Operation Alpha Strike the quest for maximum damage in a single hit 35 STR and 201% increased damage!

A Fallout 76 Build by Salvation78.


Author: Salvation78
Votes: +4 (100% positiv)
Created: November 7, 2018 at 7:01 am
Updated: November 9, 2018 at 5:34 pm
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Operation Alpha Strike!
the goal here is to maximise our damage output with a melee weapon and to implement it in a way that is feasible.

Final numbers:
35 str, 201.25% increased damage, 3x sneak attack modifier, and 40% increased critical damage

We’ll start by maxing out strength

special points get us to 15
solar powered gets us to 18 (only during the day)
radicool gets us to 23
herd mentality mutation gets us to 25
partyboy/partygirl and vodka gets us to 31
mole rat chunks gets us to 32
psychobuff gets us to 35 and provides 25% increased damage

next we will take all of the damage related perks that apply to melee and we’re using two handed weapons because I imagine they’ll do the most damage

slugger: 20%
Expert slugger: 20%
master slugger: 20%
Revenant: 50% for 2 mins after you’ve been revived
overly generous: adds 50 radiation damage
Tenderizer: 7% more damage after the first hit
Nerd Rage: 20% more damage
bloody mess: 15%
adrenaline: potentially 60% but it seems like it would be too hard to pull off and sneak attack whatever you are trying to alpha strike, so I’m not including it in the calculations until I’ve tested the build.
twisted arms mutation with strange in numbers: 31.25%
Ninja: 3x multiplier on melee sneak attack damage
Better criticals: 40%

meaning if we set everything up correctly we’ll do 201.25% increased damage 3x sneak damage and 40% increased critical damage and however 35 strength modifies it which I believe will add 35 base damage to the weapon
Tenderizer is such a small bonus that I’m removing it in favor of other perks (we can also benefit from it if a team mate uses it)
overly generous seems pointless, since giving them radiation damage after you’ve already taken away a chunk of their health won’t help you kill them, so I’m removing that too.

Activating radicool and Nerd Rage means we need to be highly irradiated keeping us below 20 percent health at all times we’ll have 310 base health and our endurance will go up by 6 plus an additional 65 max health bonus putting our max health at 405 and we’ve gained a new problem. 20  percent of 310 is 62 and 20 percent of 405 is 81. so if we are irradiated down to 61 and we gain 95 hp we won’t be below 20 percent anymore. We can’t over irradiate because we would die. I can’t think of a solution aside from damaging ourselves after we buff. We might have to drop the psychobuff and use just psycho putting us back to 32 str

So to keep it feasible, we’ll be RUNNING a sneak build and I mean RUNNING! squad maneuvers, gun runner, and the speed demon mutation gives us a run speed that is a whopping 65%
and thanks to escape artist runnng no longer affects stealth! but wait…. you said we were going to be using melee and pistols aren’t used for melee! not a problem, with the quick switch you can swap between your two most recently used weapons. so speed on up with a pistol, swap over and vats attack!

now to make sure we can smash them really hard, we’ll also be utilizing critical savvy so that we can critical attack, regular attack, and then critical attack in vats.

because solar powered increases our hitpoints by 15, we’ll need to irradiate ourselves down to lower hp, so that when it’s day time we remain below 20 percent

I put the last two points into cha for magnetic personality. This allows us to share a 3 point perk, such as sneak if we want to sneak as a team, or bloody mess since many builds won’t be running it because it’s not very efficient.

If you guys can think of anything I missed or anything you feel would be a better choice please leave me a comment!

November 7, 2018 at 7:01 am

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