Power Attack/VATS pistol Wasteland Survivalist

A Fallout 76 Build by Ghostryke.


Author: Ghostryke
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Created: July 8, 2019 at 12:40 pm
Updated: July 8, 2019 at 2:43 pm
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This is my first public build post here. This is my Wasteland Survivalist build that balances weight management, capable healing, defenses and damage; and these balances come from a healthy blend between perks, chems/consumables, mutations, armor/power armor, and weapons.

Let’s discuss the build.

Where does the damage come? The character go-to melee weapon is the Sword of Bastat, it’s solid with armor-piercing. The Inciser and Tenderizer perks with twisted muscle mutation boost your melee performance – mainly via armor penetration and power attacks. Other performance gains come from armor and weapon traits ie. optimized bracers, core assembly, and legendary traits a) armor piercing, b) mutant, and c) +40% power attack damage would be top melee weapon choices.

Pistols are not favored for end-game; therefore, we’ll have to improvise – being a survivalist. The character focuses on VATS and critical hits to boost his damage. Consequently, a high Luck gives your melee attacks a decent critical hit chance for extra damage. Perception six (6) seems low but the character’s Perception is increased with mutation, armor modification, and chems. The build invests only five Gunslinger perk picks for optimal perk-to-damage ratio, also the Modern Renegade perk only works with Gunslinger and helps off-set the twisted muscle mutation hip-accuracy penalty.

For pistol choices, the build uses the classic bolt-action pipe pistol for scoped, ranged sneak attack shots. Otherwise, the 10mm pistol and pipe pistol are basically identical except the pistol weights favor the 10mm. You can “simulate” automatic weapon fire with one of them, or an energy pistol, and Gun Fu changes targets that improves the character’s ammo spent-to-actual hits ratio. As for end-game, the dreadful Scorched Queen nemesis, we pull out our Assualtron Head.  Unload 1000+ fusion cells for a massive hit; just remember to drop a stash of fusion cells to “reload.”

The dual nature of the character blends both melee and ranged for an effective offense. Your melee stay-power is a combination between Suppressor perk and power armor: preferring to use the t-51b power armor with rad shield chems for nuke zones. Meanwhile, your high Agility helps keep you from being “easily” detected wearing power armor.

For fusion core management, the build invests in one rank of the Power User perk. The one rank is enough to “cut” the drain down to minimize how many fusion cores you’ll need to carty. This perk ties into weight management, as does the Strong Back strength perk. Armor legendary traits can be used to reduce chem and food weights, so the build went with the carry allowance perks. This was more universal than other weight reduction perks. Intelligence was needed, so the First Aid was the pick.

For heavy loads, you can simply jump into the Atlas Excavator power armor for an impressive 450+ carry weight allowance, not including the plus bonus carry weight from food. Calibrated shocks and other armor traits can be used to assist the character in managing their carry weight.

Preferred power armor configuration: Sensing (helmet), core assembly (torso), optimized bracers (arms) and calibrated shocks (legs). The character will have excellent AP regeneration to go back into VATS or execute constant power attacks to stagger/barrage damaging hits, as needed whether you’re in melee or range fighting.

This is my first build post and apologize for discussing other non-perk aspects to reach the builds potential. Overall, this has been a fun build. It’s capable but you do have to think outside the box for some of the end-game content. You can swap the Suppression for Team Medic perk combined with First Aid, or you could switch Gun Fu or one rank in the auto-stim perk to boost survival. There is room for customization and personalizing the build. The build plays well – the character is durable, diverse in dealing damage, and stats for situational perk changes.

July 8, 2019 at 12:40 pm


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