Mistress of Mystery (RP stealth melee)

A Fallout 76 Build by Yorm.


Author: Yorm
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Created: May 31, 2020 at 4:54 pm
Updated: June 6, 2020 at 10:34 am
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1. Introduction

The build is designed to make full use of the Mistress of Mystery regalia, most notably the blade (100% penetration) and the improved stealth boy (60 second base duration, mass frenzy effect on top). Grenades and mines also work fine with it.

This is not a min-max build, yet it is surprisingly viable, will not hard-block you from any content, and you can rather easily transition into a more common stealth melee build whenever you want.


A. Suboptimal damage. Most stuff goes down in one hit, but you’ll want company for Encryptid/SBQ fight and similar occasions. Then again, you’ll probably want company for those even on solo-capable builds. Plus, you’ll still be performing waaaay above the observed average.

B. Suboptimal defences. Enough to disengage and re-stealth without dying, though, and your stealth is really good.

C. No radiation resistances. Keep Chinese stealth armor for nuke zones, and plenty of radaways at hand.

D. Forced outfit. And it’s a dress. Yes, even for male characters.


A. 100% penetration, not achievable otherwise (as it stacks multiplicatively).

B. Gear is very easy to get.

C. Top-notch stealth.

D. You only ever need to repair your blade, no ammo usage, no armor repairs.

E. Style points!

2. S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and perks

Strength. As you may have guessed, we’re compensating for the low base armor by grabbing it from sources like Barbarian (although Blocker may be situationally better). Incisor is obsolete with our blade.

Perception. 3 points allow for lockpicking, while rank 3 Concentrated Fire gives bonus damage on consequtive VATS hits. Get Green Thumb if you want a garden in your camp. If using explosives, swap in Grenadier + one rank of Fire In The Hole.

EnduranceFireproof rank 3 may be situationally better. Your first line of defence is not getting hit, though, so feel free to drop Endurance down to 3 points if you want smth else.

Charisma. Lone Wanderer is a no-brainer, with Hard Bargain for trading.

Intelligence. Replace with Demolition Expert if you like grenades, just keep some of those repair kits (awarded for SBQ fights) on hand. Remember to have Chemist, Contractor, Weapon Artisan, etc, and slot them in for crafting and repairs.

Agility. Standard stealth setup, pretty much. Adrenaline is very front-loaded, and hard to keep up in fights that matter, so extra points provide little benefit. Replace Evasive with Secret Agent if more active defence is called for. Don’t forget Home Defense and Ammosmith as slot-ins if necessary.

Luck. If you know what you’re doing, you can drop Class Freak and move those points. Slot in Super Duper when crafting.

4. Mutations

Marsupial (for jump height), Speed demon (movement speed), Scaly skin (resistances), Grounded (energy resistance) and Twisted Muscles (melee damage) are must-haves.

Adrenal (more damage when low on hp), Healing factor (fast regen out of combat) and Bird bones (better ap pool and stealth at minor strength cost) are highly recommended, yet depend on your preferences and whether you kept Class Freak.

Herbivore (if you like your CAMP) or Carnivore (if you eat what you loot) generally make life easier. They only affect hunger, you can still get buffs and water from “blocked” food.

Unstable isotope, Electrically charged and Plague walker should only be tried at your own peril.

5. Equipment

All of it comes from the Order of Mysteries questline, started by picking quest items from a “young woman” corpse. One can reliably be found near AVR Medical.

Eye of Ra – amulet that boosts all other items. Can only be worn with the garb, forcing you to wear that dress.

Garb of Mysteries – armor that takes up all slots. No underarmor, no cosmetic outfits and no regular armor pieces can be worn with it. Ouch. 60/60 resistances, 1 pound, indestructible, +1 perception, +20% stealth. With all the perk cards and mutations mentioned, as well as an armor-plated backpack, you can end up with 375/305 resistances.

Blade of Bastet – pretty much the reason we’re doing this, chinese officer sword with 100% penetration (50% without the amulet).

Phantom Device – common stealthboy and gas canister put together, with 60 second duration with the amulet. Your get-out-of-jail-free card.

Voice of Set – pretty solid .44 pistol, devastating to robots. Problem is, pistols are weak in general, and mostly don’t have suppressors, so stash it. Get some more perception and Gauss pistol/Gamma gun if you really want to use a pistol.

If using explosives, get dynamite and dynamite bundle plans (raider gold vendor), those are noticeably cheaper to craft than alternatives. Just try not to kill yourself with the bundle, it has pretty impressive radius.

May 31, 2020 at 4:54 pm

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