Mistress of Mystery (bloody, melee/pistol/sneak)

A Fallout 76 Build by BumbleGlib.


Author: BumbleGlib
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Created: July 17, 2019 at 3:02 am
Updated: July 17, 2019 at 3:07 am
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My second toon is based on the Mistress of Mystery.

My thoughts on the build, comments welcome:

* Complete the Mistress of Mystery quest line. You’ll find better armor/weapons at some point, but, until you do, the sword and armor (dress) you earn from the quest are pretty good, and the level can be upgraded until lv 45.

* While one-handed melee is in keeping with the build theme, use your best melee weapon, swapping perk cards, as needed (one point each in base/expert/master melee perks). If you get a legendary fist weapon you like, place three points in Iron Fist, and equip that in lieu of one of the other three-point melee perk sets.

*  Maintain ~71% rads, to benefit Radicool, bloody, Serendipity. Maybe equip an armor piece that auto-injects a Stimpack at 25% health. I have one on my main (bloody, rifle/melee/sneak). Not sure it helps that much. I’m on the fence regarding taking Nerd Rage. It only procs below 20% health. I’m not sure it’s worth spending three points on. Maybe one point would be worthwhile?

* Once you outgrow your Mistress of Mystery gear, get Enclave Treated/Shielded underarmor (makes up for 2 points of strength lost from mutations, and beefs up your puny Perception).

* Swap sneak for Evasive, if you think you will be wading into the middle of groups of baddies often.

* As I haven’t been able to find any armor/rad mitigation that works as well as a hazmat suit or PA (my main is lv 93), you will probably need to wear one or the other vs glowies, and in nuke zones.

* If you want to free up two points, Perception could probably be left at one. However, three points in Perception, along with Eagles Eyes Mutation +4, Enclave Treated underarmor +2, and maybe a bowl of carrot/gourd soup +2 gives you a respectable 11 Perception. Also, you can equip maxed Glow Sight.

* Five points in intelligence for crafting / Demolition Expert. If you don’t have an explosive-effect weapon and don’t want to haul around grenades / mines, maybe try some combination of Gunsmith/Makeshift Warrior/Nerd Rage. Or, if you’re not into crafting, leave Intelligence at three for the Hacker perks.

* Four points in Charisma for Lone Wanderer. When grouped, swap for group perks.

July 17, 2019 at 3:02 am

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