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A Fallout 76 Build by Fatwhacker.


Author: Fatwhacker
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Created: June 11, 2020 at 4:46 pm
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First character, hate thought of rolling new character, so want to salvage what I have if possible.

I have no real end game vision, but following are some of my game style:

  1. Quest
  2. Loot stuff for scrap, so always have weight issues
  3. Play in Power Armor – in game friend built me the 01 Prototype, would like to move into better PA
  4. Want to get the Chinese Stealth suit, friend said I wont need to build nonPA armor set if I get this.
  5. Like to collect/sell stuff in my store, build wealth…got most recipes atm
  6. Just built a Mule toon to hold stuff for me (I am max scrip – 1000)
  7. Prefer Ranged and guns (mutation causes -50% energy gun damage)
  8. Right now I am using *** QuAD Recoil Compensated Automatic Combat Rifle, levl 40, I have a *** AA Short Radium Rifle, lvl 50 in stash.
  9. Not sure I want to go heavy weapons…might go ***Light Machine gun for primary with AA Short Radium Rifle for backup.
  10. Right now playing mostly solo and with ingame friend…not sure what end game is and havent chked out organized clans
  11. STill confused everytime level up pops up and am supposed to choose perks…both the process and the build…I basically choose what looks good, with early emphasis on carry weight, survival…not weapon specialization and max. DPS.

So, any suggestions on what kind of build I have, what I can do to make it better, what my end game options are?

Thanks in advance – Fatwhacker

June 11, 2020 at 4:46 pm

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Dang, just acquired a *** Mutant’s Minigun…hummm….maybe I will use minigun as main weap and LM as backup…not sure…


Well you can build based off of heavy weapons and swap to shotguns to break the boredom. you have no build for rifle damage at all. Serendipity does not work in Power armor to my knowledge you should rock bloody mess 3 starched genes 2. You can decrease the negatives of your mutations with class freak 3. With those there is no need to mess with your luck. No need to put hard bargain on unless you are selling stuff. Same thing as lock pick no need unless you want to open something up. Tank killer if you move to heavy guns won’t work you will need to change that up. That’s all I can think of without moving special around after level 50



there you go, a “quick” fix for your power armor heavy weapons character. good luck!

and for when you decide you don’t want to pick crap up anymore…..got to something like this:

and someday when you want to destroy everything on the map single handed, put emergency protocols on your power armor torso, fill your health bar to 80% radiation and 20% health and use this build with a bloodied heavy weapon:

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