Pain Machine Melee Build Two Hand

A Fallout 76 Build by User56991.


Author: User56991
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Created: December 10, 2018 at 2:22 am
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December 10, 2018 at 2:22 am


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Personally, this is what I did:

2H Puncture Chemist


This Build is meant for stacking 2h Anti-Armor Puncturing Weapons. which will easily get you through small mobs and do great damage against nuke mobs. You’ll be building your puncture to increase the damage that gets through to heavy targets and that will be multiplied by constant sneak crits and consistent mob kills.

2H Recommendation:

-Pole Hook (Personal Favorite)
-Boxing Glove (Can also be combined with Lead-Lined to get cripple effect and more limb damage)

The goal is to use multiple chems, magazines and bobbleheads to increase your damage as well as mutations in the end game. You can run around or jump around using fast mutations and sneak attack enemies as you crouch in mid-air and get a huge multiplier (3.0x). One perk point in the Adrenaline perk gives you more damage than stacking slugger perks (they have diminishing returns) as long as you kill mobs since it resets after 30s, which will be your main goal when people are using range as the scorchies are in the air.

You’ll want to keep a good amount of water and food on you, whatever is lightest really. Its to combat the thirst and hunger of chems. Realistically, this is plausible because you wont have ammo weight. Just hot bar it and make sure you have enough to run on. You cant get addicted and you can carry several melee weapons without issue.

The build works great in power armor too (if you run in power armor I believe you will have to change your 3 slug perks into gladiator perks since the weapon will be in on hand , but im not sure), but i enjoy the freedom of wearing full rad armor or a hazmat suit. You’ll also be able to run bobbleheads/magazines the entire nuke zone time due to double timer from Curator.


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