you would want to equip 1/3 rad sponge and share it. Other than that, the cards are all about preference and playstyle and your teammates. I think faster movement through squad maneuver might be the best option. Exp buffing cannot hurt either via inspirational. Strange in numbers again helps all your mutations and makes you even more tanky! Have fun with this part : )


The reason we go 8 is for:
5/5 gunsmith (heavy gun)
5/5 makeshift warrior (melee)
5/5 demolition expert (increases damage of weapons with the explosive affix) – all
three are interchangeable

****Apparently the M79 gets a +% to damage from Shotguns and Explosives, it’s a controllable way to take advantage of stacking the two. Otherwise you need to find a weapon with an Exploding affix****

3/3 stabilized
3/3 First Aid
3/3 Nerd Rage – all three are mostly interchangeable

If you have a bloodied heavy weapon, you would want both 3/3 stabilized and 3/3 Nerd Rage, and 2/5 gunsmith; and you may consider keeping the 3/3 stabilized even if you have a bloodied melee weapon, opting for 2/5 makeshift warrior.

Also it allows
3/3 power patcher AND
3/3 fix it good


Dodgy puts your action points to use since this is non-VATs.

Feel free to mix and match in this category.

You can go 4/5 adrenaline and 3/3 Dodgy.

If you want to hold your AP you can go 4/5 or 5/5 adrenaline and anything else.

The nature of the build is pretty in your face, so I don’t go ninja. Personally I think it would be a heavy investment of perk cards and gear to make ninja matter (i.e. stay in stealth and get the bonus)

LUCK – 11

11 luck is so we can run either

3/3 one gun army OR

3/3 Serendipity.

2/2 starched genes and 3/3 class freak is mandatory for Twisted Muscles.

3/3 Bloody mess is mandatory for max damage (which means less damage taken, and means less ammo used)

PHEW – that is the base build.

You can move points from INT and LUCK around;

You might try a ninja build, going INT 5, LUCK 9, and AGI 12

3/3 sneak
3/3 ninja
5/5 adrenaline
1/1 escape artist


removing 3/3 one gun army OR 3/3 Serendipity and going 1/1 curator

bobble heads add +20% damage to the corresponding weapons

The higher agility also allows you to use Enforcer if you ever use shotgun (as shotgun damage is based of the Strength SPECIAL – more flexibility!)


I recommend the t-51b Power Armor because the grounded mutation will put you +100 energy defense over your physical defense, and the t-51b has the highest physical defense. It is even higher when you repair the armor to 200%.

Radiation defense can be aided with Rad Shield.

T-51b defenses (with grounded +100 energy; and scaly skin +50/+50/+0; repaired to 200%)
Phys: 666      Energy: 664           Rad: 370 (670* w/ rad-shield)
To me this is most desirable. The decontamination arch + rad sponge; and the fact that rad-shield [I suppose being the organic solution] allows mutations, not suppressing them, you can hit like a 370+300=670 Rad.res, then you will be ultra tanky. That is after the 12% reduc from a 3/3 Class Freak Healing Factor debuff. Your defenses would be mostly even (665~ each). [Imagine those defenses, and taking 20% off from lone wanderer, 30% off from dodgy, 30% off from Suppressor, etc.] I would be curious to see the order of operations. If the % reduction happens before armor, I feel it’s not as powerful as the alternative, having the armor reduce the damage, then applying the % reduction. But still, you don’t take damage, it’s incredible. : )

T-60 defense stats (with grounded, scaly skin, and repaired to 200%)
603 Phys           580 energy             475 Rad


HELM – Targeting HUD

TORSO – Core Assembly for a Dodgy build;
Emergency Protocols for a Nerd Rage / Bloodied build (reduces damage taken by 50% and increases movement speed 25*afaik*% when at <=20%HP )

ARMS – I do not know if Optimized Bracers affects melee power attacks. From Fallout 4 I assume it only affects unarmed attacks and would be useless.

LEGS – Kinetic Servos (to fund Dodgy)

All the AP regen funds Dodgy and you perpetually take 30% less damage from attacks. It’s a great little damage reduction engine. Adding that to a Nerd Rage build with Serendipity allows you to stay alive to pump out massive damage.


As far as weapons – it is entirely situational.
Seek out bloodied variants of melee and heavy guns for the Nerd Rage build. The lower your health the more damage those weapons do.

Suppressor‘s might be fun in a group.

Anti-Armor and Two Shot affixes seem to be the way to go.

Furious might be ok on melee, but runs counter to the spraying and Suppressor aspect you can utilize with this build.

**I upgraded my bloodied gatling gun to ultracite and I use it on the scorchbeast queen. I might go out on a limb and say it’s the only fight worth using the Nerd Rage build on. Everything else dies very quickly with the standard tank build using the +40%/+40% damage split.**

Thank you for taking the time to check out this build. I hope it inspires you to try something new, or to even create this exact character. I have had so much fun with this character, because there is so much room for transformation based on your gear and current environment.

Have fun!

January 6, 2019 at 8:07 am

12 +13 3B+14

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I’ve been running a very powerful 2 shot explosive vats shotgun build, but around level 80 I got bored of just using shotguns and decided to re spec into something more diverse. This here is what im going to use thanks for posting it


My pleasure! Happy that you found it;

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