[55 INTELLIGENCE!] “The Quartermaster” – Blacksmith Extraordinaire, Walking Super-Duper-Mart

A Fallout 76 Build by DPack.


Author: DPack
Votes: +4 (100% positiv)
Created: January 11, 2019 at 10:26 pm
Updated: January 27, 2019 at 11:13 pm
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Alright, so the basic idea is: High Intelligence bolstered by mutations & buffs, for the absolute highest crafting quality possible. High Luck, for better looting. High Strength & weight reduction perks, for superhuman carrying capacity.

This is NOT an endgame legendary farming build. This focuses more on stockpiling quality of life goods; Chems, Bobbleheads & Magazines, Food & Drink, High-demand junk, Ammunition, etc.

Loadout: Dealer’s choice; Shotguns, Heavy (Non-explosive), Melee. Your choice should influence your Strength perk selection. Ideal armor is a full set of 2-star Unyielding with +1 Intelligence. If you can get your hands on a 3-star version with a weight reduction bonus, that’s even better.

SPECIAL & Perks: You may have noticed that the Perk costs don’t match the SPECIAL values. That’s because what’s shown here is the bare bones of the build. Many of the perks are based on either preference or circumstance. All perks are maximum rank, unless otherwise noted.

  • STRENGTH: As mentioned above, your perks here should reflect your weapon choice. Damage perks are strongly recommended if you don’t have one of those fancy-shmancy TSE guns.
  • PERCEPTION: There’s 3 sets you want to switch between.
  • ENDURANCE: If 1 Endurance is a bit too daunting, you can take points from Charisma. Otherwise, here’s my suggestions on making your life easier.
    • Good Doggy is a strong option, and my personal recommendation. You certainly find dog food often enough with Can Do!
    • Cannibal (1/3), another decent option, but situational. Pharma Farma produces plenty of Radaway to stave off the rads, which you can stretch even further by diluting it with Chemist equipped.
    • Chem Fiend (1/3), to make those Berry Mentats last an eensy bit longer.
    • Radicool, if the idea of being a melee glass cannon appeals to you.
  • CHARISMA: I mean… Technically, you don’t need 4 charisma. 1 is enough to take Strange in Numbers, which is the important bit. But 4, with the +2 granted by Herd Mentality, lets you add an element of Customer Service by sharing a 2-cost perk.
    • Team Crafting: Happy Camper, which you should share to compensate your customers for the time they spend shopping, or waiting for you to craft their order. The last point is up to you.
    • Solo Hoarding & Vendoring: Remove Strange in Numbers to make room for Lone Wanderer. Hard Bargain & Travel Agent are also worth swapping in when the needs arise.
  • INTELLIGENCE: Oh man, SO many perks.
    • ALL the crafting & repair perks. Guns, Armor, Melee… All of ’em. You can swap them out as needed. Keep Makeshift Warrior on if melee is your primary, or Gunsmith if Shotguns or Heavies are.
    • Hacking perks can be useful for security doors and whatnot
  • AGILITY: Very, very little wiggle room here. Everything else you want to have is extremely situational.
    • Ammosmith, if you ever get a large Ammunition order
    • Home Defense, so you can sell high-level turrets to other players (travel to their CAMP, and build the turret(s), which they can store, move & repair as if it were theirs.)
  • LUCK: Lots of perk management here again.

INVENTORY & STASH MANAGEMENT: Thanks to the weight reduction perks, your character can hold WAY more than your Stash can, so you want to reserve it for things that aren’t affected by said perks. Bobbleheads, Magazines, Gunpowder, Ammunition, Grenades, Outfits (If you’re a cosmetics junkie like me), High-demand plans, and Treasure Maps should all go directly into your Stash.

Junk, even though your weight reduction perks don’t cover items in your Stash, should still be stored there, since it’s the only thing you can lose when you die. Generally, you want to keep less than 100 of most items, but you can ignore this for high-demand junk, within reason (I never keep more than 500 of any one thing). Bulk & sell anything over that to NPC vendors.


  1. Perishable Aid (anything that spoils)
  2. Legendaries that nobody wants
  3. Bulk Junk
  4. Junk
  5. Grenades
  6. Outfits
  7. Non-perishable Aid
    1. Preserved Food & Drink that offers less than 20%
    2. Chems & Booze
    3. First-Aid overstock (Radaway, stims, etc)


  • 15 (Base)
  • +20, Armor
    • +4 per piece, assuming your health is below 20%
  • +10, Mutations
    • +6, Egghead
    • +2, Herd Mentality, assuming you are on a team
    • +2, Strange in Numbers, assuming your team mate is mutated as well
  • +10, Consumables
    • +5, Berry Mentats
    • +3, Brain Bombs / Broiled Scorchbeast Brain
    • +2, Bobblehead: Intelligence

January 11, 2019 at 10:26 pm

2 Replies


If you went herbivore why have you spent your one point in Endurance on a CARNIVORE approach?

Because I didn’t think to change it when I did the revision, since the endurance perk really doesn’t affect the overall build in any way. Turns out, Carnivore doesn’t either.

As of this reply, I don’t even have a level 50 character yet, so I’m kinda winging it here. I made a few assumptions, not all of them are panning out. I didn’t realize the “2x Benefits” part of Carni-/Herbivore didn’t apply to SPECIAL buffs. Nor did I consider things like Bobbleheads, Unyielding armor, etc.

But hey, 4 people like the build, so I guess I’m doing something right.

I have a little more research to do, but expect another revision in the next day or two.


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