Mobile smg medic

A Fallout 76 Build by Obi89.


Author: Obi89
Votes: +9 (100% positiv)
Created: November 12, 2018 at 7:58 pm
Updated: November 12, 2018 at 8:44 pm
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  1. This is a highly mobile medic build that utilizes high agility and charisma to fly around the battlefield and keep teammates up while offering some support.

Blocker is big for pvp as it greatly reduces melee damage. You may want to replace it with a carrying perk while out exploring.

Perception: 3
Crack shot helps with the run and gun style that this build utilizes. Refractor just offers some extra energy resistance. Grenadier is also a great perk if you like to utilize explosives more.

Endurance 9
The adamantium skeleton is really the only crucial one here as it removes any chance you’ll be crippled. Ironclad just offers some  extra protection. Dromedary and slow metabolizer see helpful perks as well if you want to work them in there as hunger and thirst are constant pains in game.

Charisma 15
I took 15 charisma here just so I can maximize my team support. However, you can probably take 1-3 points out here and place it elsewhere and be just as efficient. The only perk I would recommend having on at all times is team medic and squad maneuver the rest is situational and depends on your group really.

Intelligence 7
First aid is really the most helpful perk to us here. Nerd rage also gives some extra protection when getting out of a bad situation. I took demolition expert for extra grenade damage and carnage I suppose. You can probably move a couple points from here too if that is your preference.

I think maximizing the agility is this build makes it the most efficient. Evasive adds a major bonus to energy and damage resistance. Action boy/girl and marathoner work well together keeping your ap up to move around. Gunrunner adds even more speed to your character when running around with a pistol. Finally, I added one point to adrenaline for the damage boost. If you want to take away damage for more evasiveness I suggest dead man’s sprint

Luck 4
If you’re going to move any points I would suggest moving them here. I have bloody mess and dry medic equipped here right now but a lot of these perks can be swapped. The reason I say to move points here is if you have a helpful mutation like speed demon you want to keep the mutation with starched genes and reduce the negative effects with class freak. Serendipity is also a very helpful perk to to get out of bad situations.

This build should give you a nice mobile SMG medic that moves around the field quickly and efficiently.

November 12, 2018 at 7:58 pm

4 +8 1B+9

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5 Replies


This build sounds awesome and will for sure be my second build!


Hey, was just wondering what kind of SMG you are using, and if the Guerrilla perk works for the 10mm SMG.


I’m also trying to figure this out. Right now I’m using a legendary 10mm submachine gun and it works fine. But to my knowledge, it doesn’t give the bonus so I replaced guerilla with moving target in the meantime. Until Bethesda either allows guerilla to work for submachine guns or I find a good auto pistol but they don’t drop often. I also will suggest taking out nerd rage for level 4 demolition expert due to the power of grenades in game right now.


Thoughts on getting high luck to get perks like Grim reapers sprint, four leaf clover, rank 1 psychopath, bloody mess, and better criticals? If you run around with a legendary medics pistol (heals teamates with crit in vats) could be viable so youre not using stimpacks all the time


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