PowerArmor – Two Hand Melee / Chem (Help needed)

A Fallout 76 Build by muggebatscher.


Author: muggebatscher
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Created: December 11, 2018 at 8:12 pm
Updated: December 12, 2018 at 7:59 am
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I want to play a Melee / Chem Build. Since I still am in the step of theorycrafting (playing melee w/o chems right now), I want to know what you think (those with more experience in theorycrafting / practical experience) of the build I came up thus far

Since a written down list of what I choose would be contraproductive, I try to ellaborate what the hell I was thinking in picking those skills

<strong class=”yklcuq-14 gLhJob”>Strength

I use one point in each of the sluggers for a solid +30% multiplier. The martial artist adds another +30% to my attack speed with a little weight reducing bonus. In combination with incisor I thought this was the best combination in damage output that a melee can get. After I was gangbanged by glowing ones in the golfclub at night, blocker sounds like a must have.

Strong back is for the loot, I still thinking about this one, still not sure yet.

<strong class=”yklcuq-14 gLhJob”>Perception

Glow sight since every enemy that was hard to take down is somehow always a glowing one. Add this to my… experience at my golf club sleepover, I thought this one is a really nice to have.

<strong class=”yklcuq-14 gLhJob”>Endurance

Here I am actually a little uncertain. For the heavy usage of chems I thought chem resistant is somehow a must have, chem fiend too. I still have no experience in how much and how often I can get my hands on psycho, so doubling the time doesn’t sound that bad. Finding more chems means I simply could pop them more often. Rejuvenated is a very strong perk while well fed, that’s why I came up with hydro fix und munchy resistance. Sometime, in the heat of a battle in a nuke zone, you dont have the time for steak and beer. Still unsure, but loosing the rejuvenating bonus because the chems burns through would be not so nice.

<strong class=”yklcuq-14 gLhJob”>Charisma

Tenderizer adds a nice damage, just one point. The +2% at higher ranks came at a too high cost (1% for one skillpoint is too much). Surpressor = 30% less damage. Sounds great, Bodyguards and Squad Manuevers I am still unsure. Most time we play in a team of 2. While the +20% sprint is extremely helpful exploring und rushing to the enemys without the use of the mutation, Bodyguards would mean only +6 damage resistance. Sounds a little bit too weak.

For solo play, I could swtich Bodyguards and Squad Manuevers for lone wanderer.

<strong class=”yklcuq-14 gLhJob”>Intelligence

Power Patcher for armor repair and 60% slower breaking down. I have no experience in how fast a PA breaks, but it sounds quite good. Batteries included means 60% lighter fusion cores. Stil unsure, but by carrying 10 it cuts the weight about 18. Thats an extra lootet mini gun! Makeshift Warrior for a 50% slower break of my weapons. More a quality of life.

<strong class=”yklcuq-14 gLhJob”>Agility

Adrenaline for a nice damage boost while fighting multiple enemys, action boy for more strong attacks and dodgy. Unsure of the last one. Great when fighting big enemies, but I think partying with ghouls in the golfclub would draing my whole APs in a matter of seconds.

<strong class=”yklcuq-14 gLhJob”>Luck

Bloody mess a must for 15% extra damage

So my questions

    1. <li class=”yklcuq-11 godfjz”>

What do you think of this build in general?

<li class=”yklcuq-11 godfjz”>

Do you see any optimizations, especially the parts where I am unsure of? (Endurance, charisma, Intelligence) Actually all of the SPECIAL Attributes 🙂

<li class=”yklcuq-11 godfjz”>

Or have you a great build with the same theme?

<li class=”yklcuq-11 godfjz”>

Am I making a mistake in not including any range weapons perks?

I am sorry if my writings are hard to read, first time I post here and english is far from my native language 🙂

Thanks in advance!

December 11, 2018 at 8:12 pm


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December 11, 2018 at 8:12 pm

Dang it, the formatting is completely off…


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