Min-Maxed Heavy Support (with mutations, power armor)

A Fallout 76 Build by Placebon.


Author: Placebon
Votes: +3 (100% positiv)
Created: November 11, 2018 at 4:02 pm
Updated: November 11, 2018 at 4:12 pm
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This is a Min-Maxed build for the endgame.

It’s designed to be played in a team and with a ton of mutations and power armor.

Because you have both Strange in Numbers and Class Freak, virtually all mutations are useful to you.

You have all the damage and utility perks for both Heavy Guns and Explosives. You also have Bloody Mess and Glow Sight (many endgame enemies glow). Your damage is just about as high as it can get. You use grenade launchers to destroy or weaken swarms of enemies and one of the many awesome Heavy Guns to mop up the survivors.

Your high charisma and intelligence will allow you to craft and buy extremely well, so you will always have top quality gear as well.

Due to mutations and mutation-boosting perks, all your stats are high except for END.

The only downside of this build is that you die more quickly than other min-maxed builds due to low END and the Empathy mutation, but that’s ok since you have Revenant and will only come back stronger when you get revived.

Since this is a team-based build, a team of four characters like these would absolutely annihilate everything. Two players with the Empathy mutation would even offset each other’s negatives, so that would be ideal.

Note that getting to this point is difficult, though:

  • A lot of the perks of this build have a high level requirement, so you will need to be well above level 50 before you have all the perks you need. You can use the lower levels to grab crafting perks until you unlock the combat perks you need, but that will mean that you are weak in the beginning.
  • Since this build focuses on team play, you are comparatively weak when playing solo.
  • Since Heavy Guns only appear later in the game, you won’t have any bonuses in the beginning.

Explanations behind some of my choices:

  • AGI is at 3 because I want Home Defense and Ammosmith for crafting, even though the AGI combat perks are not that great.
  • I’m a bit unsure about the charisma stat. I can share a level 4 card, but not a level 5 card. I don’t have a level 4 card. This is somewhat suboptimal, but I’m happy with all the charisma perks I have chosen. Ideal candidates for card sharing are Blocker, Team Medic, Bloody Mess, Suppressor and Glow Sight (depending on what the rest of your team has)
  • You could get even more deadly with improved criticals, but those perks are only really useful if you combine them all, and there simply aren’t enough stat points left to get them all.
  • I don’t know if Heavy Guns are really the most powerful type of weapon, but based on the amazing utility perks Stabilized and One Gun Army, they probably are. The only downsides to them that I see is their weight and their rarity. Their rarity means that finding a good legendary version of one is going to be harder than for other classes of weapons. (At least I think so, I don’t know what the drop rates actually are).


November 11, 2018 at 4:02 pm

7 +3 2B+5

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I do agree with the wt issue possibly being a thing, but you haven’t attempted to mitigate them anyway. Not sure if its confirmed but have to considered batteries included; this would drop the wt of fusion cores a good amount (wt of 3 per) and if Gatling Lasers use them also you could largely use those, cryolators, or plasma throwers (if they are in game).

You could switch it but i feel like Rejuvenated is just too good and easy to pass up. Its +25 HP, 25 ap regen and 20% disease resist, but you do have to stay well fed and satiated; all for 2 points.

Why, Glow sight? Just for the Perception? Or have glowing enemies really been an issue for you?

All in all its one of the better and more thought out builds i have seen on here.

Would love if you reviewed a few of mine. Need feedback.


I’m trying to maximize my combat efficiency. Taking batteries included would mean either reducing my damage or taking more damage in close combat. I think that tradeoff is not worth it.

Rejuvenated is a close contender. I may swap Revenant for it, I’m not sure yet.

As for Glow Sight: I have not encountered many glowing enemies myself since I didn’t reach the endgame during the beta, but from what I saw in Twitch videos there seem to be a lot of glowing enemies in nuclear fallout zones that appear when you launch a nuke. If this assumption turns out to be incorrect, you could probably reallocate those perception points to Endurance for Rejuvenated or to Luck for Storm Chaser, which ought to be similarly good in radiation zones.

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