Sneak rifle & melee & vats with mutations & animal taming & power armor(not sneak)

A Fallout 76 Build by Lorenk42991.


Author: Lorenk42991
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Created: April 5, 2020 at 7:26 am
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Ok so, I have another build I posted very similar to this but I don’t know how to remove it because I forgot to add class freak with starched genes. As anyone know you need this to run& keep mutations.

This build is a build I love for my character. I do change out what I need when I need it. For example lock picking and ammosmith, etc. I have those perks they just are not alway enabled… it’s only when I need them. The only one I would say that you could remove to better fit something you need would be travel agent. I just use it because it is less caps to travel on the map. In some cases, it cuts the cap cost in half!

I absolutely love this build because I was trying to fit a sniper melee build together on top of mutations with an animal taming capability. I mean who doesn’t want a pet deathclaw?

I do not run any mutations that effect my strength or gun aiming capabilities. I believe this is important to know with this build because it’s primarily a luck and perception build. I believe it is important to know that you should also finish the tadpole world challenges to get the backpack (max out the weight) that can carry your chems, scrap, and such since there are no perk cards equipped that reduce weight of anything. You can sometimes find a cool backpack mod in the atom shop. I have the nuka cola cooler backpack mod  I love it with my nuka cola outfit and sheepsquatch head and/or soon to get the forest scout armor mask.

The armor I run, is almost all legendary. I recommend weightless or cloaking/chameleon to go with the chameleon mutation. The chameleon mutation will only work with no armor or weightless. If you want to have some better armor, cloaking or chameleon, and you can get then mutation to help you maintain hidden and undetectable.

Now guns I keep on me: I have a 50 caliber round recon sniper rifle, anti armor Tesla rifle, and quad gauss rifle. I sometimes will trade out the quad gauss for my two shot hardened pump action sg.  They are similar in weight and damage.  On rare occasions, I will trade out the recon sniper rifle for my two shot black powder rifle. I usually do this when going into strong enemy areas.

As for melee weapons, I keep a furious power fist with a heating coil for extra damage and instigating deathclaw gauntlet with the extra claw for added damage.

Power Armor weapons: I keep an all rise in my stash box. I also keep a ghoul slayers Gatling plasma and a stalkers Gatling gun. These all come in extremely handy for fighting the queen and her minions. Sometimes I will use an executioner gronaks ax’s instead of the all rise depending on what I’m feeling.

anyways, so this is my character build. Hope it works for you. I know everyone is different but I really wanted something that would appeal to a sneak build and work for both melee and rifles. I really also wanted something that I could make sure if I wore power armor my fusion cores wouldn’t die near as quickly because sometimes they are hard to find unless you want to buy them and I am not about to buy something I am supposed to readily find in the wasteland. Plus, how could I forget? I really wanted a build that would get and keep me a deathclaw and run mutations as well. If the above are things you want or desire, I suggest this build. You cannot go wrong.

(Please comment if you have suggestions or comments, I like constructive criticism and hearing others opinions.)

April 5, 2020 at 7:26 am

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I would not recommend this build and here is why…..
1) the build only uses 55 out of 56 perk points…it is not finished.
2) perk cards shown are confusing as some of them seem to be for using power armor, while other cards do not work in power armor. so a little confusing as to what the point of this build is.
3) strength perk cards
a) barbarian….at level one only provides 18 DR (damage resist) in this build and does not work in power armor
b) full charge only works in power armor
c) build has gladiator perk cards….this is for one handed melee weapons. you said your melee weapons are an all rise which uses slugger perk cards and a deathclaw gauntlet and a powerfist which use ironfist perk cards.
d) incisor is a good card for melee
4) perception perk cards
a) appears to be ok for damage cards and has cards for both VATS and aimed shooting.
5) endurance perk cards
a) iron clad 2 is ok for the 20 DR+ER but does not work in power armor
6) charisma perk cards
a) animal friend and wasteland whisperer most players will find very minimal use for unless you are taming an animal for your base in which case they are useful for a one time use.
b) lone wanderer and travel agent are ok to use
7) intelligence perk cards
a) nerd rage only works when low on health
b) power user works when in power armor and to get extra ammo for a gatling laser, but your character does not have one. player would be better off learning the fusion core spawns than use 3 perk points here, or have other cards to play when not in power like gunsmith 3 or something.
8) agility perk cards
a) sneak and escape artist are good for sneaking
b) evasive only works outside power armor
c) covert ops is a good card to get more sneak attack damage
9) luck perk cards
a) better criticals is good card to use to get more crit damage
b) only using bloody mess 2. at level 3 it would give 5% more melee and rifle damage for 15% total bonus
c) class freak and starched genes are good…but should be running talons at least to max melee damage
d) mysterious stranger is not very strong
e) psycho path 2 gives 10%, on a kill, to fill crit meter. with high luck crit meter will already fill in 5 shots or so. minimal effect
f) grim reapers sprint is good, could remove psychopath and increase grim reaper to level 3.
Summary: build tries to do two things (be used in power armor and out of) but in doing so manages to waste too many perk points. too many situational perk cards that will only work at certain times. build is also light on damage. currently this build would be best used on the left side of the map to fight enemies level 20 and under.
Hopefully this reply can help improve the build.

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