Efficient Team Melee guide

A Fallout 76 Build by Salvation78.


Author: Salvation78
Votes: +14 (100% positiv)
Created: November 4, 2018 at 10:55 pm
Updated: November 28, 2018 at 10:39 am
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Mutation guide: https://www.falloutbuilds.com/t/mutation-guide/

Changes: I’ve re-evaluated intelligence and now believe that we need at least 3 this gives us access to the double repair on weapons and armor. This actually improves our damage since over-repaired items deal more damage. For the most part we cab have makeshift warrior on to save our weapon durability, but I think I want to have the ability to go for a heavy melee damage option involving radicool, nerd rage, and unyielding armor. That alone is 35 strength and if we can also get our  pieces to have +1 str that puts us up to 40 with no buffs

Strength: we are always at the front lines and barbarian allows us to take the heat. Later in the game if you get good sustainable armor, or if you want to use power armor you can instead finish out the expert slugger and master slugger perks. Martial artist and incisor are amazing perks and easily out dps the damage perks. and even gunned opponents try and hit us when we run up on them making blocker an amazing take as well.

perception: while it won’t allow us to target limbs concentrated fire will increase our damage on successive hits.

endurance: we love action points. Sprinting into battle and using vats to lunge into battle so we take rejuvinated for the added action point recovery. Extra hitpoints is just icong on the cake.

Charisma: squad maneuvers in combination with speed demon and strange in numbers will make you really fast. Suppressor is a great flat damage reducer and tenderizer is just more damage. The longer it takes to kill our foe the more hits we’ll take especially since we’re right in the line of fire. Field surgeon in combination with born survivor will save your butt a lot.

Intelligence: I already put a second point into intelligence so I’m putting this at two. This will give us even more survivability when we are getting pummeled on and give us some extra damage to clear a path to safety.

agility: marathoner and action boy/action girl are to keep ourselves mobile. Evasive and born survivor keep us alive and adrenaline helps with higher leveled hordes.

luck: starched genes is good for any build because mutations are over powered. Serendipity is another way to survive in the front lines.  Class freak unlocks the ability to take multiple mutations each with their own benefits. It will be amazing in the late game. I have just reached level 39, so I’m not sure how effective four leaf clover will be and I personally won’t be using better criticals, because I already have two intelligence from a previous build plan.

there are 9 total mutations this build will eventually utilize. four of them can be done as soon as you get starched genes, and the other 5 should wait until you have class freak maxed out. You should definitely utilize the first two because they are very very good in this build

*twisted muscles- 25 percent melee damage with no real downside for us. YES PLZ
*speed demon- the extra speed is important in both closing the distance and skirmishing in melee.
grounded- less important than the other two but still useful to make up for our lower energy defense
herd mentality- a great way to make up for the negatives from other mutations. +2 str and +2 agility is nice

marsupial + bird bones- jump high and fall slowly, become superman lol. Looks like a lot of fun
empath- team mates take around 30 percent less damage at the cost of you taking around 8 percent more. seems very worth it, especially if two or more people have it. then you and the other guy take 22 percent less damage and everyone else takes 30 percent less. (i’m using 30 percent because of stranger in numbers)
scaly skin-50 DR for like 6.5 action points, seems worth it

Healing factor is an optional one for quality of life since it won’t regenrate health in combat. Once you have class freak your chems will only be 13 percent less effective.

electrically charged- we’re at the front lines getting hit quite a bit, this could be useful

General combat guide: getting surrounded by enemies can often lead to defeat, so for large groups of tougher enemies that use melee be sure to use your environment to prevent them from surrounding you. I usually start combat by sprinting and attacking which automatically does a quick power attack, follow it up with a regular swing and then do a counter clockwise corcle backing up to the left and returning back from the right with your third swing. Then back up and use your vats attacks. Unlike in fallout 4 you can move during your power attack swings, so you can circle kite while doing a power attack.

weapon guide: use any 2h weapon until you reach level 10, then kill scorched/supermutants until you find sledgehammers. If you have a friend with makeshift warrior 2 or if you want to get it yourself it will carry you far into the end game. You can use sledgehammers until level 30 when super sledges become available. Then super sledges will last you until level 50. Avoid the “visit the mayor’s office” quest until after you reach level 50 so that you can get the level 50 version of the weapon reward. I personally got the level 40 version and it was quickly out/classed by other things. Ultimately you want to use whatever deals the most damage. You’ll need to buy weapons from other players if you want to save your intelligence points for other stats.

Level up guide: (not updated see changes above)

2 str, inpsirational —– action boy/ action girl, concentrated fire
3 cha, inspirational
4 cha, inpsirational
5 str, action boy/ action girl—–picklock
6 str, slugger
7 str, slugger
8 str, slugger
9 agi, action boy/ action girl
10 agi, action boy/ action girl
11 str, serendipity
12 str, rejuvenated
13 agi, marathoner
14 agi, marathoner -exterminator x 3
15 agi, marathoner
16 str, martial artist
17 str, martial artist
18 str, martial artist
19 str, barbarian —–expert picklock
20 end, rejuvinated
21 str, blocker
22 str, blocker
23 str, blocker
24 agi, expert slugger
25 luk, serendipity
26 luk, serendipity
27 agi, evasive
28 agi, evasive
29 luk, four leaf clover
30 luk, starched genes
31 luk, starched genes, I’d recommend getting at least speed demon, or twisted muscles now through trial and error.
32 luk, four leaf clover
33 luk, four leaf clover —glow sighted
34 agi, incisor
35 agi, incisor
36 luk, incisor
37 luk, squad maneuvers
38 luk, squad maneuvers
39 luk, evasive
40 cha, suppressor —- master picklock
41 cha, suppressor
42 cha, strange in numbers —– bloody mess
43 cha, suppressor
44 cha, bloody mess
45 cha, bloody mess
46 luk, class freak —-tenderizer, nerd rage
47 luk, class freak
48 luk, class freak- finish off many of your mutations, once you get a good pool that includes at least your top 2 you can start saving up and finishing off with serums

49 per, master slugger
50 per, adrenaline
bloody mess, better criticals, tenderizer, nerd rage, lock pick, expert lock pick, master lock pick
glow sighted x 3, exterminator(14) x 3 concentrated fire x 3
when you get a perk card you are going to use out of a pack you can instead at one of those levels select one of your
extra cards that have been unlocked (I show them to the right at the level they are unlocked at. I recommend using this to get lockpicks as you level up although you can choose them yourself if you want.

I finally feel like this is a well rounded build and believe that it will be a very fun and powerful melee build for pve unfortunately in the process I have tainted my card choices and will need to level far beyond level 50 to get all my perks, but at least anyone following the build won’t necessarily have to make the same mistakes I did. The only statistic I have to live with is 2 intelligence, which means I won’t get 15 luk and will lose better criticals rank 1. rank 2 makeshift warrior has been useful in making powerful sledgehammers all the way up until level 40. Though I imagine the end game weapons I’ll go for I will end up purchasing from other players.

I’d love to hear any thoughts on the build.

November 4, 2018 at 10:55 pm

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Looks pretty solid, good job. Melee builds are tough in FO76. They incentivize not using power armor because you’re capping out your Strength, which in turn incentivizes you to go very heavy in or max Agility so that Evasive can make up for your lack of resistances. Before you know it half of your levels are already used up and you’ve got to make cuts in other areas. It’s rough to get something you feel is just right for melee.

There are a couple alternatives I think people should keep in mind. The 2nd and 3rd ranks of Better Criticals aren’t that strong I feel, since you won’t be critting all the time. They could be swapped out for other strong Luck perks (there are plenty), but players who want to stick with them should make use of overdrive to get a good crit chance on all of their attacks.

Your reasoning to use bloody mess mainly as a team sharing perk is an interesting idea, and I feel it’s a pretty good reason to pick it up, good thinking. That said, this is another area that players might not feel too sad parting with in order to get other good perks.

Another thing to keep in mind is that by using food/chems/mutations it is possible to lower Agility a little bit and still get it up to 15 in order to make the most use of Evasive. This is another way players might stretch some of their precious SPECIAL points. I don’t suggest doing this with chems though, since you can only be under the effect of one at a time and chems like overdrive (maybe even karma if you’re crazy) are hard to pass up on using.

Finally, I’m not sure on this but I’ve heard players may be able to respec their characters in the future. If that turns out to be the case it might be desirable to do so after getting the strongest weapons and armor you want and dropping Int to 3 or even 1 to get those extra few points somewhere else.

Players who do decide to make room for more SPECIAL/perk points somewhere might be interested in Concentrated Fire in Perception, Suppressor in Charisma, and a lot of great perks in Luck. THAT SAID, none of this is necessary, this build is already plenty strong as it is. Good stuff.


Please put this in your guide. Serums are bugged and may give you nothing. I spent 3600 caps on chameleon and it did Jack and customer service tells me they do not have tools to help. I’m going to start sharing that response on their Twitter and social media in hopes they do something. Anyone can still buy and searching online I see many experiencing the bug.


I am running solo melee with 11 mutations and it’s working just fine. I am 45 and get class freak next level and I’m really looking forward to that perk more than any, but the negatives haven’t been as detrimental as you would think.

I originally got Talons at 12 and while I was going with a Melee build, talons showed me the power of the fist weapons. I decided to not use rad away until Starched Genes Rank 2 at 31. Death reduces rad naturally. At 31 I had 11, and with Talons, twisted muscle, marsupial, and bird bones all acquired I figured I’d keep these and buy the few I want. I’m not at home but will share them when I get back. My end goal is all but the group ones and probably going without eagle sight, I already have 2 str dropping mutes. I’m strong enough I can kill a scorch beast solo melee so long as he is on ground before he returns to flight, and when class freak kicks in and I use concentrated fire (just learned it applies to me on your guide, thank you!) I expect my attack damage to increase a lot more.

Main points here are while class freak is bad ass, the mutation negatives aren’t bad enough to wait til 31 to get mutations. And not using rad away while annoying sometimes is a way to play and rack up the mutes. If your rad is high just die a few times and you have effectively used multiple rad away without risk of losing mutes


I’m going to list my build and mutations to give you an idea how it’s working out for me, including having 11 mutations without Class Freak. Keep in mind once I get Class Freak it WILL be on at all times, but not having it has still been working out and if that Perk didn’t exist at all I’d still roll with 14 or so mutations.

I originally did the two handed melee (I made the Friday the 13th build), but Talons has convinced me of the power of unarmed/fist weapons. SPECIAL, parentheses are after mutation modifiers after Class Freak. My allocations also allow me to swap into shotguns, heavy guns, power armor, explosives. I typically roll unarmed unless I am fighting scorchbeasts, then I do heavy guns/power armor, and swap to fists when they land.

Str 15 (13), Per 3, End 1, Cha 7, Int 6 (12), Agi 10 (14), Luck 14

11 Mutations

Adrenal Reaction (HP isn’t as noticeable as I thought, but still be happy when I get 37.5 of them back!)
Bird Bones (I love this one! Jump off anything)
Carnivore (If I could cure this without getting rid of others I probably would, but whatever, I’ll take it. I still seem to get diseased with meat sometimes but it is definitely rare)
EggHead (I craft, the minus to str and end isn’t as bad as you would think but Ill be glad to get it back)
Healing Factor (I have a regenerating chest piece, it’s NUTS on regen)
Marsupial (probably my favorite mutation, and built my house where only those with this can get in)
Scaly Skin (unarmed RT doesn’t use AP but I’ll be glad to get more AP attacks when I get Class Freak)
Speed Demon (this one is amazing)
Talons (This was WAY better than expected)
Twisted Muscles (not sure if this stacks with Talons, some melee perks stack so maybe, dont use guns often)
Unstable Isotope (I’ll take it)

I have stopped using radiation to get these as I don’t want to risk either of the two group mutations, since I rarely group, and I’ll have to play radiation roulette to get rid of the one I want and keep the ones I do want. If you sell to all 7 unique vendor shared cap pools, that’s 1200 caps a day, and about 3 days per mutation.

Chameleon – This will be the first mutation I buy, should have the caps tomorrow
Electricially charged – This will be my second purchase
Grounded – Third purchase
Plague Walker – I’ll probably get this, I can’t see why not

I don’t want these

Eagle Eyes – My str is already 13, not sure I want it at 12, don’t really benefit from it’s positive side either
Herbivore – I don’t even want carnivore, but don’t want to risk losing one of my many good mutes
Herd mentality and Empath – While they are awesome for dedicated groupers, they won’t help me out very much.


Hey salvation i don’t mean to be a pain but i was following the build before you edited it with the mutations and i have already got 5 points in int from before the update and the -4 is throwing me off a bit, have you got a link for the previous version of this build?


I notice the “level up guide” has things in it that are not listed in the special cards. First 3 levels say to take “inspirational” but there is no explanation if these are swapped out at lvl 50 or if they are taking up other cards spots?

November 27, 2018 at 9:40 am

im taking a little bit from your guide and applying it to my own build. ill be going power armor fist weapons. using shotguns like you for scorchedbeasts. but i still have a few points left and dont know what to do with them. if i could get your opinion that would be great.


you miss a lot of card which are for me essential to the contact you played in armor assisted?

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