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Author: Nuptup
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Created: April 18, 2020 at 5:41 am
Updated: April 18, 2020 at 7:06 am
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So, after looking at some of the other Flamer healing builds I’ve seen on the site, none of them quite did it the way I wanted, so I took it upon myself to make what I would say is a good, optimal healer build for the flamer with the Friendly Fire perk. I hope you enjoy it!

This build is a long-haul type of build. You will be putting points into the final product well beyond level 50 because most of the vital perks come online very late into the game. As such, you will have several “pockets” while leveling up where none of your end-game perks are available. Get creative to fill in these gaps. I will give my own suggestions at the end of this guild where I explain what you’ll want to get at each level. However, that doesn’t mean you’re dead in the water early on. The majority of this build is deep in the strength and charisma stats, which are chock full of weapon options (shotguns, melee, unarmed) as well as the majority of your team-oriented perks (which if you’re not playing with a team, look elsewhere. This entire build is focused around team-play.)

Special points are assigned primarily based upon necessity, and you will need to plan out accordingly to make sure you don’t lock yourself out of a perk later on by already maxing charisma early for example. A little-known exploit I have found is that, when allocating your level up for special points and card selection, you can choose the special stat you want to increase, then use the bumpers to select a different special stat’s perk card. Use and abuse this to your own gain.

Weapon is ideally a flamer, but you won’t gain access to it until level 30. You can also use the cryolater at level 25 and I do suggest swapping between them in combat based on needs for healing or slowing enemies. If neither is needed at the current moment, a back-up gatling plasma is a great addition. for the build above, your ideal legendary weapons are anything with the following:

Two-Shot (Triggers the healing more often, allowing for more consistent healing output.)
Furious / Mutants (Just a damage increase.)

10% increased damage while aiming

25% increased fire rate (Faster fire rate means more healing ticks)
50 Damage resistance while aiming (You’re going to be up close to heal your team, so you want the defensive boost.)

The Exception to the rule, which alters the build!
A Medic’s Flamer is the outright best weapon for a flamer healer. If you get one, you want to switch your luck cards around to account for VATS usage. Remove Bloody Mess and One Gun Army to add Four Leaf Clover and Critical Savvy.
Additional legendary traits that make this even better are Vampire, 25% less VATS Action Point cost, Your VATS critical meter fills 15% faster.

Due to the set up we have above, mutations are VERY good for us. So you’ll want a lot of them. Here’s what I am running.
Adrenal Reaction (Damage increase at low health, and all you lose is 12 hp.)
Electrically Charged (It has no downsides, so no reason not to have it.)
Empath (You take 33% more damage and reduce your team’s damage taken by 25%. As long as you have 2 allies, this is a net gain for team survivability.)
Herd Mentality (Increase all SPECIAL points by 2. No downside because we group up.)
Marsupial (+20 carry weight and an amazing boost to jump height, and you lose one intelligence. Worth!)
Scaly Skin (Trade 12 Action Points for +50 damage and energy resistance. Amazing!)
Speed Demon (At high levels, you shouldn’t have any problem with hunger and thirst, but if you are, you may want to pass on this one. It increases hunger and thirst by 50% to increase reload and move speed.)

Leveling Up Guidelines/Suggestions
Level 2-9, you want to focus on getting these 3 perks to level 3. Inspirational (3) > Action Boy/Girl (3) >= First Aid (3). This is because you want to focus on getting your experience boost first so that you can level even faster. Inspirational eventually gets replaced by other perks, but there’s no reason not to use it in the mean time.

Level 10-14, This is the first pocket where you can’t get anything too important, so I would suggest spending these 3 levels gaining your weapon cards for what you want to use until you get your flamer. The ones available are Gladiator (3), Slugger (3) and Shotgunner (3). You can also mix and match to have coverage in multiple choices. The first point of each card is twice as effective as the second and 3rd, so feel free to go 2/1 or even 1/1/1 if you want!

Level 15, Pick up Field Surgeon (1) to make stim packs much more reliable.

Level 16-19, This is your second pocket. Feel free to pick anything that gets your attention, here are a few suggestions. Martial Artist if you went melee, Barbarian for defensive increase, Picklock/Expert Picklock, Cannibal for food source early on, Gunsmith because it will be necessary later on if you want to craft your own flamer, Hacker, any of the weight reduction perks.

Level 20-25, Team Medic (3) > Blocker (3). Team Medic allows you to finally start healing allies and Blocker significantly reduces melee damage taken.

Level 26-27, This is your final pocket. Weapon Expert Damage Perk (Gladiator/Slugger/Shotgunner) are all better than a second point of their non-expert equivalents. You also can choose any of the choices from the previous pockets as well as these new additions. Quack Surgeon allows you to save stim packs and resurrect with booze instead, Expert Hacker.

Level 28-69, From here forward, you have no more pockets and need to focus on choosing only perks necessary for the core build. Any points spent elsewhere will only slow you down. IF you open the Build Planner above, it shows the levels that I personally put the points in because I was prioritizing my utility to my team over all else, taking into account the effects of each perk for what I would likely be facing at those levels, such as pushing off Ghoulish, Glow Sight and Rad Sponge until later levels when I would be in nuke zones.

I know it is quite the cluster, but overall, choose what you want for your playstyle and what you deem the most important. By level 69 (nice*) you will have everything needed. The only perks I strongly recommend that you prioritize getting as soon as possible during this time are these.

Level 30-32, You get your first flamer, celebrate by grabbing Heavy Gunner (1) to increase that damage a bit, then pick up Starched Genes (2) to allow you to start farming/buying mutations.

Level 40-43, Expert Heavy Gunner (1) and Suppressor (3) to increase your damage by another 10% and reduce enemy damage by 30%. This is a huge boost to survivability because it does not increase damage resistance which doesn’t scale amazingly, it instead reduces the target’s outgoing damage, and with a flamer, then world is your target!

Level 46-53, Get Tenderizer (1) to increase the damage dealt to your target (the entire world), then get Class Freak (1) followed by Friendly Fire (3) to finally become the healer you have always wanted to be, then celebrate that by taking Master Heavy Gunner and setting the world on fire like the Class Freak (2&3) that you are!

Level 54-69, Get any missing perks that are above and be glad the journey is coming to an end!

This is my first guide, I hope you all like it! Please leave some feedback if you have any!

April 18, 2020 at 5:41 am

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Hey, great support build, any chance you’ll be updating this?

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